10 Best Compound Bow Reviews and Buying Guide 2022

Archery is an age-old practice. With time, the sport has modified by manifolds so, is the bow. From the time of Troy War to recent Olympic Games, archers are looking for better archery equipment and set-ups. The modern version of an ancient bow is “Compound Bow”. A compound Bow is the most recent and innovative invention in the world of Archery.

The complex, yet simplified design and structure of strings, and multiple pulley system are widely uses for fields and 3D archery in addition with bow-hunting. Many archers also like to use compound bows in target archery. In a nutshell, a best compound bow is there to enhance your overall archery experience.

Top 10 compound bow reivews To Buy

Our all-embracing list of the best compound bow in the market will surely improve your shopping experience of this modern edge archery equipment. Dip in to explore.

#1 Best Rated

iGlow 55 lb Black Archery Hunting Compound Bow 175 150 80 50 40 lbs Crossbow

iGlow 55 lb Camo Archery Hunting Compound Bow

The first compound bow is our list is iGlow 55 lb Camo Archery Hunting Compound Bow. This compound bow is the first love of beginners including teenagers and adults or hardened bowhunters. The reason behind that it is the best that one can own in this price range. When compared with other counterparts, this is comparatively as its weight is 4 lbs. So, say bye-bye to those hurting elbows and shoulders. It comes with a draw weight of 40 to 55 lbs which is quite decent in this cost.

The arrow hits the target with a sped of 220 feet per second. The bow is sturdy and strong build is made of superior quality aluminum that is polished further to put a cap on corrosion. The Let-off of this bow is 70 percent.The bow is 27 to 29” long. It is suitable to work with 30” fiberglass or aluminum arrows. All these features make it dear equipment for hunting and archery sport that is efficient enough to deliver impactful shots and momentum to the arrow. The string of the bow is long enough to get adjusted as per the shooter’s needs.

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The advantage saga of this bow continues with a highly effectual cam that transfers energy and momentum to the arrow. The cam drives the arrow expeditiously and vigorously on every release. This way, there is less probability to miss a shoot is you are an expert shooter. The only drawback of this bow is that no user manual attached. Owing to this, installation and set-up of few parts can drain much of your energy. But, don’t worry Google is just a click away.

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#2 Best Rated

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Compound Bow Package

This China made package contains all the necessary resources that your requires for beyond compare archery and shooting experience. The cost and the number of accessories that it provides leave you in awe. Though few accessories are to low-grade and might require replacement after few usage, still, it is indeed a good deal. The compound in this package is relatively short and compact, thanks to its price.

But, the company didn’t compromise on the quality of the bow. It is made from the same quality material just like its expensive counterparts. The laser cut riser of the bow is made from a cut above aluminum and string is handmade. It gives you the liberty to choose from 4 striking colors out of which Forest Camo is the eye catcher. The draw length and weight (19- 70lbs) are best in class. The tweaking of draw length and weight is as easy as clapping. The optical bow sight is of five-pin and the packages contain peeps of different sizes.

The limbs are a performer and are made as per USA standards. The versatility that this bow offers you leaves you spellbound. The major disadvantage of this package is that a number of accessories are not top grade and demands replacement or maintenance quite soon. Further, a brief set of instructions provided doesn’t solve the purpose of easy set-up and know how. Nevertheless, it is still a good deal.

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#3 Best Rated

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Nxt Generation X-Flite Youth Boys Compound Bow

As its name suggests, this compound bow is definitely made for young blood. High-grade building material, durability, lightweight and style are what draws the attention of young generation and makes it a best-seller. The dimensions of this bow can be stated as 11*2.5*26.5 inches. When compared with other equivalents, this bow is relatively light as it weighs only 2.3 pounds.

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So, holding this for long time won’t be a problem. Plus, an archer as young as 14 years can easily handle this compound bow. The package also includes 2-piece arm guard, 2 arrow quivers, and an arrow rest. The sight can be adjusted as per the demand of the shooter. The axle to axle length of this compound bow is 25 inches which is quite decent. The design of X-Flite is highly user-friendly and comes with an ease to use.

The drawback of this bow is its limited stock. Thanks to its huge demand. One more thing, if you are residing outside US, then you can never be a proud owner of this wonder bow as it is not eligible for international shipping.

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#4 Best Rated

Southland Archery Supply Siege 55 lb 29'' Compound Bow Target (Black)

SAS Siege 55 lb 29” Compound Bow

The next entry in this list is of SAS Siege 55 lb 29” Compound Bow w/ 5-Spot Paper Target. This is basically made for professional archers. It has all the accuracy and stability that a skilled archer requires. The draw weight of 40-55 lbs made it a gear to be used only by adults only. It comes with a draw length of 20” and axle-to-axle length of 41.5” which make sure you don’t miss your target.

It offers you a Let Off of 70 percent and the arrow hits the target with a speed of 206 FPs which the best in its class. The arrow of 30” carbon and aluminum is recommended for this cutting-edge bow. The main highlight of this bow is a compressed ABS limb that proffers it an unmatched durability and weight and potency to the bow. The bow releases the arrow with a speed of 206 FPS. The adjustable bow sight grants you the ability to hit the target with accuracy.

The icing on the cake is that the package contains a spot paper target so that you can practice the shot with more perfection. As a conclusion, we would suggest you to buy this compound bow if you are competent enough to deal with its high-end features. It is definitely not for the beginners or the ones who takes up shooting as a hobby.

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#5 Best Rated

Daisy Youth Archery Compound Bow, Black, Left/Right Hand

Daisy Youth Archery Compound Bow

Daisy Youth Archery Compound Bow is the perfect pick for those who just stepped into the field of archery. It is encompassed with the features that make learning of archery a cake walk. It is basically intended to serve the young brigade of the archers. The draw length comes with a adjustable range of 16” to 25”. The weight can also be adjusted in between 13 lbs to 19 lbs. the limbs are made from superior quality fiberglass that bestows it with durability and strength.

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The shoot-through riser is highly ambidextrous that lend a hand to beginners to keep the arrow in center of the rest while they set an eye for the target. The sight is of single-pin that you can set up on right or left side. It can be set as close as 6 meters which is a ideal distances for first time shooters.

The pack also contains two 26” target arrows that are made from fiberglass, a quiver, three fingers rollers and a armguard to protect your arm. Owing to its lightweight, it is recommended for the archer as young as 10 years. Though, adult supervision is always imperative. In short, we could conclude that Daisy Youth bow is what every beginners needs as its first bow

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#6 Best Rated

Barnett Crossbows 1075 Banshee Intermediate Compound Bow

1075 Banshee Intermediate Compound Bow

The next compound bow in our list is 1075 Banshee Intermediate Compound Bow. The bow has a soft touch grip that proffers you the comfort of supreme level while you are setting an eye on your target. This way, those long archery training sessions doesn’t hurt that much. The draw of the bow weighs around 25 pound that is pretty intermediate. Not too heavy to pick up and not to light that will wobble when you will throw an arrow.

The ambidextrous shatterproof handle is there to last till eternity.  The sight pin helps to you hit the target with accuracy.  The design is very sorted out without much of strings attached to it. The installation is as easy to be done by a novice. The striking black color holds the attention.

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It is basically intended for young archers. The cost is of the bow doesn’t pinch your pocket much so you can easily buy this. It offers the best-in-class features at a very affordable price. The pack come with 2 fiberglass made arrows, a quiver, and a scope. Our verdict on this compound bow is that you should buy this without giving a second thought.

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#7 Best Rated

CenterPoint Archery ABY1721 Elkhorn Youth Compound Bow, Black

Crosman Elkhorn Jr. Compound Bow

Crosman Elkhorn Jr. Compound Bow is stylish, highly recommendable for young archers and built to last till eternity. This innovative hunting tool has incorporated almost every necessary feature to bestow the shooter a fulfilling arching experience. The cam is made from heavy-duty all-weathers cables that are tough enough to tolerate the rough handling as well as long training sessions.

The 33 inches axle-to- axle length and 17-21 lbs weight is just the right thing that a young archer needs. The maximum draw height is 26” that is pretty much good for a young archer. The brace height is 8” designed exceptionally that makes it stand out from others. The weight is quite adjustable. The package comes with 2 composite arrows, a finger tab, 2-piece quiver and a sight & arrow rest at very affordable cost.

The list of goodies is not ended here. It comes with 90-Days Limited Warranty. So, just make a purchase and rest can be taken care of. Crosman Elkhorn Jr. Compound Bow is definitely a good deal for the money invested. It is resilient and bestows you with exceptional shooting performance. It carries almost everything that an archer demands and requires.

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#8 Best Rated

Barnett Outdoors Duck Commander Junior Compound Bow

Barnett Outdoors Duck Commander Junior Compound Bow

If you are in a search for a bow that is simple, yet competent enough then Barnett Outdoors Duck Commander Junior Compound Bow is the right thing to pick. It is essentially made for young archer. While you are designing a bow for children then few set of instructions is there that one should follow.

The makers of Barnett bow understood this fact and designed it accordingly. That’s why it rules over the heart of young shooters. The comprehensive cam grants a draw peak of up to 25 pounds to the bow. The bows draw length is adjustable between 24 to 26 inches. The body is made from high quality fiberglass that grants it durability. The elevated unbending limbs positioned right at the centre of the bow create a balance of weight.

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The best feature of this bow is that it is suitable for both left handed and right handed archers. The armored grip is made from high quality material and endows the archer with an absolute comfort. The pack comes with two extra arrows and a quiver so that you can start as soon as you receive the package. The only drawback is the absence of user manual. In short, it is indeed a good buy.

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#9 Best Rated

iGlow 19-25 lb Black Archery Hunting Compound Bow +Quiver +Armguard +2 24" Arrows/Bolts 75 70 55 40 30 lbs Crossbow

iGlow Archery Hunting Compound Bow

The next compound bow that we are going to discuss is iGlow Archery Hunting Compound Bow. The bow has a adjustable length of 19-25 lb draw weight that allows you to hit the target with precision. It encompasses the draw length that can also be adjusted up to 20.5”.

Furthermore, the axle-to-axle length is 25 inches. The bow is light weighted that implies less pressure while shooting. The look of the bow is appealing and grabs the attention of onlookers. It comes along with supplementary 2 pieces 24” arrows that are made from high quality fiberglass, a quiver, an armguard, an arrow rest and sight pin. In a nutshell, it is the one-stop solution for all your archery needs.

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#10 Best Rated

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PSE Ready to Shoot Fever Compound Bow

This compound bow is specially designed for small-framed and young archers. Don’t judge it on the basis of its small size. It is power packed with world-class features without compromising on the quality. It comes with an adjustable draw length of 11 to 29 inches.

Along with thing, the weight is also super adjustable.  The arrow pinches the target with a speed of 304 FPS that is quite remarkable. The most notable feature of the bow is its Sting Stop strings that put a cap on undesired vibrations and noise while you throw the arrow. It is not too heavy and bulky to carry as it weighs only 3.6 lbs.The package comes with ready to shoot kit that contains a sight & arrow rest, a quiver, a wheel peep and a nock set.

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BUYING GUIDES: Choose Compound Bow

The market is flooded with numerous varieties of the compound bow such as Single Cam, Hybrid Cam, Twin Cams, and Binary Cams. Each variant comes with a certain and specific set of features and set-up. So choosing the right variant as per your requirement stipulates your attention on some facts. Our comprehensive compound buying guide will surely of great help in your search for the desired compound bow. Ponder on this for a while before moving forward.

The Speed Factor

The speed with which a bow releases an arrow is the top most features to take into consideration before making any final purchase. Don’t be fascinated with the speed of ultra-fast bow because they demands enormous skills and strength to get operate. Don’t stop at this unless you are not competent enough to the take the charge of this. Furthermore, speed also plays a crucial role when you push the arrow. The quicker you set it in motion, the fussier it becomes regarding tuning.

Have a bull’s eye for the strength

You should have a bull’s eye for your target as well as to pick the right king of compound bow. Your compound bow should be strong enough to take the burden of those long and tedious archery sessions. The string should be made of superior quality metal and body of the bow should be at par excellence. Any normal bow with shaky build won’t be able to hit t the target and you would be at huge loss than. So make a wise choice.’

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The shooting range

Another factor that you should zip lock in your mind while you are planning to buy a compound bow is its shooting range. Most of the compound bows function with a shooting range of 280-315 fps that is generates buys a bow with forgiving a brace height of 7.8-8-inches and weight of around 60-65 pounds.

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Suitable Axle-to-Axle length

Humans comes in all sizes and shape. We all are not created equal. What seems short for me could be of perfect height for another person. Therefore, an accurate match of bow length with your physique is imperative. You must try to find the perfect match that will provide you the comfort as well as stability while shooting. An inharmonious match will be a huge hindrance in your shooting.

Feel the feel

Have a consideration for the feel that the cam offers you. Compound bow comes in all shapes, sizes and weight. You hit upon the right one. No point of buying a compound bow of heavy-build while you are too slender to carry it.

The golden silence

Quite is shunned in bowhunting. Every bow, no matter how advanced it is makes some cranky sound the arrow goes out at a supersonic speed. But, some bows are nosier than others. So, choose a less noisy one.

How to set up compound bow?

Once you are done with your shopping of your compound bow, you need to spend some time in its set up before you are all set to hit the bull’s eye. Setting up a compound bow can be achieved by following few detailed steps with precision. The steps are mentioned below.

  1. Put together the Nock Point– the first and foremost step is to attach the nock point. For this, you have to make a choice between a string loop and a brass nock set. Once you ready with your pick, you will require a T-square to unearth the point on the string that is in parallel with cushion-plunger hole of the riser. After that, fix the nock set 1/8 t0 ¼ inches higher than that point. A pair of nocking pliers is requiring performing this step.
  2. Fix the Rest– Again; you have to make a choice between a drop-away rest and a fixed-position rest. Reposition the rest in order to bring the arrow to cross over directly at the center of the cushion-plunger hole. Shift the rest to take it in line with the string. Installation of a stabilizer can does this tedious job perfectly.
  3. Set up the Peep Sight – Will you shoot a compound bow without any focus on the target? Definitely not. So, installing a peep sight is an essential step. Find the center of the string and put the peep sight right there. The centre of the string and your peep sight should be proper aligned. It should be in sync with your height as well. Do a trial before actual shooting.
  4. Fix the Sight– A sturdily constructed bow sight in the company of high-quality fiber optic pins is your next essential requirement. Each sight comes with a set of instruction to be followed for installation. So, follow them and you are all set to go.
  5. Put an end to the noise of rest- A thin layer of foam rubber that is backed with superior quality adhesive is good enough to put a cap on the noise that your bow makes while being drawn and shoot.

Your bow is almost ready to shoot. The string demands some kind of maintenance time to time in order to work effortlessly. We would suggest you do a “Paper Tuning test” to determine how fine-tuned your bow is. Keep these tips in your mind and you are good to go with your compound bow.

How does compound bow sight work?

While you are ready with your high-end compound bow to get down your target, you need to own a compatible bow sight to get it right. In general, a sight is a device that lends a hand to perk up your aim and the precision of your shots. It can be used as a pin or set of pins, circle, lens or other any other marker to assist the archer in hitting the bull’s eye. Usually, a sight should be centered in the middle of the target in order to get a reference point for aiming. When positioned correctly, it makes a huge difference in your aiming ad hitting.


The best compound bow is one that fits your personal needs and budget. As you’re searching for the perfect archery set, keep in mind what style of shooting you prefer and how much time you want to spend practicing. If hunting or target practice are more important than speed, then a recurve bow might be better suited for your needs. On the other hand, if distance shots are essential to success on the field or at tournaments, go with a traditional longbow over anything else. And don’t forget! Whatever type of bows you choose from our selection here at Archery HQ we’ll make sure it’s fun and easy to shoot so that whomever picks up this sport will find themselves hooked!

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