10 Best Bath Toys for Toddlers to Keep Them Busy

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Toddlers are quite tough to handle in different situations. They react to different situations depending on their moods. Your toddler may enjoy her bath time today and may throw a big tantrum while getting a bath tomorrow; it is unpredictable. And lots of parents ask the questions, how to make them predictable? Well, the answer is not so hard! Distract them with good bath toys. Bath toys are the only thing that will surely attract your toddler to get a bath every day without any hassle. Depending on the age, bath toys vary as well. And if you are new to parenting, you surely want to know the list of best bath toys for toddlers in 2020. Let us have a look.

1. Skip Hop Moby bath Spout cover

This little Moby sprout cover is surely the best thing you can buy for toddlers less than six months. This cute spout not only makes the bath perfectly bum-free but it also makes a perfect distraction while you can scrub your baby without any problem.

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Also, this soft spout covers the tab-head which also protects your baby to get hurt during the bath time. And never to worry if your baby accidentally chews or licks it because this Moby bath spouts cover is perfectly PVC free. Skip Hop Moby bath Spout cover is one of the best bath toys for toddlers.

2. Boon cogs water gears

The second product in our list of best bath toys for toddlers is this boon cogs water gear. This set of 5 boon cogs water gears are the quirkiest and the unique bath toy you can ever buy for your toddler. You can easily stick them on your bath walls and create a spinning chain to pass the waters through them. They are perfectly safe for little babies and this set of bath toy help your baby to have a creative imagination as well.

3. Mixing bowls and colander set

Whenever a toddler is taking a bath, you will notice that one of his favourite activities is to pour water into a mug and toss it around. And if you provide him with a set of mixing bowls and colanders, it would be a dream cum true for him. Also, kids love to float things, and a set of mixing bowls would surely interest him in spending more bath time for sure.

4. Plan Toys Speedboat

Who doesn’t love a gas-guzzling speedboat as their bath-time partner? Even an adult would love it. Made up of sustainable rubber wood, this green penguin speedboat would surely surprise your toddler. It not only enhances his creativity but it also helps him built a cognitive behavior towards interaction as well. It is a perfect toy for kids above 12 months of age.

5. Oball Grasp and Splash toys

Nothing makes a bath-time better than having a splash toy, isn’t it? Well, the Oball Grasp and Splash toy set is one of the best bath toys for toddlers if they are under the age of 6 months. The geometric shapes of these toys provide your baby with an imaginative interaction, and it also helps to grab things faster as well. Made of vegetable dye, these toys are perfectly safe for little babies.

6. Munchkin Wind Up Swimming Penguin Bath Toy

Babies love penguins. And it becomes even more exciting if it swims across the bathtub. The new Munchkin Wind up swimming penguin bath toy is interactive and provides your toddler with enough excuses to have good bath time. It also stimulates hand-eye coordination and encourages imaginative interaction.

7. Skip Hop Zoo Submarine

If you want to engage your little baby during her bath-time, there can be no other better toys than a submarine drove by a monkey. All you have to do is to pull the string to activate the propeller, and it will entertain your baby for the whole bath time.

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Apart from that, it also encourages motor skills in your toddler as well. It is perfectly safe as it is PVC free and the fabric is of pure vegetable dye. However, it is still not safe enough to leave your baby alone with. The particular skip hop character of this toy makes this bath toy even more interesting for the toddlers.

8. Green toys Ferry boat with mini cars

Every child fancies a ferry boat that drops off mini cars and carries them across a river, right? Well, the latest Green toy Ferry boat is the perfect toy to cultivate that dream. It is big enough for your little babies, and it has cute little cars that are made of 100% recycles plastics. It is a three piece set that is perfectly safe and durable for toddlers under six months of age. Also, it encourages motor skills among toddlers as well.

9. Munchkin Float and play bubble bath toy

Bubble bath toys are fun; especially when that bubbles include different quirky animals. The new Munchkin’s float and play bubble bath toy is the new attraction for all the toddlers. It perfectly floats in water and of perfect size for a little child to improve grabbing. Also, this kind of bath toys improves baby’s sense of light, hearing and touch.

10. Bath stickers

If you want your toddlers to get a lesson and have a bath at the same time, the floating bath stickers would be the best for them. These bath stickers easily stick to the bathtub walls, and they also float on the water as well. This essentially enhances the reading habit of the toddler.

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Also, the colour design and durability enhances the sense of colour and touching ability of the child as well. It comes in a pack of 36 letters. All the letters are made of durable material, and 100% BPA free which is safe for every toddler.

It is no brainer to get a great bath toy for adults, but it is quite a job to attract toddlers with cool toys. However, the above list of toys will surely keep your baby in the bathtub for a longer time than you want to. Get yourself these bath toys and keep your toddler happy!

Hop you enjoyed our list of 10 best bath toys for toddlers!

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