10 Best Airless Paint Sprayer Reviews For Spray Painting

An airless sprayer is special equipment used for spray painting. It is the best option to finish a big painting job within a short deadline. The final finished work has a perfectly glass-smooth texture. This airless sprayer has a hose pipe with a tiny hole on the spray gun tip. This gun tip is planned in such a way that it can break up the paint uniformly into petite droplets. An airless sprayer can make things easier in two simple ways. First, it can speed up the painting job if you have a very short timeline. Second, it has a perfectly smooth finish, especially on doors or woodworks.

1. Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Stand Airless Paint Sprayer

Sale Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Stand Airless Paint Sprayer, Blue

Graco – The Brand Preferred by Pros. Whether you’re a weekend break warrior, a serious DIY fanatic, a handyman or redesigning professional, or a painting specialist, Graco makes the perfect airless spraying tools to meet your requirements. Whether you are simply beginning or moving up, choose the Magnum or Graco version to help you manage your work with ease. Regardless of what you’re painting– entire homes, fences, decks, or areas– Graco has you covered!

Paint your surround a wind

Staining or painting your fence will certainly help protect and also secure it from the sunlight and also weather while improving your house’s general aesthetic charm.

Quickly paint your home quicker and easier with a top-quality coating

Update the look of your house with a fresh layer of paint. Graco sprayers are easy to use and you’ll finish in a fraction of the time it requires to repaint with a conventional roller or brush.

Quickly bring new life to your deck

Merely using a new coat of surface to your deck can make all the distinction in the appearance of your entire house. As well as using a Graco sprayer makes it simpler and quicker.

Give new life to tired-looking cabinets

Painting or staining your cabinets can entirely change the look of your kitchen area or washroom. Using a Magnum paint sprayer will certainly offer the fastest method to accomplish a perfect finish.


  • Graco magnum sprayer can adjust the pressure and provides full control on the flow of the paint no matter what the size of the object is.
  • It comes with a stainless steel piston pump. It ensures you to paint with the equal thickness at high pressure.
  • A flexible suction tube is available so that you can spray directly from the paint bucket.
  • Easy cleaning process.
  • You can connect up to 75 ft long hose pipe to reach your object.
  • RAC IV switch tip protects from clogging.
  • SG2 metal spray handle gun protects the tip from debris.
  • Easy to start with push prime button.
  • It can support up to .015 tip size.


  • 125 gallon/year usage is limited.
  • A bit expensive compared with others.

2. HomeRight C800879 Power-Flo Pro 2800 Airless Paint Sprayers

HomeRight Power Flo Pro 2800 C800879 Airless Paint Sprayer Spray Gun, Power Painting for Home Exterior, Fence, Shed, and Garage 2800 psi, 0.24 gpm

Expert Outcomes at a House Owner Rate

Spray your large, house projects with ease

Huge, home projects are no more intimidating thanks to the Power-Flo Pro 2800 airless paint sprayer! By doing painting as well as discoloration jobs yourself, you’ll wind up conserving thousands of dollars and still walk away with a beautiful finish.

Exceeds standard roller as well as a paintbrush

This strong sprayer uses an also covering to irregular surfaces, which makes it the best alternative when repainting your home exterior, garage, shed or fence.

Spray a variety of materials

The Power-Flo Pro is ideal for splashing unthinned latex as well as oil-based paints, spots, and sealants. The pressure of 2,800 psi permits you to take on huge tasks, promptly and with professional outcomes.

Spray Gun with Reversible Tip

Assembling the Power-Flo Pro spray gun is very easy as well as quick, which indicates there’s more time for painting! A relatively easy to fix spray suggestion is additionally included to get rid of any prospective obstructions.

Mobile for Easy Maneuvering

Relocating the Power-Flo Pro as you paint is straightforward thanks to the top carry take care of. This sprayer likewise draws paint directly from a 1 or 5 gallon can, permitting additional portability.

Easy to Clean

The Power-Flo Pro is very easy to clean after usage. Just run a cleaning service of water or solvent via the sprayer up until all paint or tarnish is removed. It’s just that very easy!


  • It offers you fast painting, even smooth finish on an uneven surface.
  • The spray can cover the entire surface with minimum overspray.
  • It gives you stability while spraying with a 2800 PSI, ½ HP Motor with strong legs.
  • You can spray up to 24 gallons (.908 liters)/minute including a swivel for spray gun.
  • It comes with a 515 spray tip.
  • The spray tip is reversible for fast and easy cleaning of the clog.
  • It has non-sticking ceramic inlet valve.
  • It determines the cup gun line from low boy contractor grade line with the help of the color changing option.
  • The weight of this machine is 15 pound (6.804 kg).


  • It is an expensive machine.
  • Larger in size compared with other home sprayers.

3. Wagner 518080 Control Spray Max HVLP Sprayer

Sale Wagner Spraytech 0518080 Control Spray Max HVLP Paint or Stain Sprayer, Complete Adjustability for Decks, Cabinets, Furniture and Woodworking, Extra Container included

Great for Exterior Projects as well as More

The Wagner Control Spray Max uses coverings quicker than a brush or roller and also supplies a wonderful coating on your surface area. It’s excellent for outside and also indoor projects like decks, cupboards, trim, furniture as well as even more.

Fixed Paint Sprayer

This fixed paint sprayer puts the generator weight on the ground, not in your hand, which permits expanded splashing comfort. The base features practical management to easily lug the wind turbine from location to place.

Spray Even More Materials

Powerful two-stage wind turbine makes it very easy to paint surfaces with thinned paints and thinner products like stains as well as


Change the look of your bathroom and kitchen cabinets by using the Control Spray Max paint sprayer.


With the weight on the ground, repainting every one of the trim in your house will certainly be a wind!

Little Decks

The Control Spray Max will certainly redecorate your deck in a portion of the time it’d take with a brush. Plus, the stationary base will maintain your arms comfortable while spraying.


  • It is an ideal choice to paint those areas which are tough to reach.
  • It comes with a professionally designed metal cup for a minute finish.
  • This machine has a variable flow trigger which offers you the spray patterns varying from 1inch – 10 inch.
  • This sprayer is consists of powerful two stage turbine which can spray latex, as well as thinner materials like lacquers and stains.
  • It gives you a 20 ft extended and flexible hose pipe so you can reach everywhere and there.
  • You can personalize your paint with 3 types of spray patterns. Check on a test object to select the best one for your job.
  • This machine has variable flow control power. So you can cover the large object as well as the little ones for the detailed works.


  • It may be difficult to use for the beginners because of its different settings.

4. Krause & Becker 5/8 HP 3000 PSI Airless Paint Sprayer Kit

5/8 HP 3000 PSI Airless Paint Sprayer Kit; Includes Stainless Steel Paint pick-up, Gun with Built-in Filter, trigger-lock and 25 ft. spray hose

You can paint the exterior walls of your home, decks and garage. Also some interior works like paint the ceiling, doors and frames and many other areas like this.

You can give a perfect finish to all of these. The motor is very powerful with 120 volts, 60 Hz, 5/8 horsepower specification.


  • It offers you a 3000 psi high-pressure piston pump for a better coverage.
  • You can control the pressure with the easy twist knob.
  • If you paint on a stainless-steel object, the cleaning process is very easy and it will not capture rust.
  • It is a lightweight machine for easy clutch.
  • Variable air pressure protects from over spraying on thin objects.
  • It comes with a durable spray gun with trigger-lock and built in filter. This feature makes this machine easy for cleaning and flushing.
  • It has no. 517 nozzle for 12”-16” fan width.
  • You also can attach a roller accessory with this machine.


  • It may take a longer booting time.
  • You cannot personalize the types of paint it offers.

5. Fuji 2202 Semi-PRO 2 HVLP Spray System

Fuji Spray 2202 Semi-PRO 2 - HVLP Spray System

For the enthusiast or weekend break warrior seeking expert results

It’s the ‘Go-To’ system for the workshop or residential use

The Fuji Spray Semi-PRO 2 Model is suitable for splashing furnishings pieces, cabinets, wall surfaces, ceilings, doors, fences, shutters, and so on

The most effective 2-Stage Spray System out there

For the weekend break warrior, start-up organization, severe hobbyist, and small store; the Semi-PRO 2 Spray System provides the best mix of versatility and performance to set that professional-looking finish.

Semi-PRO 2 Spray System includes the M-Model Spray Gun

The Semi-PRO systems consist of the Fuji M · Model spray gun, which has specialist attributes such as non-bleed and also a Dedicated Fan Control to readjust pattern dimension from little circular to vast (and all increments in between).

Key Benefits

– Disassembles easily for fast clean-up and maintenance.

– Multiple air cap sizes allow for the splashing of different products in various thickness degrees from discolorations to latex paints to tub finishes, with little dilution.

– Stainless steel liquid passages avoid wear on the needle suggestion. Perfect for waterborne and solvent-based coatings.

– Dedicated Fan Pattern Control – delivers precision application with less waste. Permits vertical, straight or circular applications, and also can easily adjust from 1″ round to 12″ oblong pattern.

7001 Bottom Feed M-Model Spray Gun

– 1 Quart bottom-feed mug ability.

– Ergonomic Stay Cool manage.

– Standard 1.3 mm air cap established mounted – for splashing tool to slim products.

– Dedicated Fan Pattern Control.

7002G Gravity Feed M-Model Spray Gun

– 400cc gravity feed mug ability.

– Ergonomic Stay Cool deal with.

– Standard 1.3 mm air cap established mounted – for spraying medium to slim materials.

– Dedicated Fan Pattern Control.


  • This machine comes with a professional non-bleed spray gun.
  • Adjustable pattern fan control is also available on this machine.
  • A 1.3mm air cap set in already installed in it.
  • You will get 1 Qt. bottom feed cup.
  • The turbine is kept inside a metal turbine case with easy handling gun holder.
  • It provides you a 25 ft long and flexible hose pipe to reach all the difficult corners of your object.
  • This hose pipe comes with an air control valve which has the ability to reduce the percentage of overspray during painting job and controls the bounce back symptom.


  • Since it is designed for the serious painters, armature painters may face difficulties while using this Fuji Semi-Pro.

6. Graco Magnum 261815 ProX7 Hi-Boy Cart Airless Paint Sprayer

Sale Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Stand Airless Paint Sprayer, Blue

This medium-duty airless paint sprayer has introduced by Graco mainly for the serious self-painters. It can be used by the remodelers, property owners and for maintenance personnel. A regular painting, for example, monthly basis painting is best done by this sprayer. It is ideal for interior and exterior both. Start painting your house, barns, fences and decks.


  • You will receive the maximum delivery rating 0.34 gallons/minute.
  • The powerful motor can pump directly from the 1-5 gallons paint bucket.
  • It provides you the maximum operating pressure: 3000 psi.
  • This machine supports the maximum tip size 0.017 inch.
  • The motor is of ¾ horsepower which can be operated by using the household current.
  • You will get a 150 feet long spray hose which no one can offer you. Large exterior walls will be easy to paint with this hose.
  • A spray gun including SG3.
  • Different types of painting style are available with this Graco magnum Hi-Boy Cart Airless Paint Sprayer.
  • It is fully assembled and ready to use.


  • Since it is designed for serious regular painters, beginners may find it a little bit difficult to use.
  • It may cost a bit higher.

7. Titan 0516013 XT330 Airless Sprayer

Sale Titan ControlMax 1900 PRO High Efficiency Airless Paint Sprayer, HEA technology decreases overspray by up to 55% while delivering softer spray, improving control and providing a more-consistent finish

The Titan ControlMax 1700 High-Efficiency Airless sprayer supplies major DIYers and handymen high result with even more control and much less mess. It can be made use of on interior and exterior tasks with unthinned paints as well as stains on wall surfaces, ceilings, as well as exterior surfaces. The High-Efficiency Airless (HEA) system reduces overspray by approximately 55% while supplying a softer spray making sure a constant coating every single time.

The ControlMax sprays approximately.33 gallons per minute with the 515 spray idea (suitable for latex paints) and has flexible pressure from the.60 horsepower motor. Different HEA sized tips are sold independently to match your covering and task needs. The sprayer draws paint straight from a 1 or 5-gallon paint can for added comfort, plus when you’re done painting you can save your tips as well as tools in the incorporated storage. The resilient, as well as a powerful sprayer, is backed by the sector’s ideal and also the longest 2 warranty.

For a version with more power and also various functions, check out the Titan ControlMax 1700 Pro sprayer.

The Titan ControlMax High-Efficiency Airless takes the worry out of airless splashing, making it less complicated to paint like a pro. The HEA system’s brand-new tip innovation lowers overspray by up to 55% while providing softer spray, boosting control, and offering an extra regular surface. The HEA pump is effective as well as a durable sprayer that can spray unthinned coverings with a rebuildable fluid section that optimizes sprayer life.

  • Approximately 55% Less Overspray
  • Softer spray boosts control for a more consistent coating
  • Takes the intimidation out of airless splashing
  • Lasts as much as 3X longer than comparable airless sprayers
  • Power to spray unthinned coverings
  • Replaceable liquid area maximizes sprayer life


  • It is designed for the exterior usage mainly.
  • This Titan airless sprayer is developed with the greatest innovative ideas.
  • It has a powerful ¾ horsepower motor. It can pump the paint up to 3000 psi.
  • You will get an assured top flow rate 0.33 gallons/minute.
  • This Titan airless sprayer can cover up a large area with an incredible speed.
  • It can work with 1-5 gallons bucket with the flexible intake tube and also includes filters to prevent the clog.
  • A 25-50 feet long flexible hose pipe will serve you the difficult corners of your painting object.
  • A professionally upgraded paint gun is included with this sprayer with the largest tip size 0.019 inch.
  • You can paint according to your need from the thick latex paints to the narrow spray patterns.


  • It is an expensive model compared to the others.

8. Earlex HV5500 Spray Station

Earlex HV5500 HVLP Spray Station Paint Sprayer for Woodworking and Furniture Refinishing, 2-Stage Turbine, HVLP Spray Gun, Spray Gun, HVLP Turbine Sprayer

Accomplish a Superior Finish on Your Woodworking Project

A Paint Sprayer for Woodworkers

The Earlex 5500 Spray Station makes use of a specialist weapon and also an effective generator to provide a remarkable finish on woodworking tasks without brush marks. It’s ideal for novices and also serious woodworkers alike.

Power as well as Precision

The two-stage wind turbine uses 650 watts of power to give remarkable outcomes. For added accuracy, the pro spray gun features a push-and-click system to rapidly change between 3 spray patterns (straight, upright and also round).

Usage with a Variety of Materials

Full a plethora of projects with a big range of materials including thinned latex, lacquers, urethanes, varnishes, oils, shellacs, spots, sealers, enamels, lusters and a lot more.

Two-Stage Turbine

The Earlex 5500 paint sprayer includes a powerful two-stage wind turbine to offer a far better surface on your woodworking surface area over much less effective equivalents.

All Metal Gun

The sturdy, metal spray gun comes complete with a 2.0 mm stainless-steel pointer as well as a needle and a 1 qt. PTFE coated paint container to give additional toughness contrasted to plastic counterparts.

Practical Design

The sprayer includes practical, on-board tube storage for fast clean-up when your task is full. The sprayer additionally features a lug manage so you can conveniently move the sprayer around your workshop.


  • It is a modern designed compact model and is very lightweight.
  • This Earlex spray station includes a professional spray gun with 2.0 mm stainless steel tip.
  • You can customize your spray pattern with the push-n-click button.
  • A 2.0 mm needle is included with this sprayer.
  • It has HVLP painting unit.
  • It has a 13 feet long hose pipe and a 5.5 feet long power cord.
  • A handle makes it easy to carry out anywhere.
  • 1 qt. PTEE paint pot is included with a fast release lever.
  • You can paint with different types of materials like thinned latex, varnishes, shellacs, oils, stains, urethanes, enamels, sealers, glazes etc.


  • The short length of the hose pipe may be difficult to reach some of the difficult corners of your painting object.

9. Fuji 5070 – T70 Spray Gun

Fuji Spray 5070 5070-T70 Spray Gun, Silver

The Fuji Spray T-Series Spray Gun features a side Pattern Control Knob to change the dimension of the fan from tiny to huge and also any size in between. The Pattern Control Knob permits you to adjust to the exact size of the things you are splashing. The freshly developed lightweight T-Series with Easy Pull Trigger means less fatigue for the driver. Various other preferable attributes include 100% Stainless Steel liquid elements, Stainless Springs, Metal Knobs, Rear Rotating Nipple for pressure tubes, Ergonomic Stay-Cool Handle. 1 Quart Bottom Feed Cup is mounted– this is the ideal size for medium to large-sized jobs such as cupboards as well as furnishings. 1.3 mm Aircap Set # 3 is set up– best dimension for many fine-finishing. The T-Series supplies outstanding atomization and best control.


  • This Fuji spray gun comes with a spray gun which has a suitable side outlined control knob. You can adjust the size of the fan pattern according to your requirement.
  • The spray gun is non-bleed which helps for less blowing off dust.
  • It has a modern sleek design and is very lightweight.
  • A high-efficiency air cap is installed for superb atomization and to minimize the overspray.
  • It comes with the 100% stainless liquid components and an ergonomics handle.
  • This spray gun provides the full control over the painting.
  • It comes with a 25 feet long flexible and easy connecting hose. You can paint every inch of your furniture and will be able to obtain a showroom finish.
  • This spray gun has an air valve installed in it. So, you can make an even painted surface.


  • The length of the spraying hose is not too sufficient for the large objects.

10. TEKNA 703517 ProLite

Tekna 703517 Prolite 1.3mm and 1.4mm Fluid Tip Spray Gun with TE20/HV30 Air Cap

It is an advanced sprayer. Give an exciting look to your large weekend projects with this TEKNA 703517 Prolite spray kit. You can start your painting with this gun on the exterior and interior both.


  • This modernly designed spray gun includes DeKups Adapter. This feature makes it DeKup ready.
  • TEKNA 703517 is a compact lightweight spray.
  • TEKNA 703517 has the most dominant 2-stage system available in the market.
  • It can optimize its performance according to the variation of the climate from humid to hot. It will make itself dry and clean respectively.
  • There are 3 air caps are present which are been developed using the advanced level fluid dynamics technology. Thus it provides an excellent atomization.
  • This spray gun is packaged as a solution with multiple components.
  • This gun gives the best result for the solvent-based coating.
  • You must use this Prolite gun for the waterborne.
  • It has high-transfer efficiency for material savings.


  • This spray gun is a bit expensive. So, the beginners may hesitate to use this.

How will you choose the best airless paint sprayer?

While choosing the best sprayer you must consider the basic factors like which surface it will be applied on, what type of paint it is. You also have to think about the power of the sprayer and the capacity of it. You should not take the final decision on the basis of price alone. A low priced model can cost you time, effort and maintenance. Following are the basic factors should be considered to choose the best sprayer.


You should consider the power of the sprayer. If you are using a heavy paint, more horsepower is needed. If a rapid finish is the priority, you should consider the speed of the sprayer. A model with upgraded horsepower will assure you fast and smooth finish.


A quick finish of painting depends on the refill frequency. More frequent you are refilling your sprayer, more time it will take to be accomplished. Some of the models offer fewer refill times. Generally, small and lightweight sprayer needs a frequent refill. A medium sized sprayer is the best for storage and handling during painting.

Spray tips

Different types of spray tips can be used into the hole of the spray gun. These spray tips depend on the paint quality and the surface it will be used on. A more powerful sprayer will be able to spray more effectively with a perfect spray tip.


Cost is a necessary factor to choose the best airless spray paint sprayer. A sprayer may be inexpensive, but it will be troublesome in other ways. These types do not last long and prone to clog easier. So, you must not choose your sprayer just on the basis of cost. An expensive machine may cost higher at the first time, but it will serve you for a long time.

How many Types of Paint Sprayers are there?

There are different types of airless paint sprayers. A paint contractor who needs to spray gallons of paints daily needs various types of machines. It depends on the necessity and comfort. You may choose a small handyman or when doing a small work. Also, you may require a large one for the commercial purpose. Let’s check on the available types of airless paint sprayers. Basically, the airless paint sprayers can be classified depending on the pump type. The pump is the most important part of the sprayer. They are:


This type of pump can tighten the pressure when spraying at both high and low pressure. It provides a higher free-flow rate. This rate is essential for high volume fluid transfer for the textured application. It is normally inexpensive compared to the other types.

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But this type of pump has some disadvantages also. Once started the pump runs constantly. It allows air to pass into the paint which can cause an uneven painting. It has to be maintained daily. All of the removable parts should be cleaned properly on regular basis. So, the maintenance cost is higher than the others. The hydraulic liquid can mix with the paint inside.


It is a great machine for professional usage. There are two types of piston pumps, one is double stroke and another is a single stroke. It can produce a higher pressure with the common tip sizes. The atomization level of paint is better and it results in lower spitting. A long hose pipe can be used for it. It takes lower booting time compared to the diaphragm pump. It runs only when it is required.

Also, a good positive advantage is that this piston pump has easy maintenance. You can easily repair it. So, the maintenance cost is lower whereas the initial price is a bit expensive. You may face some difficulties while spraying at a lower pressure. Sometimes fluctuation of pressure may occur during this type of function.

Tips on Using a Paint Sprayer:

Follow these essential tips while painting using an airless spray painter. Let’s discuss those.

  1. Read out the instruction manual. You will learn many of the minute things including how far you have to hold the spray pipe, the accurate temperature of application etc.
  2. Don’t fix your spray pipe at one particular point. You need to sweep it horizontally and vertically respectively. If you are moving from left to the right, try to carry out the same for the entire work.
  3. You need to use a big drop cloth which provides a number of milieu for the user to move the spray pipe past the item.
  4. You should place the object higher from the floor. It may be set up on a workbench or other platform similar to that. Placing the object directly on the floor is simply not recommended. You will not get the full access to sweep the pipe off. Also, you have to hunch over the object which may be a bit difficult for you.
  5. Make your hosepipe handy for yourself. Thus you will be able to get a better result with a smooth finish. It also finishes your job earlier.
  6. For the small objects try to rotate it. Place your object on a base and apply a rotating technique. If you can spray it from different angles, a smooth and quick finish will be possible.
  7. If you are a newbie, try first on a scrap piece of plywood. You will have a clear idea of the texture of the painting. An expert painter can personalize these features according to him or her.
  8. Try wet coating to achieve a smooth and flawless paint. First, spray a light coat on the object.

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