? How to Sharpen Reel Mower Blades in 2023 Reviews & Buying Guides

Do reel mowers need sharpening? Can you sharpen reel lawn mower blades on your own? Is it safe to sharpen reel mowers yourself? The solution to the above inquiries is Yes!

Reel mowers are different from other types of lawn mowers as they have blades that rotate from north to south in a vertical pattern.

Nonetheless, in the course of using the reel lawn mower, the blades tend to obtain dull. This could be as a result of the blades’ contact with stones, rocks, tree trunks, and various other types of blockage which can be as a result of overuse and so need to be honed once in a while to maintain it sharp and also operating efficiently; so indeed, reel mowers do need developing.

You don’t require to pay a technician or a handyman to do the job as you can sharpen your reel mower in the convenience of your home. I talk from experience when I say developing reel mowers on your own is secure as long as you adhere to the safety treatments, all of which will certainly be discussed in this article. So kick back and also loosen up as we take a ride and find Just how to Sharpen Reel Lawn Mower Blades.

Why Your Reel Lawn Mower is Tough to Push

If you’re locating it difficult to press your lawn mower, or it’s not reducing your grass successfully then the blades may be plain or blunt. To get one of the most out of your mower, make certain to stay clear of branches, rocks, and slamming right into hard surface areas as this will certainly make your blades become blunt and also make your lawn mower awkward. Another reason that your reel mower could be functioning much less ideally could be as a result of bad blade positioning, which I’ll enter later in this write-up.

how to sharpen a reel mower

Mowing your lawn weekly or more will trigger your blades to come to be blunt faster. The less you utilize your lawn mower, the sharper they will certainly continue to be. However, ensure to look out for dampness in your shed. Store your mower in a dry garage or shed to maintain it in good working order. Likewise see to it that each time you mow your grass you take 5 minutes to:

  • Rub out excess lawn
  • Tidy the blades
  • Dry the blades
  • Keep lawn mower out of the rain

Pushing your lawn mower over the hard ground can additionally cause the blades to become blunt. So see to it to keep your reel lawn mower in an area near to your yard, or carry it there. As opposed to pushing it over paving stones, which will certainly trigger the blades to pall much faster.

Exactly How to Sharpen Reel Mower Blades

There are numerous choices to consider when it pertains to sharpening reel lawn mower blades. Nonetheless, before the beginning of the development, it is necessary to take some safety precautions; they consist of:

  • Ensure that the reel is safe.
  • Do not put your hands on the reducing side.
  • Avoid reducing your hands with the blades.
  • Try not to be sidetracked while developing the blade as this can bring about mishaps.
  • Do not operate the equipment or sharpen the blades if you are worn out or on medications.

While honing the blades put on close suitable clothes and no jewelry. This is since precious jewelry, as well as loose suitable clothes, tend to get hooked on the mower components consequently resulting in preventable accidents.

Use strong and also non-slip boots in addition to lengthy trousers to help shield your feet and also legs from objects that may drop or be tossed. While honing the blades, it is very important not to put on sandals, tennis shoes, sandals, or any kind of shoe that will subject your feet as this can be harmful.

Use shatterproof glass and also a face shield: While developing, a lot of little steel particles will fly around, not just that yet sand, rocks as well as other bits too. Therefore, it is important to secure your eyes by wearing shatterproof glass or a faceguard.

All these and even more are geared in the direction of shielding you from accidents while sharpening your reel lawnmower.

In developing reel mowers, you have several options a few of that include:

  • Use files.
  • Use normal developing packages.
  • Use back washing honing packages.
  • Use a power drill with a honing accessory.
  • Use of steel ending up sandpaper.

File As a Sharpening Device

This is one of the most cash reliable techniques of developing reel mowers. It is simple and also helps you refine the sides of the blades up until they are very sharp. However, before metal files can be utilized it’s necessary to eliminate debris, stones, sand as well as various other fragments that may be stuck on the blade, as this is to enable you to work successfully without obstruction. Lay the clean blade on a level surface with the reducing side sticking out a little bit out of the surface area to ensure that it looks a little bit suspended airborne. While doing this make sure the wheels are safe with a piece of wood or rock to stay clear of activity.

Additionally, wedge the blades by placing products like a mop or any other comparable product into the blade. This is to prevent the reel from spinning while developing the blades. When done, make use of the file to damage through the side of the blade, guaranteeing you move forward and backward throughout the size of the blade.

Do this numerous times (approximately 7 times) on the exact same area through the size of the blade up until an intensity that suits your taste is achieved. When done, eliminate the wedge as well as position the reel to make sure that it allows you to get to the back of the blade. Repeat the very same filing process while ensuring that you keep submitting until the sides are really sharp.

As you understand, a reel lawn mower features different sizes and numbers of blades; this honing procedure will need to be done on each blade making use of the very same procedure. So, when done with the very first blade, reposition the attract a manner in which offers you accessibility to the second, third, and also as many blades as the pin has and file off the blunt side up until they are all sharp.

Once you are done developing all the blades, use grease to stay clear of rusting of the metal blades. This can likewise be achieved by straight spraying lube on the blade or pouring the lubricating substance on a dustcloth and afterward with the oil-drenched fabric clean down the sides of the blade. Either of these approaches will avoid rusting of the metal blades.

How to Sharpen Reel Mowers Blades using a Honing Substance

Making use of a back-slapping sharpening kit is yet an additional easy as well as efficient method to sharpen plain mower blades. The sets include manage and developing substance. Honing compounds are grainy substances which when related to the reducing sides of reel mowers sharpen them as the blades rub versus each other.

This technique entails connecting the handles of a set to the reel lawn mower, then using a paintbrush to rub each of the blades with the compound ensuring they are well-coated; this should be provided for all the blades. When that is done, push the reel mower backward so that the blades massage versus each other, this will efficiently sharpen the blunt sides.

The reel can be driven back by using your hands, but this is a rather laborious procedure as it requires much initiative. Nonetheless, you have the option of using a power drill to drive it backward; this makes the procedure faster and less stressful.

Just how to Readjust the Blades of a Reel Lawn mower

We usually make the blunder of thinking the blades of our reel mowers are boring, and so call for honing. However this might not be the case; it may be as a result of an imbalance of the blades of the mower, which triggers cranking of the blades versus each other as well as makes it difficult for the mower to run efficiently. Fortunately, with the straightforward tips that will certainly be cooperated in this section, you can straighten the blades as well as get them to function properly once more.

Below are some tips on how to change the blades of your reel mower:

Step 1: Put your lawn mower on a flat surface area such as a workbench or a tabletop. Wedge the wheels to avoid movement.

Action 2: Spin the reel with your hands to figure out the kind of change called for (they are not always the same). If as you rotate you see a screeching noise, it’s a sign that you require to readjust the blades far from the reducing-edge. But if it spins loosely, after that you require to have the blades relocated better to the reducing bar.

Action 3: After finding the sort of modification required to be done, if, for instance, the blades need to be moved more detailed, after that position a flathead screwdriver in the screw opening found at the side of the reel as well as tighten up the screws. Yet if the blades need to be pushed farther away, loosen the screws a little bit until the preferred range is achieved.

Step 4: While helping to loosen or tighten up the screws, guarantee it’s done a little at once, if it’s too much the blades might be over-adjusted.

Step 5: Transform the screws of the reducing-edge on the contrary direction to the reel screws. This needs to likewise be done as sluggish and also very easy as possible to prevent over-adjustment.

Step 6: Continue rotating to search out other modifications needed to be done.

If this treatment is adhered to in the right order, after that you should be able to deal with any kind of misaligned blade efficiently. If the blades are still blunt, after that you need to sharpen the blades to obtain them functioning efficiently once again.

Final thought

Why pay someone for a work you can do on your own as well as with less stress at that? It is entirely unneeded if you ask me. There are times when your reel mowers will certainly get blunt. This is bound to happen if you utilize the lawn mower often. Hence, the requirement to understand Just how to Sharpen Reel Lawn Mower Blades on your own is of critical importance. When the moment comes to have your mowers sharpened, you will certainly remember you read this short article, and also you will be glad you did.