10 Best Dinosaur Toys for kids to Buy 2020

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What is the only synonym of the dinosaur? Jurassic Park! With so many sequels, Jurassic Park might be the only movie that has introduced the love of dinosaur toys in the lives of kids. From cute herbivore dinosaur to the meat-eater T-rex, every kid loves to toy with stuffed little dinosaurs. And it does not matter how prehistoric this gigantic animal is; dinosaur still spreads the terror even as a toy. It might not be something new, but kids still fascinate dinosaur toys the most.

And if you are planning on buying a dinosaur toy and thinking how hard it can be, well it can go pretty rough. The variety of dinosaur toys for kids in the market is huge, and every parent goes crazy while choosing a toy of this prehistoric terror. However, here we have enlisted some of the best dinosaur toys for kids that your toddler will love. Let us have a talk, shall we?

1. Prextex Plastic dinosaur toys

This might be the most famous dinosaur toys for toddlers ever. These realistic looking plastic dinosaurs will surely cultivate the best of imaginations in your kid. Also, this dino set comes in 12 pieces which complete the whole dinosaur family. Apart from a great toy set, this Prextex set of dino can be of great help in science projects as well. Not only that but this dino set also comes with a book in it which describes the habitat, food habit and other histories of these dinosaurs. In our opinion, this is one of the best dinosaur toys for kids.

2. Lego dinosaur

How cool can it be when you can build a big T-rex with the help of your Lego set? Well, the Lego set Mighty Dinosaur toy set would be perfect for your kid if he loves Lego sets. With the help of this Lego set, you can build three different kinds of dinosaurs. Sharp claws, razor-like teeth and wings have made this set complete. Also, you can add moveable mouth joint to your T-rex toy.

3. Bees and me Dinosaur Toy

This set of four dinosaurs is the cutest dinosaurs in the toy market. Vivid colours and the rolling features of these dinosaurs will surely hook your toddler for hours. Also, it teaches your kids a lot about the prehistoric science about the dinosaurs as well. And the best part is, all these four dinosaurs are BPA free; thus they are perfectly free for toddlers of 1 year. Also, these dinos on wheels are perfect for gripping as well thus making it one of best dinosaur toys for kids.

4. Mega Fossil Mine

Do you want to surprise your kid with some dinosaur fossils? Enough with these toy dinosaurs, this is the time for some real fun. A perfect gift for kids above eight years of age, this fossils mine will teach your kid a lot about fossils. Your kids can unearth about 15 fossils of dinosaurs from the big gypsum block mold. Also, this set includes many mini fossil digging tools as well. You can read up many facts about fossils from this toy set too.

5. Fisher-price Imaginext Ultra T-rex

The 5th product to feature on our list of best dinosaur toys for kids is from Fisher-Price. Kids love dinosaurs and the bigger, the better. And if you have a kid of 5 years or more, he would surely love this 2 and ½ inches of ultra big T-rex toy. This dinosaur can walk, roar and fire arrows as well. Also, the movable mouth joint of this T-rex provides the best feature of all. Not only that but this dinosaur’s eyes also sparkle of red lights. Thus, if you are up for some terror-fun this weekend, this giant dinosaur toy would make the perfect gift.

6. WowWee Roboraptor

Kids nowadays love to watch big, giant robots attacking a city, don’t they? Well, in that case, the WowWee Roboraptor will surely interest your kid. Not only this robot dinosaur has a smooth motion along with almost real sounds, but you can also control this roboraptor using Bluetooth or different android apps. The cutting-edge technology has made this roboraptor a great gift for kids above the age of 8 years.

7. Dinosaur Backpack

If your kid is in love with prehistoric dinosaurs, this cute little dino-backpack will surely make him happy. Not every dinosaur gift has to be a toy, is it? Made of Neoprene, this dino-backpack is waterproof and absolutely machine washable. The orange coloured 3D spikes give this backpack a different character altogether.

8. Jurassic World gift set

It is okay to make dinosaurs all cute and bubbly, but nothing beats the actual terrific figures of dinosaurs, does it? Well, in that case, this limited edition of Jurassic World gift set will make the perfect birthday gift for your toddler. The battling figures of dinosaurs are so real that it will surely send a chill down your spine. Also, this 3D toy comes with a DVD of Jurassic Park that provides you with the deleted scenes of the movies.

9. Animal Planet Grow Egg

Diverting a little from the terrific big dinosaurs, who does not love the baby dinosaurs coming out of the eggs? Well, in that case, you kid will surely love the Animal Planet’s Grow Egg toy set. This toy set includes three big dinosaur eggs from where you have to hatch little baby dinosaurs. This toy set is absolutely safe and perfect for kids under three years of age.

10. Vtech Switch and go, Dino

Last but not the least, transformation dinosaurs can provide a different layer to your kid’s toy collection. The new Vtech Dinosaurs can switch from a cool car to be a big t-rex. Also, this toy features different sounds and effects to give this whole idea a new character. It includes an LCD screen that provides you with cool dinosaur videos as well.

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Dinosaurs will never grow out of the kid’s toy market, will it? These prehistoric animals always attract kids like no other toys ever. Thus, this list of best dinosaur toys for kids will surely give you a fair idea about what to give your toddler this birthday if he is a big Dino fan. Have fun!

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