10 Best Rain Shower Heads for Your Bathroom (Reviews and Buying Guide)

Best Rain Shower Heads: Imagine coming home to a refreshing and soothing shower after a very busy day at work, or an intense workout in the gym. Sounds exciting, isn’t it? Who wouldn’t want to take a revitalizing bath after the day is over and done with?

However, doesn’t it feel almost depressing if your shower head gives out only a stifled stream of water? Instead of relieving all your stress, it aggravates that sense of frustration.

To get rid of such issues, it is advisable that you buy the best rain shower head made by leading bathroom furnishers. A rain shower gives you a drenching, liberating feel – like the one you get when you bathe in rain itself! (We bet a lot of you did that when you were kids or teenagers!)

To buy a rain shower that is worth your money, it is important that you take into consideration a few criteria before you choose. Also, there are lots of these products in the market. To choose the best rain shower head that suits your bathroom and your requirements, you need to do some homework. Read on to know more about the basic requirements and advantages of rain shower heads. Also, we bring you a list of the ten best rain shower heads available currently.

Top Best Rain Shower Heads for Your Bathroom

1. Moen S6320 Velocity

Sale Moen Velocity Chrome Two-Function Rain Shower 8-Inch Showerhead with Immersion Technology for a High-Pressure Rinse, Round Rainfall Shower Head, Pressure Boosting Shower Head, S6320

The S6320 Velocity rain showerhead from Moen provides outstanding coverage and a soothing shower experience every time you turn it on. The large 8-inch diameter of the shower head and customizable water pressure ensures plentiful and constant water flow. This is made possible by two interchangeable spray modes. The S6320 Velocity also features an Immersion technology. It intelligently self-regulates the intensity of water flow to give you a thorough shower. There are a total of 100 nozzles that ensure up to 2.5 gallons per minute of gushing water flow.


  • Available in spanking chrome color finish.
  • Lifetime Warranty against all manufacturing
  • 8-inch diameter delivers greater area-coverage.
  • Immersion technology that gradually escalates spray power.
  • Adjustable flow lets you switch between two distinct shower modes.


  • Customizable water flow is a plus point.
  • Larger diameter for greater area coverage.


  • Not a movable shower head, you cannot turn it anyway you feel like.

2. Waterpik RPB-173 Drenching Rain Fall Showerhead

Waterpik RPB 173 Rainfall+ Rain Shower Head, 2.5 GPM, Chrome, 2.5 GPM

If you want a rain shower head that has all the good features in a budget package, the Waterpik RPB-173 is for you. It has a 6-inch wide circular shower nozzle area and OptiFLOW technology to provide you a refreshing shower every time. The water is ejected in a high-pressure massaging action that drenches and massages your whole body continuously. The adjustable wall-mount shower arm lets you regulate the height of the shower easily. It is also easy to install and easy to remove without a trace from the bathroom wall.


  • The 6-inch diameter of shower head provides coverage over a large area.
  • Inbuilt OptiFLOW technology to allow exactly the required volume of water outflow.
  • High-pressure massaging rain shower with full body coverage.
  • Height and angle adjustable to required degrees.
  • 2.5 gallons per minute high-volume water outflow.


  • Adjustable arm height and showerhead angle.
  • OptiFLOW technology to conserve water.


  • Smaller than standard 8-inch showerheads.

3. Hansgrohe 27474001 Raindance Downpour AIR Showerhead

hansgrohe 27474001 Raindance Showerhead, 10", Chrome

The Hansgrohe 27474001 Raindance is one of the best and most advanced rain shower heads available in the bathroom furnishings segment. With a huge 9.4 inch diameter, it ensures your entire body receives the same pressure and volume of water. It has a special air-infusing technology that automatically enriches each drop with air to make it bigger and more effective. This rain shower head also features the anti-calcification QuickClean™ utility, which simply removes Lime deposits. You can just rub each of the elastic silicon nozzles to clean them out.

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  • 4 inches extended shower head diameter that covers more area.
  • QuickClean removes any lime buildup in the nozzle easily.
  • RainAir Spray mode to provide you the best rain drenching shower experience.
  • Attractive design with polished chrome makes it a stylish bathroom fitting.


  • Large diameter which increases the streaming angle and covers your whole body every moment.
  • QuickClean makes this shower head last way longer than other products.


  • Nothing significant.

4. AKDY AZ-6021 Bathroom Chrome Shower Head

AKDY 8 Inch Square Chrome Rainfall Shower Head with Adjustable Metal Swivel Ball Joint Wall Mount and Top Mount

If you need a rain shower head that is cost effective but does not compromise on product quality and features, the AKDY AZ-6021 is perfect for you. It has an 8-inch, square, plastic surface that covers a large surface area at the same time. The sleek design bonds practicality with aesthetics and delivers an eye-catching piece of bathroom equipment. Besides, there are 100 water nozzles that are easy-to-clean and rubberized to prevent lime accumulation. An extendable, angle-adjustable shower arm (available separately) provides ease of use as well.


  • Lightweight plastic material to prevent corrosion
  • 8-inch square shower head that covers a large surface area of your body.
  • Easy to clean nozzles that provide uninterrupted water flow for a longer time.
  • Attractive, sleek chrome polished design.


  • Lightweight; does not put a lot of stress on the shower arm.
  • Plastic material for durability.


  • Plastic tends to allow dirt to collect on it easily.
  • The extendable shower arm is not a part of the standard package.

5. Delta RP52382 Touch Clean Raincan Single-Setting Showerhead

Delta Faucet Single-Spray Touch-Clean Shower Head, Chrome RP52382

The Delta RP52382 Raincan is built to evoke the drooling looks from anyone who sees your shower cubicle! With fluidic curves and rounded off edges, this shower head looks like a piece of art in itself. The Delta RP52382 is a single setting shower head with an 8.8-inchcircular face that covers a large surface area with its powerful spray. It also features 100+ water nozzles with easy-cleaning technology. You can clear any accumulated dirt or iron with just a single touch! The water stream flows at a rate of 2.5 gallons per minute, creating a soothing and massaging shower exclusively for you!

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  • 8 inches diameter of theshowerheads to cover alarge surface area at a time.
  • 5 gallons per minute water flow rate to create a uniform water flow.
  • TouchClean technology to allow easy maintenance and long life.
  • 100+ nozzles to create several pressurized streams that massage your entire body.



  • Sleek and contemporary look.
  • Powerful water spray which gives a relieving shower.


  • Single setting head; does not allow multiple types of water flow.
  • Adjustable shower arm not available.

6. American Standard 1660.683.002

American Standard 1660683.002 Modern Rain Shower Head 10 inch 2.5 GPM, Polished Chrome

Allow your body a soothing, revitalizing shower every day! American Standard is one of the leading bathroom furnishing equipment producers. The AS 1660.683.002 is a large, 10-inch wide circular rain shower head with over 150+ nozzles. All this to give you the most refreshing shower ever! With a water flow rate of over 2.5 gallons per minute, the numerous nozzles create an intense, pressurized shower stream that feels like rain-drenching itself! All the nozzles are easy-clean nozzles to assure easy cleaning and durability.


  • Large 10-inch diameter to provide for coverage over a larger surface area.
  • 150+ easy-cleaning water nozzles which ensure long lasting refreshing showers.
  • Water flow rate of 2.5 GPM to create a natural rain-like effect.


  • Large diameter which ensures greater area coverage.
  • Easy cleaning to minimize maintenance efforts.


  • Shower arm and flange have to be bought separately.
  • Quite heavy and bulky.

7. Aquafaucet 10 Inch Square Stainless Steel Shower head

GROHE 35051001 Europlus Pressure Balance Valve Shower Set, Starlight Chrome

One of the most innovative rain shower heads available in the market currently, the Aquafaucet rain shower head comes with a thrilling addition – blue LED lights! Imagine the effect it will have in addition to the soothing rain drenching effect of the shower; you get the picture, right? The square shape and 10-inch square area assure that the shower streams cover a large surface area uniformly. Also, the shower head is made entirely of stainless steel, which makes it resistant to rust and allows zero corrosion.

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  • Innovative color changing LED lights that adjust to water temperature.
  • Stainless Steel builds to ensure long, corrosion-free life and clean bathing water.
  • 196 easy cleaning water nozzles for even distribution of water pressure.
  • Large 10-inch square shaped shower face.


  • Warm and cool ambient lighting provides the soothing ambiance you need in the shower.
  • Stainless Steel builds to ensure durability and worry-free performance.


  • Angle and height adjustment not available.
  • Leakage, though very less likely, might cause electrical hazards.

8. Thunderhead – TH2.5

Sale High Pressure Shower Head, 6 Inch Rain Showerhead, Ultra-Thin Design-Best Pressure Boosting-Awesome Shower Experience, NearMoon High Flow Stainless Steel Rainfall Shower Head (Chrome Finish)

The Thunderhead rain shower head is a high-pressure shower head that can provide a highly pressurized shower stream. This gives you a soothing, massaging feel all over your body when you take your daily shower. The final effect – a refreshing, revitalizing shower to relieve your stress and invigorate you every time! The 3.0 GPMhigh-pressure stream flows through 100+ touch-clean water nozzles which ensure even water flow rate from all outlets. This rain shower head also comes fitted with height and angle adjustable shower arm and flange right out of the box!


  • High-pressure water stream to provide a massaging, stress- relieving shower.
  • Easy cleaning facility for nozzles which can be cleaned with a single touch.
  • High water flow rate of 3.0 GPM, which creates a pressurized water stream.
  • Stock-fitted angle and height adjustment points.


  • Can be adjusted to suit your preferred height and showering angle.
  • High-pressure water stream which has a superior massaging effect.


  • The shower head is heavy, so the hinge might give way if not fitted well.

9. GROHE Rainshower Cosmopolitan 160 4-Spray Showerhead

Grohe Rainshower Cosmopolitan 160 4-Spray Showerhead - 27135EN0

The GROHE Cosmopolitan rain shower head is an innovative four-in-one shower head that allows you to select from multiple water discharge modes. It has a large 8-inches diameter that makes sure your entire body is covered in a soothing shower whenever you turn it on! The shower head has 160 easy-clean water nozzles that eject a uniform, pressurized water jet for a soothing shower experience. The easy cleaning nozzles minimize your efforts in maintenance and ensure the durability of the shower head.


  • 4 shower modes to let you enjoy your favorite one with a single turn.
  • Large, 8 inches diameter of shower face to ensure a larger area is covered.
  • Easy clean nozzles for pressurized water stream.
  • Ball bearing for angle adjustment in one plane.
  • Available in multiple colors to suit your bathroom décor.
  • Scratch and tarnish resistant polished design to extend durability.


  • Interchangeable shower modes for a preferred showering experience.
  • Easy-cleaning shower heads for durability and ease of maintenance.


  • No height adjustment setup available in stock fittings.
  • Made of plastic; might not be able to handle excess water pressure.

10. Kingston Brass K136A5

Sale Kingston Brass K136A5 Designer Trimscape Showerscape 8" Round Shower Head, Oil Rubbed Bronze

The final entrant on this list is a high-quality rain shower head from Kingston that looks as good as it performs! It has a standard 8 inches shower face with 160+ water channels (nozzles) that give out a highly pressurized, precise jet of water. It is made in compliance with California Energy Commission specifications to ensure an environment-friendly presence. The shower head can handle a maximum outflow of water at 2.5 GPM rate at pressures of 80 Psi constantly. This makes sure that the ejected water stream is continuous and uniform enough to provide you an invigorating, massaging water stream all the while.

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  • High-quality construction from Brass metal to ensure along lasting glossy finish.
  • 8-inches shower head to cover thelarge surface area at the same time.
  • 160+ EasyClean water nozzles to give you that ideally uniform water stream.
  • 2.5 GPM water flow rate to ensure a pressurized stream for a refreshing shower.


  • The metal body that lasts long with the same quality of luster.
  • Easy clean nozzles that save your time spent on


  • Fixed shower head; angle adjustment not available.
  • No other water flow modes except rainfall.

Buying Guide – Rain Shower Head

When you buy or have a house built for yourself, one of your foremost concerns is (and rightly so) a bathroom that serves you well. Among other amenities, a fully equipped bathroom that offers you all you need to relax and refresh yourself after a long and tiring day is necessary.

Imagine if you had to return from a busy and tiring day at work, to a cramped bathroom with basic fittings that do not give you the refreshing wash you need! Feels disgusting, isn’t it? We know it does.

Among the basic things you need to furnish a comfortable bathroom, is a shower cubicle with a comfortable shower. After a lot of tiresome work, all you feel like is a refreshing shower, good food, and some sound sleep. To take care of the first need, you will need quality shower equipment that delivers you that soothing feeling when you go in for your shower.

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Let’s discuss in brief the basic types of showers and provide a comprehensive buying guide to help your cause. This will serve as a reference guide when you buy showering equipment for your bathroom.

Basically, showers are of many different types. Each one serves a different purpose and is beneficial for specific requirements. The types are as follows:

  • Fixed shower heads are the standard shower equipment which features a simple shower head attached to the end of a pipe or socket hole.
  • Dual shower heads feature both a fixed shower and an additional handheld shower head for multiple usage patterns.
  • Rain shower heads– which feature high as well as low flow water spraying that stimulates the feeling of drenching in rainfall. Rain shower heads are mostly treated as an environmentally friendly, water-saving alternative.
  • Adjustable shower heads– that feature numerous water spray options as well as adjustable pressure levels that can be changed by turning the shower head in a specific direction.
  • Handheld shower heads have a hose attached to the showering head for easier bathing by precisely pointing it at a required portion of the body. Handheld showers can also be locked in an erect position (using a stand) to function as standard shower heads.

Shower heads can also be differentiated according to their spray patterns to help you choose the one you actually want. This differentiation can be done as follows:

  • Rainfall – A larger shower head with the adjustable low flow and lighter pressure that imitates the nature of rainfall.
  • Massaging – Several adjustable pressure selections with specific high-pressure options to offer the relaxation of a massage.
  • Jet–very high-pressure flow with a point concentrated stream option to center on specific points.
  • Pause – Medium pressure water outflow with an alternating On/Off water flow pattern.

Rain Shower Heads vs. Normal Shower Heads

To differentiate between rain shower heads and normally fixed shower heads, it is necessary to know the basic technical specifications of both these types.

Usually, normal shower heads rely on the water pressure of a supply source to deliver a fixed pressure water stream. This takes place through a valve-regulated output system that efficiently converts an incoming water stream into a shower. Generally, these shower heads are sufficient for smaller bathrooms. A normal shower head simply sprays an incoming water stream through a number of nozzle-like outlets to give you a run-of-the-mill shower feeling.

On the other hand, a rain shower head has to be installed vertically above your head using an extended pipe, known as a shower arm. That said, a rain shower head requires more space to operate without the hazards of a slippery, flooded shower cubicle.

However, what makes it stand out, is a low-pressure water outflow that gives a relaxing, shower feeling, similar to rain. When you stand under a rain shower head of good quality, you will feel the difference instantly. It is more like a luxurious shower that you often get in spas or parlors.

It is important to make one fact clear – rain shower heads need a larger bathing space because of the larger surface area that it covers when turned on. Rain shower heads, whether circular or square, have a larger surface diameter (or width, depending on shape) to facilitate complete showering. This allows rain shower heads to perform their expected function of delivering vertical, rain-like water flow instead of a concentrated stream that is spurted right at you.

In case you are worried about the expenses behind installing a rain shower head, they are clearly more expensive than stock shower heads providing normal showers. Also, maintaining rain shower heads is a tad more difficult than doing the same for normally fixed shower heads. They also require more additional parts to extend the actual shower head away from the shower wall.

Are rain shower heads worth it?

You might be wondering whether it is at all logical to invest in a rain shower head when it provides less water pressure than normal fixed ones. However, the best rain shower heads from reputed manufacturers are normally mixed ones that combine the advantages of both.

That is to say, they offer the relaxing effect of rain shower heads with options for adjusting water pressure as found in normal shower heads of other kinds. It is also worth noting that rain shower heads last longer and can withstand heavy usage better than stock shower heads.

Also, you might be wondering that rain shower heads use up more water than normal shower heads or those of other types. This might be true, but not for all such products. Most rain shower heads control the amount of water coming in as input, through valves installed internally. Since rain shower heads can function even with less water pressure, you do not need to worry about the same.

Additionally, rain shower heads also need effectively less maintenance than other shower heads. Most of the best rain shower heads come with100 or 150 plus nozzles that have an easy clean feature. You can clean these nozzles just by touching or pushing in all the rubber cleaning heads together.

This operation removes any dirt, lime scale or iron accumulations that might have formed inside the shower head. This feature lets you use rain shower heads even in regions that supply hard water containing more contaminants.

If you have a bathroom that is large enough and can afford space for a sufficiently spacious shower cubicle, we suggest you go for a rain shower head. These will benefit you in the long run by minimizing water usage and maintenance costs effectively. All you need is the right equipment.

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