10 Best Infant Life Jackets for Ultimate Safety

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Best Infant Life Jacket: Water makes kids crazy. Whenever you toddler sees a pool of blue water, they have to jump into it. But most of the times parent cannot let them go and have fun because they do not have the right life jacket for their infants. And even if your toddler is wearing a life jacket, the parents will always worry dead whether it is the right and the best infant life jackets for their infants.

Listed below are bestselling Best Infant Life Jacket which satisfy both affordability and quality.

Well, there is no point to worry about it, let us have some knowledge here. It is best to carry your own infant life jacket if he is going to some water park, isn’t it? Here we have enlisted the top 10 best infant life jacket that will surely keep your toddler from all the drastic water dangers everywhere. Let us have a look.

1. Stohlquist toddler life jacket

The first of our choices is the Stohlquist toddler life jacket. It is one of the best life jackets that your infant can ever have. If your infant ranges from 8 pounds to 30 pounds, this life jacket would fit them perfectly. Grab handle, quick release buckle and over-entry zipper — these three features make this life jacket safer and cooler than other jackets. Also, it provides a comfortable fit to your toddler and comes with an adjustable crotch harness.

Stohlquist Waterware Toddler Life Jacket Coast Guard Approved Life Vest for Infants,Aqua/Pink,8-30 lbs
  • Soft 200 denier oxford shell and liner and fits infants size 8-30 lbs.
  • US Coast Guard Approved Type II PFD with sea level buoyancy of 7 lbs. 6oz. Type II PFDs will turn only some children to a “face-up†position.
  • PVC-free, built with Gaia foam


  • It’s available in bright yellow.
  • It has dual neck support to keep your child’s face out of the water.
  • It has both a buckle and strap for a snug fit.
  • The grab strap is strong and easy to get to.


  • It’s expensive.
  • The zipper can rub on baby’s neck or face.

2. O’Neil Wake Waterski life jacket

Another great choice of life jacket is the O’Neil Wake Waterski life jacket. This soft and comfortable life jacket is the perfect choice for any toddlers up to 30 pounds weight. It has an easy zipper fastening system. Also, it has a strap and crotch strap system of fastening as well. Other great safety features of this life jacket are that it has a handle and your toddler will float with face up.

O'NEILL Superlite USCG Nylon Infant Life Vest Yellow/Pacific/Coal
  • US Coast Guard Approved Type II PFD for babies up to 30 lbs body weight
  • Comfortable nylon shell over closed cell PVC marine foam shaped to float baby face-up
  • Adjustable safety belts with durable Delrin quick-release buckles and handy grab loop on the head cushion
  • Soft and comfortable. Adjustable safety belt between the legs keeps vest secure.
  • Durable exterior, nylon panels with PVC backing. Improved ease of entry and Ultraviolet protection.

3. Stearns Child Classic life jacket

This light red coloured life jacket is one of the best life jackets for big toddlers. Apart from life jacket, this jacket vest has other multiple activities as well. Not only that but this life jacket has three buckles over the body and one for the crotch. Not to mention that this life jacket is soft and made of durable material.

Stearns 3000004470 PFD 3004 Chd Poly Boating Red
  • US Coast Guard-approved child life vest
  • Great for boating, tubing, and swimming
  • Durable nylon shell with PE flotation foam
  • 3 adjustable buckles with a leg strap for a secure fit
  • Designed for children weighing 30 to 50 pounds

4. O’Neil Infant superlight

Made up of polyester shell, this O’Neil life jacket is the best to hold babies up to 30 pounds of weight. It is soft and comfortable. Also, it comes with two buckles for the body and one for the legs. And the unique feature of this life jacket is that it has a big head support which is great for infants.

O'Neill Infant Superlite USCG Life Vest, Pacific/Yellow/Black/Yellow, 0-30 lbs
  • Lightweight Polyethylene Foam
  • Coated Polyester Shell
  • Soft and Comfortable
  • Quick-Release Delrin Buckles


  • Brightly colored for easy recovery.
  • Crotch strap prevents slipping overhead.
  • Designed to facilitate face-up flotation.
  • It’s a high-quality design.


  • Not Type I (recommended for offshore boating).
  • Suitable for up to 30 pounds only; you’ll need to upsize when toddler grows.
  • This option is expensive.

5. Mustang Survival life jacket

Perfectly secured by a zip and a strap, this life jacket is the best for safety as it comes in fluorescent colours. The padding system of this life jacket makes this vest quite comfortable for the toddlers. Also, if you toddler feels suffocated in this life jacket, it has a cooling system or channel inside as well. The perfect head support of this life jacket surely stands out of the crowd.

Mustang Survival Corp Lil' Legends 100 Youth Life Vest, Gray/Fluorescent Yellow Green
  • Fits youth weighing between 50-90 lbs. (23-41 kg)
  • Best-in-class safety performance
  • Cooling-channeled interior back panel
  • Ventilated mesh back
  • Heavy duty grab strap

6. Full Throttle Infant baby vest

This infant vest is the perfect toddler life jacket that will give your baby a perfect safe water sporting. Along with zipper, this vest comes with buckles as well for extra support. The large collar of this vest works great for the head support, and it has a grab strap at the top as well. This vest surely has an odd shape, but it works perfectly for infants with a weight lower than 30 pounds.

Full Throttle Infant Baby-Safe Life Jacket, Orange
  • Oversized collar for improved head support
  • Convenient buckle opening at collar makes it easy to put on
  • Elasticized fabric leg strap for added comfort
  • Convenient grab strap for easy recovery
  • Fits infants less than 30 lbs.

7. Salus baby Vest

A perfect baby life jacket for toddler weighing less than 25 pounds, this life jacket has an odd shape. However, it is made of durable material which makes it super comfortable for your toddler. The harnessing system of this life jacket is one of the best and the head support will ensure that your baby’s head will always in the middle. Not only that but it also gives your toddler enough to space to move freely in the water. It is comfortable and very soft as well.

Salus Bijoux Baby Vest - Lime
  • Winner of the Canadian Safe Boating Award (CASB) for Best New Safety Product
  • Designed for babies 9 to 25 pounds (chest size 12 to 18 inches around). Adjustable mesh and webbing harness system for security, venting, and comfort
  • Three piece collar design with additional flotation on sides to cradle baby's head in center of collar for security and comfort
  • Dry-Lex Aerospacer liner for breathability, temperature control, drainage, and baby's comfort. Mesh back allows the baby to lie comfortably on a blanket or in a baby carrier.
  • Note: This vest is not USCG or Transport Canada approved since there is currently no testing standard to certify PFDs for children under 9 kilograms (20 pounds).


  • Mesh and webbing harness keeps your baby cool on the hottest days.
  • Additional flotation near the head is extra comfy.


  • It may take parents some getting used to when it comes to getting the mesh harness on correctly.

8. Airhead infant nylon life jacket

This vibrant coloured life jacket for infants is one of the best choices of all. The buckles provide a perfect safety alarm for the kids. It has three buckles for the body and one for supporting the legs. The large foam collar gives a comfortable support to the baby’s head as well. Not to mention the handle of this life jacket enhances its safety measure by another degree. Also, it is made of durable quality which is machine washable.

Airhead Infant's General Purpose Life Vest
  • Fits Infants less than 30 Pounds
  • Features easily adjustable belts and leg strap
  • Made of durable polyester
  • Has a foam collar for additional head and neck support
  • Infant vest includes a grab strap for additional safety


  • It has adjustable straps to tailor the fit.
  • It’s brightly colored so you’ll have no trouble spotting your child.
  • It has a grab strap for a quick rescue.


  • Will not fit very tiny babies.
  • It’s bulky, which means your kid may hate wearing it.
9. Stearns Infant life jacket

Another Stearns product on the list! With the perfect technology of buoyancy, this life jacket provides the perfect safety to your infants. The unique design and the comfortable fit of this life jacket surely stand out of the crowd. Also, the high quality durable material of this life jacket surely demands attention. The three buckles of this life jacket provide support to the body and the one buckle provides support for the toddler’s legs. And how can you forget the yellow grab handle for emergency purposes?

Stearns (2000013890) Infant Hydro PFD, Gold
  • Made using the highest quality materials
  • Tested for durability
  • Made in the USA


  • This is brightly colored.
  • It’s far less bulky than other models.
  • It has a sturdy grab strap.
  • It will flip your baby onto their back.


  • The neck hole is a little small.
  • Not expandable (zipper enclosure vs. adjustable buckles).

10. MW Infant life jacket

The new blue coloured MW infant life jacket is surely deserves a heads up. It is not only a big float, but this life jacket also provides a big support for your toddler’s head as well. Along with large grab handles, this life jacket has been designated to fit infants up to weight of 30 pounds.

Also, it comes with many straps and zippers to keep your infant perfect safe and secure. It is made of durable material which is perfectly machine-washable as well. Although it has a design of traditional life jacket, it surely provides a great amount of safety measure for which life jackets are intended to.

Thus, you can choose any one of the life mentioned above jackets for your toddler this summer and let her swim like a free bird. Have fun and happy shopping!

MW Infant Heads Up Life Jacket Vest PFD - Yellow/Blue
  • Designed to fit all Infants 0-30lbs
  • 2 - 1" Belts w/ Crotch Strap &
  • Heads-Up design - Keep face out of water
  • USCG(U.S. Coast Guard) Approved
  • Color: Yellow/Blue
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