10 Gift Ideas For Women Over 50

Gift Ideas For Women, whether it’s a mother, wife, sister, or friend, plays an important role in everyone’s life and keep on showing our gratitude towards them gifting something or other on their special days. While gifting ideas for a woman who is entering the prime years are in abundance, choosing the perfect gift a woman who has celebrated her 50th birthday can be a little daunting. You are left with few options only. If you also a special woman aged over 50 and struggling hard to find the perfect gift on her special day then give yourself a break and read out the list.

1. Avana Kind Bed Orthopedic Support Pillow Comfort System 

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She has run here and there all of her life and managed kids, office, and home since so long. As she has completed 50th birthday, it’s time to have relaxed a bit and sooth arched back while enjoying here favourite show with Avana Kind Bed Orthopedic Support Pillow Comfort System. This pillow system comes with a great therapeutic value and gives complete support while sitting on the bed. Its lush rayon fabric gives it a classy look.

Why she will love her?
  • Includes back scoop, scoop cradle, headrest and knee rest giving you complete comfort.
  • Easy-to-maintain and wash.
  • Great lumbar support.

2. Omron HJ-720ITC Pocket Pedometer

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Omron HJ-720ITC Pocket Pedometer is what your mother, sister or wife who has completed her 50th birthday will need to take care of herself. The pedometer takes note of steps, aerobic steps and minutes, calories and distance covered in a whole day and let her monitor her health by all means. The large display makes read the readings easily. The pedometer comes with a detachable security strap to keep the device firmly held while you are running or jogging.

Why she will love her?
  • Sleek design and easy handling.
  • Gives 7 days of activity records and enables you to do detailed physical activity.
  • It separately displays aerobic steps and minutes walked more than 10 minutes.

3. Scuddles 4 Person Picnic Backpack

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Let her enjoy some personal time and go out with all ladies day-out or picnic to feel rejuvenated with Scuddles 4 Person Picnic Backpack. The backpack has a sleek design and a separate compartment to hold all the essentials separately and securely. It is a great motivation to enjoy the world and have a gala time with friends and family. It can easily contain blanket and utensils to make the day out comfortable by all means.

Why she will love her?
  • Made from water-resistant fleece material.
  •  Large insulated food compartment that keeps food warm for long.·
  • Lightweight and easy-to-carry.

4. Premium Deluxe Bath & Body Gift Basket

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Ultimate relaxation is what that special woman in your life after working so hard at every front during her ageing years. Premium Deluxe Bath & Body Gift Basket is an ideal way to let her pamper herself and gain that ultimate relaxation. The kit has everything that she will need to get renewed, recharged, and rejuvenated. The kit comes with new nice packaging that will make her feel special.

Why she will love her?
  • Lots of spa goodies that will make her feel rejuvenated.
  • Nice packaging adds tons of allure.

5. Calily Eternity Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser

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Nothing is more blissful than a quaint and refreshing atmosphere around you. By gifting Calily Eternity Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser to the women in your life over 50, you can help her to attain serenity around here. The oil diffuser uses a non-heat ultrasonic wave to diffuse the oil that doesn’t reduce the real fragrance. It also features a LED soothing mood enhancing light giving it a great look and feel.

Why she will love her?
  • Noise-free operations.
  •  Comes with auto on/off switch.
  • Can also be used without oil as a humidifier.

6. Massage Chair by Ootori

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Let her get rid of that sore back and legs and have a relaxed body with Massage Chair by Ootori. It is a full-body massage that is designed to give ultimate relaxation from head to toe. A 10-minute massage session on this body massager wears off the entire body pain and makes you rejuvenated. The zero-gravity effect makes you feel relaxed.

Why she will love her?
  • Comes with 3 levels of speed control.
  • Gives ultimate comfort.
  • 8 massage rollers inside the backrest

7. Kindle Paperwhite

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It’s time for some good reads and Kindle Paperwhite is what you need to have a comfortable reading experience. With a storage capacity of 32 GB, it can store a lot of e-books in it. Being the thinnest of all the Kindles launched to date, it is easy to carry and handle.

Why she will love her?
  •  It’s waterproof. So, she can read her favorite story even in the bathtub.
  • Can be paired with Bluetooth speaker and will read out books for you.

8. Gaiam Yoga Mat

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Nothing is more important than health. Gift this Gaiam Yoga Mat to the woman of your life and encourage here to pay attention to her health now. With attractive color and print, this yoga mat will surely grab anyone’s attention. Even if she is not an ardent Yoga lover, the mat will make her fall in love with Yoga and encourage her to stay fit.

Why she will love her?
  • Non-slippery texture ensures safety while she will practice that yoga poses.
  • Made from non-toxic and PVC material.

9. 24K Gold Powder Gel Collagen Eye Masks Sheet Patch

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Every woman wants to look beautiful till her last breath. Fulfil this wish of her by gifting 24K Gold Powder Gel Collagen Eye Masks Sheet Patch. With regular use, it will reduce dark circle, wrinkles, and will make her look flawless even after her 50th birthday.

Why she will love her?
  • Made from 100% collagen.
  • Gives ultimate hydration and nourishment.

10. 50 Things to Do When You Turn 50 Third Edition

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Last but not least is this motivational book that you can gift her for sure. As they say, a book is our best friend; it will keep her in high spirits.

Why she will love her?
  • Because it is a good read.

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