Best Herb Grinder Reviews and Buying Guide 2023

Buying a good herb grinder is a tedious task in today’s market. There is an extensive collection of herb grinders to make a decision. They come in different sizes, shapes, compartment and materials. To assist you to make a wise buying decision, we have decided to make a guide and a list of best herb grinders in the market.

Listed below are bestselling Best Herb Grinders which satisfy both affordability and quality.

What is herb grinder?

There are a variety of grinders in the market, one for every occasion. Herb grinders are an uncomplicated tool that is reasonably easy to use. They are often cylindrical in shape and manages to grind herb/weed. Herb grinders come in various sizes and different materials. A cheap herb grinder may cost you less than $10, but a quality herb grinder will cost you somewhere $30-$100. A good grinder will have several benefits over a cheap grinder.

You must be wondering why you should waste money on something that you can do it on your own. Well, there are numerous reasons for that, herb grinder makes the task a lot easy and quick. The herbs are finely and uniformly grind for better consumption. They look good, smell good and taste good.

Types of herb grinder

As we said earlier, there are a plethora of different types of herb grinders to make a decision. They are usually classified as 2-piece and four piece grinder. We always recommend buying a 4-piece grinder because of various advantages it has over two piece grinder. Notably, you can also use some four piece grinder as 2-piece by removing their compartments. Therefore, we recommend 4-piece grinders. Apart from the compartment, they are also classified based on their material. They are as follow –

Metal – Most high-end herb grinders are made from aluminum or some other metal of the same type. They are expensive and lot more durable than any other herb grinders. They have far better-grinding teeth’s than other material grinders. Some of them usually come with a life time warranty.

Wood – Wood is likewise a good material to pick. Though they are less enduring than metal, yet they have a long lifespan. The wood grinders are cheaper than metal but costlier than plastic grinders. If you cannot afford metal herb grinder than wood can also be a good choice.

Plastic – Herb grinders made of plastic are the cheapest. You can get that sort of grinder under $20. We don’t recommend plastic grinder because not only they breaks very regularly, but they also can be harmful to your health. Sometimes little pieces of plastic get mixed while grinding herb and may cause damage to herb and your health.

Best Herb grinders

1. 4 Piece Aluminum Herb Grinder with Removable Screen


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This is the best herb grinder you can get your hands on.  It is build with solid peace of aerospace aluminum and it is build to last, last for a lifetime. It comes with 10 years of warranty, so even if something gets wrong the manufacturer has got you covered.

This Aluminum has a removable mesh screen, so gone are the days when you had to replace your grinder just because of your mesh screen, just replace the mesh screen and your herb grinder is as good as new. Removable mesh screen is also a game changer in cleaning of an herb grinder.

As the name suggest it is 4 piece grinder but it can also be used as 2 piece grinder by removing the herb catching compartment, and thereafter its 3 component can be used as 2 piece grinder. Its overall built quality along with its amazing innovation and flexibility makes it best herb or weed grinder in the market.

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2. Space Case Grinder

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Space case is few of the first players of this game. They are making weed grinders for more than a decade. Their quality and craftsmanship are top notch, and they certainly know how to make quality herb grinders.

This is a four piece grinder manufactured with aircraft grade aluminum similar to any top herb grinder. As declared by the manufacturer, its grinding teeth never gets dull, and the screen does not clog. Space case grinder also features fine grinding teeth and a grinding movement for smooth scraping of toughest of herbs.

Its neodymium magnet holds your grinder together. It has a dimension of 3 1/2” in diameter and 2 1/2” in height. Overall, it is admired by almost everyone who purchased it, and we could certainly recommend this marvelous piece of craft.

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3. Herb Marijuana Grinder with Pollen Catcher

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This is a rare five piece grinder in our list by 9to5 Grinders. It is available in 5 different colors – copper, gold, gunmetal, matte black and matte silver. For smooth and effortless crushing it is equipped with 30 criss-cross teeth.

An exciting feature of this herb grinder is the fact that it is multifunctional and can be transformed into a smaller size blender if you find it too big for your liking by removing its central chamber. Out of the box, it also includes a travel bag.

Herb Marijuana Grinder is also made from airplane grade aluminum for lifetime durability. A magnetic lid keeps it air tight close thus maintaining its freshness and controlling its odor.

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4. Phoenician Herbal Grinder

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Phoenician Herbal Grinder is a high-end grinder with a hefty price tag. However, one thing that is assured with this grinder is great value for money. It is available in a variety of colors. In fact, it is available in 10 different colors from red, blue, pink to green, yellow and a multicolor one.

Concerning design, we were happy to find a different model in a world of similar looking grinders. It has an unusual type of teeth that use blade for uniform grinding. It also has a modified locking system, while most grinders have fasteners it has a simple twist lock and magnetized lid at the top.

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5. Cali Crusher Home grown 4 Piece Pocket Grinder

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It is a four piece grinder from Cali Crusher. They are well know herb grinder creators and been cherished by most of the customers. This grinder has a rating of 4/5 stars on, and more than 70% of the shoppers has rated it 5/5 stars. Their excellent rating explains the quality and satisfaction of the customers for this grinder

There are three models available for this product – 2 piece, pocket and a standard version. The one which we recommend is four piece grinder. It is made and designed in the USA. For maximum shredding, it features patented dual action radial cut teeth. You can also use this as a three piece grinder by shifting the screen. Overall, it has every feature required to be called one of the best herb grinder.

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6. Medium Santa Cruz Shredder

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This is medical grade herb grinder by Santa Cruz Shredder. It comes in a mixture of sizes and color. The one that we liked the most has Diameter of 2 1/8 inches, and the same is height. There are ten colors available.

Santa Cruz Shredder is four piece herb grinder made with anodized aluminum, and it is scratch resistance. Anodizing assists in preventing corrosion and failing of thread parts. Medium Santa Cruz Shredder also has magnetic lid tight grip for a smooth and air-tight seal.  It has a patent Deep knurled grip which makes it easier to twist and grind. Lastly, it includes Cali Crusher press in your purchase.

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7. Sharpstone Herb Grinder Extra Large 4 Piece

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As the name suggest, it is also a four piece herb grinder. It utilizes heavy duty aircraft grade billet aluminum for greater strength and longevity. It is available in blue color, and it includes a cali crusher press, scraper and cloth pouch with the purchase of this product. Sharpstone Herb Grinder is 3 inches wide and features sharp razor blade for precise grinding.

One of the main reasons to admire this herb grinder is the fact that it saves a lot of Keef. Other than this it is also very easy to clean, and it has a neodymium magnetic closure.  Even the most densely herbs are grinded efficiently with this herb grinder.

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8. Sharp Shredda Herb Grinder with Pollen Catcher

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Sharp Shredda is another great addition to the best herb grinders list. It has a very charming and stylish design. The grinder looks premium from every angle, and it comes in black color. Even the box looks elegant. Sharp Shredda Herb Grinder  is manufactured with anodized aluminum; it has a stable and reliable build made to last for extended period of time even after regular use.

It has a razor sharp blade formed of metal and comprises high-quality pollen filter to get the maximum out of your product. Another thing to notice is, it has greater capacity than other herb grinders of similar size.

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9. Black Tie Grinder -Next Level- 2.5 Inch

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This grinder is an excellent illustration of price and quality. The thing we admired greatly was attentiveness to every detail. It is one of those grinders that would make you feel rich because of its premium and stylish design. There are 50 diamond shape grinding teeth for smooth and even grinding.

It is little big in size. Therefore its second compartment has a lot of storage area for your herb. The other most loved thing about this grinder is it keef catcher, which only let cream of the crop keef pass. You can guess the happiness of the customers from the fact that it has received over 99% positive response on, only 1% users have given less than three stars to this product.

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10. Titanium Herb Grinder 4 piece (2.5 Inches) with Pollen Catcher

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The last product to feature in our list is Titanium herb grinder. It is also one of the most affordable grinders in our list of best herb grinders. It has 23 sharp teeth for grinding. As the name suggests it is a 4 piece grinder with bottom piece as a pollen catcher. In fact, almost every grinder feature on our list is a 4 piece grinder.

This is made from aerospace aluminum with titanium finish. It stands 2 inches tall and 2.5 inches in diameter, it is quiet compact in size.

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How to choose herb grinder

Material – We previously told you different types of material you can choose. We have only highlighted the best and most durable materials on our list. Our first choice always goes to aerospace grade aluminum because of its durability and lightweight. Wood will be our second choice, but we just don’t prefer plastic grinders because of their non-reliability.

Compartments – There are 2-piece herb grinder, 3-piece, 4-piece and 5-piece herb grinders to make your decision. As stated earlier, we like 4 or 5-piece herb grinder. However, if you require a pocket-friendly and small grinder than choosing a 2-piece grinder may not be a bad idea.

Grinding – This is the most important factor while judging the best herb grinder. The material of grinding teeth, No. of grinding teeth and shape of grinding teeth are the important factors while determining the grinding capacity of a grinder.

Warranty – This is also a critical aspect of buying a herb grinder. As stated earlier, one can even purchase a grinder under $20. If you are spending reasonable bucks for a good grinder than make sure you buy one that has some warranty with the grinder. A manufacturer will never shy away from warranty if he is confident about his product.

Seal – the last thing to look at before buying a grinder is how it seals its compartments. We usually prefer a magnetic closer, but even other options are fine as long as they have a good seal.

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