Best EDC knife Reviews and Buying Guide 2022

Best EDC knife Life is uncertain, and so are we. There are times when we got into troublesome situations where a tool would be a convenient product. But we cannot carry everyday sized tools in our pocket, and that is not a wise decision too. Thus, small sized and folding tools are absolutely necessary for our daily lives. And among all other tools, a knife is an essential one. Whether we want to open a packet of chips in the middle of a forest or we want to cut a rope while camping on the hills, there is nothing more useful than a folding knife.

However, not all folding knives or EDC knives are the best one, and if you are planning to get one for your emergency situation, you need to be careful about the choice. Here, in this article, we are going to dictate a little about the best EDC knife. Let us follow out.

What is an EDC Knife?

But before we can go into the topic of best EDC knife, we need to have a precise idea of what an EDC knife is? In a simple sentence, an EDC knife can be described as a folding knife. The full form of EDC is ‘Every Day Carry.’ Not all folding knives cannot be carried every day.

Best EDC knife Reviews

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EDC knives are those knives that can be easily used in everyday emergency situations such as cutting a packet or strings or with which we can perform everyday chores without any hassle. For an EDC knife to perform perfectly, it needs to have a sharp blade that can cut a thing with minimum effort. Thus, the speciality of an EDC knives is two¬¬- One, the blade has to be sharp, and the size has to be small. It should fit your pocket perfectly and should look like a key. Thus, the key features of a best EDC knife are as follows-

Blade size – The blade size of an EDC knife should be 3 inches or less. However, in some cases, the size may go up to 5 inches.

Length – The slimmer, the better. The length should be measured when the knife is in the folding situation.

Weight – The weight should be absolutely minimal. It should not be more than a few ounces.

Blade materials – The blade material is preferred to be steel or aluminium. However, titanium could also be a great choice.

Locking method – The locking method differs from one knife to another. It could be the slip joint, lock back, liner lock etc. The choice would be yours.

Best Top 10 EDC knife Reviews

1. Kershaw Ken Onion Blur Folding Knife with Speed Safe

Kershaw Blur Blackwash (1670BW); 3.4” BlackWashed 14C28N Steel Blade and Black Anodized Aluminum Handle with Black Textured Trac-Tec Inserts, SpeedSafe Opening, Reversible Pocketclip; 3.9 OZ

KERSHAW an American based knife making company, it is one of the pioneers in the knife industry. Its designed tools are nothing short of awesomeness. Whether it be a pocket knife or a hunting knife, it promises the highest level of performance, durability and craftsmanship. It uses the high quality material for its knives with exquisite designs and sharpness. This knife is ideal for multitasking and can be used for several purposes.


Speedsafe assisted opening – This is any easy way of opening any speed safe knife in which you can open the knife by a simple push of the thumbstud and close it by pulling back the flipper.

Reversible pocket clip -Predrilled holes in the handle enable the user to change the tip position of the knife or the side from which the knife comes out.

Inset liner lock – A strip of stainless steel is riveted inside the handle to increase the weight of the handle especially when the handle is made of a lightweight material. This makes the knife look slim and elegant but provided with the strength and durability along with its safety.


  • The blade is provided with a big slightly recurved blade, and that ts ideal for multitasking as the blade offers both slicing and piercing abilities.
  • The stainless steel blade SANDVIK 14C28N is corrosion resistant and extremely hard. It has a diamond like carbon DLC coating, and that makes it extra corrosion resistant to enhanced looks.
  • This knife is provided with an easy one-handed opening with a simple thumbstud to assist the opening.
  • The handle is made of anodized aluminium, and that makes it resistant to scratch and lightweight at the same time. The handles have track-tec-grip-tape, and that makes its grip much better and increases its safety.


  • It does not have any such cons at all.

2. Benchmade – Barrage 580, Drop-Point

Benchmade 580-2 Osborne Barrage Drop Point Folding Knife, Plain Edge Satin Finish, Manual Open, Made in the USA

Benchmade has promised to make the best knives in the world and has been doing so since 1988. The barrage family of knives is the first to be provided with AXIS assist. It helps in quick one-handed opening and can be operated with either hand. This knife can be used for the everyday purpose and even for outdoor uses.


Good material – N680 stainless steel blade is one of the best against corrosion resistant, and that makes it ideal for sale water usage.

Durable – G10 handle is very durable, not affected by moisture and stable when exposed to extreme temperatures.

Advance technology – It is provided with AXIS lock technology, and that enables it to be opened and closed with either hand. It is provided with a reversible pocket clip, and that makes its accessibility much easier.


  • Benchmade – Barrage 580 is a superior quality knife that can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes. It is provided with safety hook and glass breaker technology which makes it useful even for safety purposes.
  • Axis lock technology makes it fast, easy to handle and very useful.
  • This knife is provided with a lifetime warranty, and that makes the knife in best condition throughout life. If the knife needs any kind of repair or service, then Benchmade would take care of it.


  • It is not as durable as it seems.

3. Spyderco Endura4 Lightweight FRN Flat Ground PlainEdge Knife

Spyderco Endura 4 Lightweight Signature Knife with 3.80" VG-10 Steel Blade and Blue FRN Handle - PlainEdge - C10FPBL

Spyderco Endura is one of the bestselling knives by Spyderco that is available in today’s market. Made from Japanese technology, this is a sheer masterpiece in the field of knives. Provided with fibreglass reinforced nylon on the handle( FRN technology) this knife is one of its kind. Lightweight and stylish looks are what comes complementary with this knife.


Dual steel plate – Dual Steel plates are lined inside the handle to make it sturdy and durable but keeping it lightweight.

Good opening mechanism – Phosphor bronze washer for easier open, close action.

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Advanced construction – Four-way clip put together construction. David Boye dent with the enlarged opening handle of 13 mm. Full flat blade with sharp edges. FRN handle with stylish textures.


  • Sharp cutting edge for smooth and fine cutting.
  • On the handle bi-directional texturing Is provided for slip-free firm grip
  • These knives are now available in vibrant colours like blue, green, brown, purple.
  • Slip-resistant jimping is attached to the blades spine.
  • It is lightweight but sturdy and durable.


  • It does not provide a great gripping system.

4. SOG Flash II Assisted Folding Knife TFSA98-CP

SOG FSA98-CP Flash II 8in Serrated Blade EDC Knife

SOG assisted folding knife is provided with SOG assisted technology with the mechanism that assists the blade open once the operator has made the one-handed knife opening action. The knife opens very swiftly, and the locking action of the knife is instantaneous. It is provided with powerful poison locking mechanism that can be unlocked with the help of a sliding lever once the purpose of the knife is over.


Good material– AUS 8 stainless steel corrosion resistant blade. The blade edge is partiality serrated for better action.

Good technology– the Folding action of the knife is very fast.

Good styling and design– Provided with SOG assisted technology for one hand opening purposes.Blade available in several stylish textures and finish. The handle is made of glass enforced nylon with a black finish. Reversible low carry pocket clip.


  • Easy to use and handle fast opening and locking mechanism
  • Sturdy, durable and long lasting knife
  • Superior looks with stylish lightweight handle
  • Provided with lifetime warranty
  • Reversible low carry pocket clip allows it to be stored away safely and securely when not in use.
  • Safely lock that ensures that the knife won’t open by itself when not in use.


  • The locking mechanism is not good.

5. MTech USA Ballistic MT-A705

Sale MTech USA Xtreme – Spring Assisted Open Folding Knife – Gold TiNite Coated Stainless Steel Tanto Blade with Sawback, Black G10 Handle, Liner Lock, EDC, Tactical – MX-A805GD

Mtech USA Provides diverse technical products like blades, folding products, archery items and security products all at affordable prices. It is a stylish looking knife with spring assisted technology. The easy one-handed opening comes with this knife. Effective locking mechanism when opened makes this knife safe and secure.


Good blade– Limited edition blue blade. Blue coated half serrated blade with sharp edges

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Good folding mechanism – Quick open and pocket design folding knife. Black Aluminum handle with additional bottle opener. Provided with silver stainless steel pocket clip for easy use and carry.


  • Blue coloured stylish looking blade to attract attention.
  • Lightweight aluminium handle for easy use and carry.
  • Easy spring assisted opening for fast, easy one-handed use.
  • Provided with silver stainless steel pocket clip for easy storage when not in use.
  • Once open the knife gets locked securely with a liner lock.


  • It does not have any such cons at all.

6. Zero Tolerance G10 Handle with Speed Safe

Zero Tolerance 0350TS; Folding Pocket Knife; 3.25 in. S30V Stainless Steel Blade with Tiger-Stripe Tungsten DLC Coating, G-10 Handle, SpeedSafe Assisted Opening and Quad-Mount Pocketclip; 6.2 OZ.

ZT is proud to present this new 0350 model of a pocket knife with latest speed-safe technology. It is small, lightweight but very sharp and aggressive in its use and is ideal for one hand use. It is provided with a tough stainless steel blade and textured G10 handle which makes it the ideal choice for law enforcement officials and military personals.


Good blade material – S30V is the choice of stainless steel for this blade. It includes non-reflective, low friction, black Tungsten DLC(Diamond Like Coating) coating.

Strong grip – The G10 handle provides strong grip so that the knife doesn’t slip while in use.

Advanced technology – Speedsafe technology for easy deployment of the knife with either hand. The Large thumb stud is present that can even be pressed with thick gloves on the hand. Quad mounting system for easy carrying of the knife.


  • Strong, durable and sharp blade for long lasting usage of the knife.
  • Handle provided with a strong and easy grip so that it doesn’t slip.
  • Easy deployment of the knife on pressing the thumb stud with either hand
  • Very useful for combat purposes or outdoor activities like fishing, sports hunting etc.
  • It is very easy and safe to carry about thanks to the safe quad mounting system.
  • Provided with a lifetime warranty that makes sure that the knife is in perfectly usable condition for a lifetime.


  • It does not have any such cons at all.

7. Buck Knives 0055BRS Folding Hunter Knife

Buck Knives The 55 Folding Pocket Knife 2-3/8" 420HC Steel Clip Blade, Ebony Handle, Brass Bolsters

Buck knife 55 and buck knife 110 are the two best-known knives by this company. It is a smaller version of 110 and is suited perfectly for keeping inside pocket and for everyday use. Made with natural wood grain handle this knife is an absolute marvel. Sharp cutting edge and easy grip have made this knife very popular and easy to use.


Corrosion resistance – 420 HC razor sharp clip point blade with great edge retention and corrosion resistance. Classic American walnut handle and brass bolsters provide great balance.

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Easy to use – It is very easy to open and has a nail notch for the swift and fast opening. Once the knife is opened the lock back, mechanism keeps is open. Small sized classic and compact knife for easy carrying in the pocket.


  • The blade is provided with a very sharp controllable point which is very good for slicing and piercing.
  • Wooden handle provides superior slip proof gripping and provides an elegant look to the knife.
  • Very good for everyday use as it is perfectly sized and can be carried anywhere.
  • Great safety features that keep the knife locked when not in use and is being carried.
  • Unconditional lifetime warranty that keeps the knife well maintained and sharp throughout life.


  • The size is the perfect for a folding knife.

8. Outdoor Edge Razor Lite Folding Hunting Knife 3-1/2″

Outdoor Edge RazorLite - Replaceable Blade Folding Hunting Knife with Rubberized Nonslip TPR Handle and Camo Nylon Belt Sheath (Orange, 6 Blades)

Outdoor edge has provided a simple solution for the problem of having non-sharp knives. It is seen knives tend to lose their sharpness after repeated usage. And it is often quite difficult to give the knife back to the company for replacement and servicing. And in the meantime, their is no knives to be used. So outdoor edge has come up with this innovative idea for RAZOR blade replacement system in which the handle is the same, but the blades can be changed. When the knives are dull the razor is removed, and a new blade is attached. The old blade then is given for sharpening.


Great technology – 420J stainless steel blades with Japanese technology and rubberized Kraton handle.

Good blades – Each knife comes with six replacement blades.

Great lock system – Simple push lock to change the blade on the razor.


  • Sharp and easy to use.
  • Non slip easy grip handle for better and superior gripping.
  • Very convenient as a knife can be used even when a blade is given for sharpening.
  • Easy procedure to change the blade on the razor.


  • It does not have any such cons at all.

9. Gerber Swagger Knife Serrated 31-000594

Sale Gerber Swagger Knife, Serrated Edge, Drop Point [31-000594]

Decades of dedicated innovation has put Gerber so high on the list in the market of tools and especially pocket knives. Each and every knife has been designed keeping its unique activity in mind. These knives are very good for outdoor activities and have been used by soldiers, and huntsmen for a long time. Gerber swagger is a medium-sized pocket knife that can be used for the everyday purpose.


Good blade and material – Provided with partially serrated drop point blade. G 10 stainless steel handle.

Good locking system – Frame locking system that keeps the knife in the locked position when under use. Stylish looking matching blade and handle.


  • Sharp cutting edge for easy cutting and piercing
  • G10 handle makes it lightweight but sturdy and durable at the same time.
  • Easy to use and can be carried around easily by keeping inside pocket.
  • Frame locking system keeps it safe when it is in use and prevents closing while working.


  • Heavyweight and costly.

10. Columbia River Knife M16-14SFG Serrated

CRKT M16-10KS EDC Folding Pocket Knife: Everyday Carry, Black Serrated Edge Blade, Tanto, Frame Lock, Stainless Steel Handle, Reversible Pocket Clip

CRKT M16-14 SFG is a hefty utility version that is one of the best knives by COLUMBIA river. Columbia river knifes and tools offer superior tools for sports, work and professional activities. This knife is made keeping in mind latest technology and production system. It is very useful for military purposes, and people in special forces use this knife.


Good material– Modified dual grind tanto Stainless steel blade. The blade is provided with a black titanium nitride coating for making it maximum corrosion resistance.

Perfect handle and opening system – Dual hilt blade guard G10 handles and lined with stainless steel. Dual checkered thumb studs for the easy and swift opening of the knife with either hand.

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Perfect fit – The knife is provided with clips that allow four-position is carrying on belts or webbing.

Advanced technology included– Automated liner safety is provided which is the locking liner safety taken to a next level. It sets a pin between the locking liner and the frame. The pin acts as an additional layer of safety so that the locking liner is less likely to disengage during use.

Safety measure – A red buttoned safety lever is provided that needs to be pulled, and the lock liner needs to be slide back for closing the knife.


  • Sharp, serrated and corrosion resistant blade that can be used for a really long duration.
  • The firm, non-slip, lightweight handle for superior grip and easy carry.
  • Increased safety features with automated liner lock that keeps the knife closed properly unless in use.
  • Quick and smooth one-handed opening and closing.
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • It does not provide good gripping and not durable.

EDC Knife Buying Guide

From running everyday errands to any emergency situations, EDC knives are important for us. However, it may seem easy, but it is not easy to choose the best EDC knife for your purpose. Here we have listed out the essentials which will help you out in choosing the best EDC knife. Let us follow out.

Weight and size

Firstly, the weight and size of an EDC knife matter a lot. Without the perfect weight a size, it is not worth buying a folding knife. An EDC knife should fit your pocket and should be weighted only a few ounces. The weight should not be more than 150gm, and the length of the knife should not be more than 13cm. This is an ideal size. However, it can be varied according to your purpose and choice.

Edge type

Another important point to be considered while buying an EDC knife is the edge type, i.e. the blade style type. Mostly, the edge styles have three variations- one, full ground edge, second, full separation and thirdly, partial serration.

Opening mechanism

Depending on the frequency of your use, the opening mechanism style can be varied. It mostly depends on the knife creator. However, there exist many EDC knives with different opening mechanisms such as reliable, one-handed, right or left handed, assisted or manual opening system etc.

Locking mechanism

It’s not that you are always going to use an EDC knife. Thus, having a good locking mechanism is an important part of the best EDC knife. Liner lock, Lever lock, lock back etc. are some of the best locking mechanisms. The liner lock is easy to handle but locks back, and lever lock provides a great point to the safety.

Fixed blade vs folding knife

The main differences between fixed blade and folding knife are as follows-

1. The blades of the fixed knives are evidently fixed, and they cannot be moved your choice accordingly. The blades of fixed blades are stronger, and it provides you with a better grip.

While folding knives blades are folding and easily moveable. They can fit easily into your pocket, but they are not much stronger. Also, it does not provide a better grip as well.

2. Fixed blade knives are not safe to carry with your because it can damage things and sometimes it can injure persons too.

While folding knives are easy to carry and safe. The blade of these knives has their space. Thus, it cannot easily hurt anyone.

3. Fixed blade knives are extremely durable because they are just a solid piece of steel.

While folding knives are not as durable as the fixed knives.

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