Best Panini Press Reviews and Buying Guide 2022

A Panini Press is a grill or a press that helps to make sandwiches, grilling meat and vegetables. It can be used for many specialty dishes too. Panini presses are used to grill food for a desired taste or texture. Mainly an electrical unit with movable upper lid and hot plate are used to press food like a sandwich, kebabs to the base plate for a crisp finish, grill marks. There are many Panini press found in the market with different features like food safety, shockproof, grill strips, and nonstick. You can choose from any of these or choose a press that has all the above features.

What is a Panini Press?

A Panini Press is an outstanding kitchen tool that is used to get those yummy mouth watering grills of sandwich and different food items. These machines are versatile; they can be used for different food products too. In a Panini Press, there are two plates, the bottom plate stays still while you can move the top plate and adjust it according to your need. Usually the top plate is heavy and you can press down your sandwich or kebab or vegetables for a nice charred look and flavor. There are different settings available you can change temperature and other different settings.

Usually, Panini press does not have grills, or grooved lines, the plates of Panini press are smooth. Mainly when we talk about Panini press, we think that it has grills too, but Panini press doesn’t have any grill marks. Panini press doesn’t need any extra source of energy, the heat or electricity they get from the source is sufficient for the cooking. Panini grills and Panini press is a term used for mainly one product, but they work differently. You can choose a manual press or automatic press with handles there are different models available. The heat source can be electric or with coals, these two options are available for heat or energy source.

Top 10 Panini press reviews of 2022

#1 Best Rated

Cuisinart GR-4NP1 5-in-1 Griddler Stainless, Gridder, Brushed Stainless Steel

 Cuisinart GR-4N 5-in-1 Griddler, Silver

This is a multifunctional unit; it can be used as a grill, griddle, and Panini press. You get 5 cooking options in this unit, which are grill, contact grill, griddle, full grill and Panini press. Cuisinart GR-4N can also be used as half griddle and half grill. You can easily adjust the handle and the top plate (hinge) for food with different thickness. The base and cover is made from stainless steel. In this unit you will get a hinged, floating cover and one set of removable and reversible plates.

The plates have an integrated drip tray that protects juices and oil from dripping down from the unit. GR4N has a temperature control knob with indicator lights, three different knobs lets you choose between griddle, grill and Panini press. The red green light lets you know when your griddle has the required heating temperature. The griddle comes with a food scrapper and it is easy to use. This product has its warranty only for its consumers for 3 years only. You will also get an instruction and recipe book with this unit.


  • Multifunctional – the griddle can be used in 5 different cooking styles.
  • Easy to use – the unit is easy to use as it has all the instructions elaborated and an instruction manual for the griddle.
  • Cleaning – the cleaning of this unit is very easy as it dishwasher friendly.


  • Long term investment – A griddle is not a thing a person purchase frequently; this unit has a warranty of 3 years.

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#2 Best Rated

Hamilton Beach Electric Panini Press Grill with Locking Lid, Opens 180 Degrees for any Sandwich Thickness (25460A) Nonstick 8" X 10" Grids Chrome Finish, Medium

 Hamilton Beach 25460A Panini Press Gourmet Sandwich Maker

This product has a moving hinge that allows you to make sandwich of any shape and size. The two lights indicate about power and temperature. This has nonstick grids of 10”x 8” size that makes a good grid marks on your sandwich. The storage can be made upright and it doesn’t take too much space to be stored.

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Not only sandwiches, you can make many different things like quesadillas, burgers and pizza with this unit. This press is nonstick and made of stainless steel, the body is not much heavy which makes it portable and easy to use. So don’t waste your time make your own restaurant quality sandwiches and burgers with this unit. This unit has a warranty of 1 year for its consumers, which is valid only with purchase of registered retailer.


  • Floating griddle – this quality makes it very useful for making different shape and size sandwiches.


  • Cleaning – this material doesn’t has any cleaning instructions, that can be little difficult to maintain this unit.
  • Nonstick – the nonstick deteriorate very fast.

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#3 Best Rated

Cuisinart GR-1 Griddler Panini and Sandwich Press

Cuisinart GR-1 Griddler Panini and Sandwich Press

This griddler can be used as a grill for vegetables, and all type of food item. This Griddler is designed with unique and handle and hinges that allows to cover nearly every thickness in this press. Floating hinges allows even toasting and heating of the food. This unit needs a light pressure to heat the sandwich to your liking.

You should know that when making two or more Panini in this press all the sandwiches should be of same size. The unit is made of stainless steel and nonstick removable plates of 11” x 7”. You get two indicators in this unit, for grilling the preheat temperature is best.  You will also get an instruction manual and recipe book along with a cleaning tool with this unit. This weights more than 7 pounds and carries a warranty of 3 years.


  • Moving hinge – the top lid is easily adjustable, so this unit can be useful for making different sized sandwiches.


  • Vegetable grilling – this unit is not for vegetable grilling, it will make a mess and you will not get good results.
  • Drip tray – this unit doesn’t have any drip tray, which makes it hard to use with oil and food item that leave juices behind.
  • Cleaning – this unit is not dishwasher safe; cleaning of this product can be difficult.

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#4 Best Rated

Breville BREBGR200XL Panini Grill, Silver

Breville BGR200XL Variable Temperature Panini Grill

This unit has non removable non stick grill trays; it also has 7 different height settings. The body is made of stainless steel and wattage is 1500, it weights 13 lbs. The unit has two light indicators which indicate power and ready button. The power knob also has different heat options to choose from. This unit has the producer warranty.


  • Adjustable- this unit has 7 different height adjusting options.


  • Cleaning – cleaning this unit is very difficult because of the non removable grill plates.

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#5 Best Rated

IMUSA USA GAU-80102 Large Electric Panini Press 1400-Watts, Silver

IMUSA USA GAU-80102 Large Electric Panini Press

Make restaurant quality Panini sandwiches as well as grilled items like sandwiches, vegetables, pork chops. It has a preset temperature ensure that every sandwich and burger you make is golden brown. This product has a non stick surface for easy cleaning. It has floating hinges which sets to different sizes easily.

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Two indicators that show power and heat indicators, this makes it easy to use and handle. The body of this press is made of stainless steel and the finishing is polished. The unit weight 9.6 pounds, the product holds a manufacture warranty of 90 days. This product is available in two different models GUA- 80102 and GUA-80103.


  • Cleaning – this unit can be cleaned easily.
  • Adjustable hinge – this unit has moving hinge that makes it easy for grilling sandwiches with different sizes.


  • Some have complained of malfunctioning indicator lights and would like to see some starter recipes provided.

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#6 Best Rated

George Foreman GRP4842P Multi-Plate Evolve Grill With Ceramic Grilling Plates and Waffle Plates, Platinum

George Foreman GRP4842P Multi-Plate Evolve Grill

This evolve grilling system offers a range of different cooking options. The ceramic grill plates can be used for cooking steak, chicken, burgers and veggies and to give finishing touches on sandwiches. This unit gives you an option of high searing, you can sear meat product at 500 for 90 seconds. This feature makes your Panini press a restaurant quality press. Its 3-in-1 capabilities and simple digital controls make it easy to use and changes the way of preparing food.

From grilled food to mouth watering breakfast makes it useful for full family. This product has advanced ceramic plates which make it more durable from previous and other products.  These plates can easily reach highest temperature without any defect in the plates. The plates are PTFE and PFOA free. The ceramic plates are removable and dishwasher safe, they are easy to use and handle. The digital control panel shows cooking time and temperature; the temperature ranges from 325-450 and it also gives options of highest searing option. This product also has floating hinges, patented slope design, and embedded heating elements. This unit has 3 years limited warranty.


  • Adjustable – this product has adjustable hinge and angles.
  • Dishwasher safe – this product is dishwasher safe and with removable plates it is easy to clean.
  • High temperature – this product gives restaurant quality high searing.


  • Warranty – the product has limited 90 days warranty.

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#7 Best Rated

VillaWare NDVLPAPFS1-SHP Panini Grill

VillaWare NDVLPAPFS1-SHP Panini Grill

Intuitive features make this product easy to use, its power control sets from pre heat to your desired temperature in few minutes. The large 11” x 9” grilling plates are non stick and have interior drip tray. Cleaning these plates are very easy because these are removable and dishwasher safe. The grill strips are in space-saving vertical position.

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The signature knob gives you three temperature options Low, Medium and High. This knob gives assured immediate response for great results. This product easily turns to a flat grill with a knob adjustment. The VillaWare brand continues to create outstanding products that retains the Italian heritage and style, performance and fulfills brands promise. The body of this product is made with stainless steel.


  • Multifunctional – this unit is multifunctional and can be used as flat grill and can be turned into Panini and grill maker.
  • Easy to use – the knobs and the removable plates are easy to use and the user can easily operate this product.
  • Cleaning – the non stick removable plates are easy to clean and are dishwasher friendly.


  • Power cable is short in length
  •  Manual is very simple

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#8 Best Rated

De'Longhi CGH800 Retro Contact Grill and Panini Press 14.8 Inch

De’Longhi CGH800 Contact Grill and Panini Press

Get ready to get thoroughly grilled and tossed food from contact cooking. This product has fully embedded grill plates which distributes the heat properly, to avoid hot and cool spots. You can make a variety of dishes on this grill press from chicken, fishes, steak to sandwiches and pizza. The adjustable hinge adjusts with food of all shape and sizes.

The De’Longhi grill also gives a healthier touch to your food by draining out access oil from the food and collects it in a side cup. This unit has an adjustable thermostat which helps you to adjust between toasting and grilling. This grill doesn’t need cleaning for hours; you can easily swipe up the nonstick grill plates and empty the drain cups. Your safety is also kept in mind with cool touch handles no more tension of burns and cuts. The indicator also has on and off lights with uptight storage capacity with locking system which makes it easy to store and move.


  • Customized grilling and toasting – this unit has different temperature modes which helps you to customize your toasting and grilling.
  • Healthy cooking – the grill plates are slightly tilted which helps the access oil to drain out and collects in a drain cup.
  • Cleaning – this unit is easy to clean; only a swipe can give it a new look.
  • Fast – cooking in this product is faster than all the other products available.


  • Limited warranty – the product has a limited manufacture warranty, which doesn’t give a long term customer satisfaction.

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#9 Best Rated

Oster Titanium-Infused DuraCeramic 2-in-1 Panini Maker and Grill, Black with White Griddles (CKSTPM20W-TECO)

Oster DuraCeramic Panini Maker and Grill

The Oaster Panini grill is made is designed with unique Dura Ceramic non stick coating. This coating last 4x longer than other nonstick coating available in market. This non stick coat doesn’t flakes or peels, this feature makes it trustable product. The Dura Ceramic provides exceptional non-stick performance and lasting durability.

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The grill’s natural ceramic coating is PFOA and PTFE free, so you can easily use it without any worries. Cook 20% faster than all other nonstick grills. These are easy to clean and come with a cleaning tool and two drain cups. This unit can also be used as an open grill for grilling more items at one time. This grill has an adjustable foot to help you remove access oil in drain cups. You can request manufacture warranty for customer service and which covers repairs.


  • Healthy – this product helps you to cook healthy food by draining access oil from food. Free from PFOA and PTFE.
  • Open grill – this press can turn into an open grill too.


  • Warranty – the product has limited manufacturer warranty.

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#10 Best Rated

Proctor Silex 25453A Panini Press Gourmet Sandwich Maker

Proctor Silex 25453A Panini Press Gourmet Sandwich Maker

This Panini press can be used with any size of sandwich or meat. It holds up the bread with your favorite veggie, cheese or meat you will get a Panini sandwich in one press only. The grill plates measure 12 inches and have a nonstick coating for easy clean up. The locking feature is also handy and keeps the lid upright when making open face snacks or cleaning.

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The café style lid gives your food even pressing and no hot or cold spots. You can easily make different food items too like pizza, tortillas, steaks, chicken and fishes. You can easily store this and keep it horizontal; this doesn’t consume any space for storing.


  • Adjustable – the adjustable lid makes it very easy to cook food of different sizes.
  • Clean – nonstick grill is easy to use and a simple swipe makes it new for cooking again.


  • Warranty – the product has limited manufacturer warranty.

Buying Guide: Panini Press

There are many people who want to buy a Panini press but don’t know what qualities to look in a Panini press. There are different models available which can confuse you with their qualities. Different design and grill are useful for different purposes so when you choose a Panini press for your kitchen or business choose accordingly. What features you should look forward to a Panini press, and their drawbacks the following guide will help you in purchasing a Panini Press.


Decide where you want to use of your Panini press? If you want to buy it for your home or kitchen with less use or irregular use. You can buy a medium duty Panini grills/ press, you can use these frequently for warming tortillas, grilling sandwiches and cooking meat products. These are long lasting than light duty Panini presses or grills. A big restaurant where dozens of sandwiches are made in a day they can go for heavy duty Panini press. The heavy duties Panini press have a strong body which makes them more durable for heavy use.

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Plate material

The Panini press comes in different variety of materials mainly aluminum, iron and non-stick. These materials have their own pros and cons, their heating and cooking time. Aluminum heats fast, cooks fast, and it is less expensive. The drawbacks of the aluminum plate are, it cools fast needs more oil or sprays for grilling. Iron plates have better heat maintenance which provides even heat for the more reliable outcome. These plates can last long if maintained properly. The drawback of iron plates is that it takes more time to heat, and it needs to be seasoned regularly mainly two three times in one cooking session. The iron plates Panini press are expensive from all the other Panini presses. Nonstick plates heat up quickly and they don’t need excess oil for grilling. Nonstick plates heat up quickly; these plates deteriorate with time and their surface damage very fast.

Plate’s pattern

The Panini press has different patterns available, once you choose the material of your Panini press. Choose the correct pattern between grooved and smooth plates. You also have an option of choosing both in the dual press which has both grooved and smooth plates divided in half.

Dual or single

You can choose between the dual press and single press. Dual option means a press which has two plates divided into half sides. Dual presses are very useful if you have heavy use of Panini press.

Adjustable top plate

The top plate or the hinge is the upper part of the press. You can adjust this plate according to the thickness of the food you are cooking.


It is better to have an adjustable temperature more than a simple heat throughout the process. This feature is an additional feature only a few of the Panini press have this.

How to Clean a Panini Press?

There are few cleaning guides you should know about Panini press.

  1. Nonstick pans are meant to be damaged with regular use; these should be cleaned according to manufacturer instructions.
  2. Always unplug the power of the press when not in use. Over heating of the coatings on the grill can burn it.
  3. Use brushes and degreasers to remove food particles or grease from you’re the press. You can also use warm water with dish wash soap to clean it.

Dishes that I can make on Panini grill

There are many dishes which you can make on a Panini press or grill. The dishes you can make more than a normal sandwich and grilled meat products. Here is the list of food item you can make on Panini press.
  1. Cup cakes and cakes.
  2. Waffle cones and omelets.
  3. You can make Hash browns and crispy bacon.
  4. Grilled smashed potatoes, chicken breasts, and vegetables even peaches.
  5. Chips from potatoes and doughnuts.
  6. Make pizza.
  7. Grill salmon and hamburgers.
  8. Reheat pizza and French fries.


The above Panini presses are the best Panini press available these days. You can buy any of these trusted Panini press one of these. You will get the healthy and good quality of food and it also saves your lot of time and money.

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