10 Interesting and Creative Bat Mitzvah Gift Ideas

A bat mitzvah is among the most exciting celebrations that a person can be invited to attend and participate. With the invitation comes the fear of choosing the most interesting gift that you can give a bat mitzvah especially if you are not aware of the Jewish faith. If you need help in deciding the best gift that you can give a bat mitzvah. Here are 10 interesting and creative bat mitzvah gift ideas that you can offer and make the young woman’s day a success.

Listed below are bestselling Creative Bat Mitzvah Gift Ideas which satisfy both affordability and quality.

1. Jerusalem Silver Plated Havdalah Set

Jerusalem Silver Plated Havdalah Set

A gift that has a religious significance will be highly appreciated on this day and thus buying a Jerusalem Silver Plated Havdalah Set will do the trick. This gift is set to last long enough to be used by her daughters once she comes of age and gets married.

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This havdalah set includes a havdalah plate, Kiddush cup, spice tower and havdalah holder. A good gift for holidays, this havdalah set will always remain close to the bat mitzvah constantly reminding her of this special day of her life. In our opinion, this jerusalem silver plated havdalah Set could be the best bat mitzvah gift.

2. Chai Hai Judaica Necklace

Chai Hai Judaica Necklace Jewish Hebrew Jewelry

If you are looking for a beautiful gift that a bat mitzvah will always be proud of then try buying this necklace for her. This necklace is very colorful and will be appreciated as she starts her new life.

This necklace is made using natural means as it has been hand-painted and designed using a stainless steel frame that will make it last longer than a normal necklace. With beautiful decorations that are made using Australian beads and crystals, this necklace showcases her love for ornaments while at the same time adding beauty to her outfit.

3. Polished Aluminium 10-inch Shabbat Candle Holders

Pirsum Judaica Pair of Polished Aluminum 10-inch Shabbat Candle Holders in Gift Box

It is not a must for you to give a very expensive gift to a bat mitzvah as there are other cheap but valuable gifts that you can offer her. This candle holder made using aluminium is an interesting gift that you can offer especially if you are on a low budget.

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This candle holder comes packed in a luxurious blue velvet gift box and includes two candle holders. The perfect design makes it a fine piece of art by day and a candle holder by night. This gift will definitely make a bat mitzvah happy once you give it to her.

4. Fifty Jewish Women Who Changed the World

Fifty Jewish Women Who Changed The World

When searching for a gift that will inspire her and make her think differently about the world and other people then consider buying this book by Deborah G. Felder. This book contains inspirational stories about famous Jewish women who have made it in life.

This book also contains all the teachings that she may want to know and will be a good addition to her personal library. This gift will not require you to spend everything you have since it is for people that are on a low budget. This is a perfect bat mitzvah gift.

5. Mezuzah 24k Gold Plated Jewish 2.7 inches Mezuzah Judaica

10 Commandments Mezuzah 24k Gold Plated Jewish 2.7" Mezuza Judaica Made in Israel

A cheap gift but one that is set to last for a very long time is something that you should consider getting her for this day. This attractive art piece is made in Israel and has been plated using 24k gold for decorative purposes.

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This small, simple gift will most likely fit the bill of any person who wishes to surprise a bat mitzvah. What makes this gift interesting is the fact that she can pass it to her children ones she gets her own house and hence remember you wherever you may be.

6. Deluxe Torah Scroll Replica

Chagim Yerushalayim Complete Large Torah Scroll

Another interesting bat mitzvah gift is this Deluxe Torah Scroll Replica. This amazing Deluxe Torah Scroll Replica will make her have an insight of the real thing as it has been specifically designed like the original scrolls. From this gift, a bat mitzvah will be able to learn Torah text as it is printed on this scroll using a high quality paper. It also has a beautiful outer design that is made from a traditional velvet fabric.

A Deluxe Torah Scroll Replica is an interesting gift that she can keep together with other books that she may have in her library. The next time you are shopping for a bat mitzvah, consider this gift in your options.

7. Wood and Silver Plated Tzedakah Box

Wood & Silver Plated Tzedakah Box/Charity Box Designed with Shabbat Motifs.

Majority of the gifts that a bat mitzvah receives on this special day ends up going to charity and thus getting her a Tzedakah box will help her in this quest. She can decide to put some or all of her gifts in this box and end up touching the heart of another person who is need. By giving her this gift, you will also be assisting her to look at the needs of other people.

8. Bat Mitzvah Certificate

Bat Mitzvah Certificate

Gifting her with a bat mitzvah certificate that is beautiful and filled with 3D museum quality art will go a long way in pleasing her during this special day. Each designed certificate contains important symbols, images and text that are meaningful. With these messages, she will always remember what is expected of her in life. It is certainly a creative bat mitzvah gift.

9. Dorit Judaica Wall Hanging- Daughter’s Blessings

Dorit Judaica Stainless Steel Hamsa Wall Hanging - House Blessing

This gift that hangs on the wall will change the appearance of her room as it contains inspirational messages together with her name. Considered as a source of blessings to a daughter by a father, this gift will give her a sense of belonging since it shows how much you care about her. Consider giving her this interesting gift that will last for a long time as it has been made using stainless steel and stones.

10. Classic 14K Gold Menorah Pendant

Baltinester Jewelry, Jewish Jewelry Pendant, Classic Menorah Necklace Pendant, 14k Yellow Gold, Elegantly Gift Packaged, Size 0.79 x 0.78 Inch

Our last recommendation of a perfect bat mitzvah gift is this pendant. This wonderful 14K Gold Menorah is a fine piece of art and exactly what she needs on this special day. Be sure that she will carry it wherever she goes as it combines traditional designs and modern contemporary designs that portray her true image as she goes around.

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Buying a gift that she can feel connected too will make the bat mitzvah change the way she may feel about you. In addition, this gift will always remind her about you at any particular time that she puts it on.

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