10 Best Handheld Shower Head Reviews For Your Bathroom 2020

Handheld showers are portable showers which are attached to a hose; these are moveable and very handy to use. Hand held showers are favorable for elderly and for children with disabilities. If you love to take a shower after a long tiring day then a best handheld shower head could be really handy.

Handheld showers have hose, mount, handle and different settings for water flow. These work in low water pressure too. Hand held shower faucet is flexible because they are connected to a flexible hose pipe which can be used to reach the specific area. Handheld showers also come with a wall holder, which can be used if you want to have a wall shower.

There are soo many shower heads available in the market and online store. Every manufacturer offers different kind of shower. It is difficult to choose the best handheld shower head. There are many options to go with; different settings and combinations are available in the market.

What is a Showerhead?

The shower head is attached to the mounting bracket, which allows the user to spray water on different parts of the body. It is very hygienic and relaxing to use. Showers use less water for bath and most of the showers in our list passes the GPM standards. Showers were created to give the user the feel of a waterfall in their bathroom. The shower head can be used as both hand and head showers.


Best Handheld Shower Head Reviews

#1 Best Rated

Hydroluxe 1433 Handheld Showerhead & Rain Shower Combo. High Pressure 24 Function 4" Face Dual 2 in 1 Shower Head System with Stainless Steel Hose, Patented 3-way Water Diverter in All-Chrome Finish

1. Hydroluxe Full-Chrome

Hydroluxe comes with two shower heads which can be either used separately or together. It has 24 combinations; it has 5 different water settings. Both shower heads have this water settings – power rain, massage, stay warm mist, water saving economy rain and Pause. Hydroluxe Full-Chrome can be used in following ways – high- power Shower, eead and hand shower.

You can use the both shower heads at a time or just one, the choice is yours. Hydroluxe comes with 3 zone click lever dials; it has an oversized 4-inch chrome head which gives a good water flow. It has Rub clean jets, patented 3-way water diverter, an angle adjustable overhead bracket and anti swivel lock nut.

The 5 feet stainless steel water hose is for your luxury and complete relaxation. Conical brass hose nuts can easily be tightened with hands. It can be easily installed without any tools. Whereas it comes with 10 years manufacture warranty.


  • It has ten years of warranty which makes its reliable and a long term investment.
  • Multi-functional with 24 combinations and 5 settings.
  • The long hose and big shower head give a luxurious bath.


  • Doesn’t pass the Water Sense standards.

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#2 Best Rated

Culligan HSH-C135 Hand-Held Filtered Massage Showerhead, 10,000 Gallon, Chrome

2. Culligan HSH-C135 Hand-Held Filtered Showerhead

This shower meets the EPA Water Sense Certifications of maximum 2 gallons of water flow in a minute or less. Whenever we think of filtered water Culligan is the best, they have brought the limited filtered water to baths.

The HSH-C135 cartridge purifies the chlorine in the water, sulfur odor and scale from the water. The purified water gives you a softer, cleaner skin and hair. The cartridges should be replaced with the WHR-140 filter which comes with the shower head. The HSH-C135 cartridge purifies up to 10,000 gallons of water or six months if used properly.

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The shower has 5 different spray settings and has anti-clog rubber spray nozzle. The shower head comes with comes with 5 feet water hose which keeps the shower head moveable. It also has a patented bacteriostatic filter which limits the bacteria and gives you a clean and refreshing experience. The shower head is easily installed on a ½ inch shower arm; no tools are required to install it.

The shower head has 2-year warranty. The chrome finish of the shower looks elegant. The shower head works well in the temperature of 40- 120 degree F. The system is tested and verified by NSF International against ANSI Standard 177.


  • It provides purified water for the bath.
  • The bacteriostatic filter gives bacteria free bath.
  • The environment friendly water combination saves water.


  • The frequent change of filters makes it expensive.
  • The product has a limited time warranty.

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#3 Best Rated

Hotel Spa 42-Setting Ultra-Luxury 3-Way Combo with ON/Off Pause Switch/Brushed Nickel

3. HotelSpa 42-Setting Ultra-Luxury 3 Way Shower-Head

This showerhead comes with head and hand showers, both can be used together or separately. The showerhead has 42 different combinations and 9 settings for hand shower, 8 settings for the head shower with 4’ nickel brushed heads.

The shower has Rain, Massage, Mist and Economy rain, Pause with 4 different shower combinations. High power 3 zones precision click lever dial with Rubber clean Jets. It has the patented Anti-Swivel Lock nut and Angle Adjustable Overhead Bracket and has a pause switch in the handle. It comes with a super flexible 5 feet long stainless steel hose nuts for easy hand tightening; the long hose gives a better bathing experience.

It is easily installed and no tools are needed. The nickel finished heads looks classy and elegant. The manufacturer provides a lifetime warranty on the shower head which voids if purchased from an unauthorized dealer.


  • The product has 42 different settings and combinations.
  • Long hose is multi purpose.
  • The nickel finish makes the showerhead durable.
  • The product has a lifetime warranty.


  • It is not mentioned that the product passes the Water Sense standards.

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#4 Best Rated

ShowerMaxx, Luxury Spa Series, 6 Spray Settings 4.5 inch Hand Held Shower Head, Extra Long Stainless Steel Hose, MAXX-imize Your Shower with Showerhead in Brushed Nickel Finish

4. ShowerMaxx Shower Head Premium 6 Spray Settings

The name of this shower head says many things. The showerhead comes with multiple modes and adjustable settings – rainfall, circular massage, power massage, rainfall and circular massage, rainfall, and power massage, and has a setting for the Enviorment conscious people a Water Saver Trickle Mode.

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The shower has an adjustable ball joint that allows easy and flexible arrangement that helps you to adjust at the perfect bath area. The showerhead gives superior water pressure of 2.5 GPM; the silicon nozzles are self-cleaning. The stretchable hose is 4.92 to 6.56 ft is very convenient and suitable for children and pets.


  • The extra long hose is useful for bathing pets and children.
  • The product is multi-functional.
  • The silicon nozzle is self-cleaning, so no tension of blockage.


  • The Preview (opens in a new window)product has a limited time Warranty.

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#5 Best Rated

HO2ME High Pressure Handheld Shower Head with Powerful Shower Spray against Low Pressure Water Supply Pipeline, Multi-functions, w/ 79 inch Hose, Bracket, Flow Regulator, Chrome Finish

5. YOO.MEE High-Pressure Multi-functions Handheld Shower Head

This showerhead has a patented design which is compatible with low-pressure water pipes too. It comes with 3 water settings Pulse Massage, Powerful Shooting & Mixed. The high strength water pause reliefs the muscle pain. No tools are needed to install it.


  • This shower is best for low-pressure water supply.
  • Good for people with back pain or regular muscle stress.


  • A limited time warranty.
  • The product has only 3 settings.
  • Expensive because in same price a different shower head with more features can be purchased.

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#6 Best Rated

Vida Alegría H5+ Handheld Shower Head; with Steel Hose, Holder, 5 Sprays; 2.5 gpm (Chrome)

6. Vida Alegria H5 + 2.5 GPM Handheld Shower Head

This showerhead has 5 different spray modes – drenching rain, rentle Rinse, full rotating massage, two mix modes, drizzle mode which saves water and suitable for boats and RV. It has a long 5 to 7 feet stretchable hose. This also works in low water pressure; the ABS face of the shower stays clean and repels hard water. The silicon jets are easily declogged. It can be easily installed without any handy tools. The showerhead has 3 years warranty.


  • This product is suitable for boats and RV because it uses less water.
  • Stretchable hose gives a better bathing experience, helps to clean the bath area too.
  • The massaging feature of the shower is useful for massaging sore muscles.


  • A limited 3-year warranty of the product.

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#7 Best Rated

AquaCare By Hotel Spa 7-Setting Filtered Handheld Shower Head with Patented ON/OFF Pause Switch and 3-Stage Shower Filter Cartridge Inside 4 Inch

7. AquaCare by HotelSpa 7

AquaCare is a filtered handheld shower head with Patented ON/OFF Pause Switch and 3 Stage Shower Filter Cartridges Inside. It is latest in shower head style; provides a luxurious shower with water filtration. It has the patent Pause switch and 7 different High Power Settings like Power Rain, Massage, Soft Aeration, Rain/Massage and the water saving Economy Rain. 4” Oversized Chrome Face, 3 zone precision SpiralFlo Click Lever Dial and rubber clean jets.

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It also has 3 Stages of KDF/ Active Carbon Shower Filter which remove chlorine, heavy metals, and pesticides which inhibit the growth of algae, mildew, and mold. The cartridges should be changed every 6-9 months. The tool free installation is best and installs in few minutes. The showerhead comes with lifetime warranty. Angle adjustable overhead bracket makes it flexible; 5 ft hose give a better bath experience. The patented ON/OFF Pause switch helps to save water.


  • The purified water gives you an experience of bacteria free bath and smoother and cleaner skin, hair.
  • Lifetime Warranty of the shower makes it a long time investment.
  • This shower head passes the Water Sense standards.


  • It shower head has a limited warranty time.

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#8 Best Rated

Delta 75588RB In2ition 2.5 GPM Dual Hand Held Rain Shower Heads 2-In-1 Combo With Holder and 72 Inch Hose, Venetian Bronze Finish

8. Delta 75588RB

The 3-way diverter makes this shower  head easy to use in both rain and hand showers. The 2.5 GPM flow rate comes with 5 different settings – full body, fast massage, full sray with massage, massaging, and slow Massage. The soft rubber sprays holes are easy to clean. It has 72” inches long hose pipe makes it easy for children, bathing your pets, rinsing your hair and even cleaning your bath area. It can be installed easily without any help of tools.


  • The Pause switch is useful for lathering and shaving legs.
  • The hose pipe is multipurpose.
  • This shower head passes the Water Sense standard.


  • It is a little expensive when compared with other showers.
  • The warranty is for limited time period.

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#9 Best Rated

High Sierra's Solid Metal Handheld Shower Head Kit with Slip-Free Grip. Includes Handheld Shower Head, Trickle Valve, Hose with Silicone Inner Tube, and Holder. Low Flow 1.5 GPM. Brushed Nickel

9. High Sierra’s Solid Metal Low Flow Handheld Shower Head Kit

This USA based shower head is great for low flow or low-pressure water supply. The patented nozzle is specially made for low-pressure water; minerals will not clog it. The grips are textured for your hand where other shower heads are slippery due to metal finish. The 72” inch long hose is convenient to reach specific bath areas and for cleaning the bath area. It has 2 years warranty for re placement of damaged parts.


  • This shower head has a grip which will be very useful for people with any disability.
  • The shower head is best if you have the low-pressure water supply.
  • High Sierra’s shower head passes the Water Sense standards so zero wastage of water.
  • The long hose is useful for multipurpose.


  • The limited warranty of 2 years on specific parts is a setback for the product.
  • The shower head has only one spray setting. Usually, it has to be combined with a different trickle shower head.

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#10 Best Rated

Moen Eco-Performance Oil-Rubbed Bronze 4-Spray Pattern Handheld Showerhead with 69-Inch-Long Hose with 30-Inch Slide Bar, 3669EPORB

10. Moen Handheld Showerhead

A relaxing 4 spray mode Full Spray, Vigorous Spray, Combination Spray and Targeted Massage with 2 GPM gives the best performance with efficiency. The shower head is covered under lifetime warranty and the premiums finishing of the product keeps it safe from oxidation and deteriorate from daily use.

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The faucet balances the water pressure and the producer sets standard of exceptional beauty and innovative design. The metal shower hose brings the relaxing hot water bath comfort to your hand and all the targeted areas. The shower head passes the WaterSense standards and gives the ultimate bath experience.


  • Moen shower head has 4 different settings.
  • This showe rhead passes the Water Sense standard.
  • The long hose provided can be used for bathing pets, children and to clean the bath area.
  • This shower head is very useful for hot water baths.


  • The shower head is little expensive.

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Few reasons to buy a Handheld Shower Head

Research shows that an average person takes 28,000 liters of water in a lifetime. That’s a lot of water, the head showers we use sprays the water in one direction only; which doesn’t give the best bathing experience! Many manufacturer offer shower heads which save water this shower include special aerators which add air to your bath water and give you a high-pressure flow.

The shower head which has 2 GPM helps you to save 2300 gallons of water in a year. Handheld showers focus the area you want to wash or massage with the water spray setting. These shower head are enviorment conscious and saves water from any wastage.

The hand held shower comes with a long, flexible and stretchable hose pipe which helps you to clean the mildew and the soap scum from the walls of your bath. Instead of sending your pets to a groomer you can bath them with the help of the long hose pipe. Some kids are fussy about baths with wall mount shower, parents can easily help their kids with baths and this will not let the soap water go in the eyes.

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The hand held shower offer more flexibility and comfort from traditional baths. The feature of the hand held shower gives you the experience of a spa at home. There are many combinations and settings of massage that helps the sore muscle. This is recommended for people with back pain and sports person. If you enjoy taking long baths, you should go for this shower head. The shower head is very useful for elderly and disabled because most shower head provides a hose of 3-6 feet which is useful for those who use a shower seat, suffering from arthritis or any other physical disability.

Advantages of Handheld Shower Heads

Easy installation: if you don’t want to waste money of the handyman and his extra charges. Shower heads can be easily installed and there are no tools needed to install it. A simple nut can be installed by your hands.

Luxurious: The shower head with the luxurious of spa and costly hotels in your bath. Many features like massage and trickle give you the best bath experience. There are different combinations and settings in one shower head, which gives you the experience.

Head and hand: if you are confused in choosing the shower type, the shower head works as both head and hand shower.

Low pressure: low-pressure water is a nightmare; the shower head works on low-pressure water too.

Zero wastage: mostly all the shower head has passed the test of Water Sense and there is zero wastage of water. The GPM level of different shower head shows you the amount of water they use.

Cleaning: cleaning the shower head is very easy you can just wipe off the dirt collected on the nozzle. There are few self-cleaning nozzles available in the market too.

Spa: the hand held showers gives you the experience of a spa, its different settings like massage, hot bath, rain. Makes your bath a spa.

Cheaper: the shower head is available at a very cheap price.

Elderly and disability: the shower head is very useful for people with disabilities they can sit on their bath seat and enjoy the bath. Many diseases like arthritis and Parkinson’s give a hard time to the person, they can easily bath with the help of the long hose.

Buying guide for Handheld Showers

When you are purchasing a handheld shower head, the different choices and companies make it difficult to choose a suitable shower head. Here are some points; you can consider those while buying a Hand-Held Shower head.

  1. Installation – Check the shower head installation process correctly. Most shower heads can be installed manually without any help of tools. The nuts can be easily attached with the help of hands.
  2. Mounting: – What kind of shower do you want? The showers which are attached, hand shower or both.
  3. Functions: – Check the functions of the shower carefully; there are different functions like combinations, a variety of sprays. The temperature of hot and cold waters that is easily compatible with the shower.
  4. Flexible Hose pipe: – If you are going for a hand held shower check the length and material of the hose pipe.
  5. Warranty: – Check the warranty of the shower head; the terms and conditions of the warranty and manufacturer. Some products have a certain warranty on the product damage.
  6. Use: – Buy the product only if its functions are useful for you and family.
  7. Don’t go for the price: many shower head is expensive, but it doesn’t mean that what is expensive will be good.

If you are still confused about the shower head, buy a handheld shower. The hand held showers are flexible and you can target a specific area with the help of it. The massager spray will help the sore muscle to relax. Hand held showers are the best and can be used as both hand and head shower.

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