10 Best Pellet Stove Reviews for Your Kitchen 2022

Best Pellet Stove Reviews: With years of multifarious experimentations conducted under detailed analytical research pointed directly towards the conservation of the degrading environment, an extensive variety of inventions have been introduced to adopt innovative methods to enhance the efficiency level and bid the conventional methods adieu. One such invention is the Pellet Stove which creates a source of heat by burning compressed wood or biomass pellets for use in residential as well as industrial areas.

With the sole aim of preserving the planet’s depleting resources, the use of pellet stoves has risen in considerable proportions with 824,410 pellet stove installations in the US between 1998 and 2010. Before laying out a comparison with the conventional methods, it is of paramount importance to delineate the working of a pellet stove.

How to choose the Best Pellet Stove?

Before purchasing a pellet stove, there are a few things that have to be considered before making the final choice, these are given below:

  • The foremost thing to be considered before selecting the best pellet stove is the size of the stove. This size of the stove varies considering the purpose of the stove, size and layout of the house, heating factor of the home, and the individual comfort temperature range.
  • The next thing to be considered is the maintenance level of the stove. With the requirement for at least an annual professional servicing, the model which provides an easy access to areas that need maintenance should be considered for purchase.
  • The stove shouldn’t be overpriced. The best pellet stove should range from $2500-3800 including installation charges.
  • A thorough research must be conducted on the performance capabilities of the stove which include the efficiency level of the product so that there is minimal wastage of power. The best pellet stove will have an efficiency level ranging from 79% to 84%.
  • The type of fuel model should be decided considering the affordability and accessibility factors.

Lastly, after considering the technical features, the things to be considered are appearance and style.

With climate change leading to the planet’s degradation, it is only logical to use the cheaper, more efficient and eco-friendlier pellet stoves to conserve the environment in any way possible. With their simple structures, these stoves are definitely here for a long stay in the market.

Top 10 Pellet Stoves

1. Pleasant Hearth Cabinet Style 50000 BTU’s Pellet Stove

Offered by the leading brand Pleasant Hearth, this mobile home approved, cabinet style pellet stove will provide warmth to your house with its indoor zone heating. The perfect stove for the best of heating experiences – no matter how cold the weather, it will keep you warm. Highly efficient and effective, it gives the best results when fueled with premium pellet fuel.

Pleasant Hearth AN-1010 Alpine Fireplace Glass Door, Black, Small


Heating Area – The total area of heating covered is nearly 2200 square feet. It is perfect for a mobile home.

An exclusive Comfort Control System – This comfort control system enables one to easily control the temperature by simply turning the dial once.

An Air Wash System – This system ensures cleaner air.

Physical Appearance – In addition to the above features, the pellet stove has a door made of solid cast iron along with a large ceramic glass viewing area, which makes it a pleasant sight.

Other Features – Exclusive integrated diagnostics, an outside air kit that comes along with it and an auto ignition system are also present.


  • It has a sufficiently large heating coverage area.
  • Allows easy control of temperature to suit your needs.
  • With 120-pound hopper, burn time is approximately 24 to 70 hours.


  • For requirements less than 2200 square feet, it is not a convenient option.
  • It is relatively bulky and heavy.

Our Verdict

The Pleasant Hearth Cabinet Style 50000 BTU’s Pellet Stove with 120-Pound Hopper is expected to maintain the high standards of quality, durability and functionality, and is sure to warm up many a homes and hearts.

2. Comfortbilt Pellet Stove HP22 – 50,000 BTU

It is an EPA certified pellet stove that you can use to warm up the house during cold months. Offered by Comfortbilt, it provides effective indoor heating and may even be used as an only source of heat for a few days. It comes with a warranty of one year for limited parts.

Sale Mr. Heater F232000 MH9BX Buddy 4,000-9,000-BTU Indoor-Safe Portable Propane Radiant Heater, Red-Black


Area Coverage – This pellet stove heats up to 2000 square feet of area.

Stove Body –  It is charcoal gray in colour with a glass window in Bay design that not only allows for a good view but also gives it a nice look.

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Ash Pan – There is a removable ash pan which may be removed regularly for cleaning.

Other Features – The blower is powerful with a very good airflow and there is an auto ignition system present. The thermostat is programmable.


  • It has one of the highest efficiencies, which means it burns more with less fuel.
  • The bay design window gives it a very good look.
  • Powerful air blowing system.
  • Being programmable, it comes with a remote control.


  • It may be slightly complicated to install.
  • Heat output is best with Hardwood pellets only.

Our Verdict

Comfortbilt Pellet Stove HP22 – 50,000 BTU is a useful pellet stove for your home. It is a quiet stove and burns cleanly and efficiently, providing effective heating. There are likely to be no complaints and users will be happy with the product.

3. Castle 12327 Serenity Wood Pellet Stove

Here’s an easy to use and highly effective pellet stove that will warm up your homes in the most amazing fashion. The most distinctive aspect is the small and compact size of the pellet stove, making it easy to fit anywhere and taking up far less space than most other stoves.

Pleasant Hearth VFS2-PH20DT 20,000 BTU 23.5 in. Compact Gas vent free stove


Easy to Use – The stove comes with a manual using which you may easily install it all by yourself in a very short time.

Programmable Thermostat – With a 24 hour programmable controller, you can now adjust the temperatures in just the way you like – be it warm at night or a little colder in the morning.

Efficiency – It has a high burning efficiency – that is, it burns more in less fuel. The fuel used here is wood pellets.

Cleaning Convenience – The stove can be cleaned easily by emptying the firepot, ash pan and cleaning the exhaust pipe.


  • Castle 12327 has various modes for temperature regulation
  • It is extremely compact and perfect for small homes.
  • It is also easy to install and one can save on the installation charges or chimney expenses.


  • For larger homes, it may not be very useful since it covers an area of only 1500 square feet.
  • Only wooden pellets are required.

Our Verdict

Castle 12327 Serenity Wood Pellet Stove is a beautifully designed, compact and attractive pellet stove. Covering an area of 1500 square feet, and being extremely easy to install, it is the ideal stove for small homes and for those who like to do things themselves. A must buy for those hoping to save room space.

4. Pleasant Hearth Medium 35000 BTU’S Pellet Stove with 40-Pound Hopper

An essential product to welcome the winter with, this pellet stove will provide the perfect indoor heating for the colder months.

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Made in the USA, this pellet stove has an EPA certification with an energy efficiency of 85% and a particulate emissions rating of 0.69g/hr. The product comes with a 5 year warranty for limited assembly dimensions.

No products found.


Heating Area – The stove covers a total area of approximately 1750 square feet.

Exclusive Comfort Control System – Use this to control the temperature to adjust your lifestyle and maintain the desired comfort.

Physical Appearance – The stove is very well designed with the door made of solid cast iron along with a large ceramic glass window for a perfect viewing experience.

Air Wash System – The air wash system cleans the air.

Other Features – Auto ignition system, exclusive integrated diagnostics and an outside air kit are some other features worth mentioning.


  • this pellet stove has a high efficiency.
  • It allows temperature regulation.
  • It comes with an outside air kit.


  • Its usage is limited to smaller areas up to 1750 square feet.
  • More convenient options are available for this area range.

Our Verdict

Pleasant Hearth Medium 35000 BTU’S Pellet Stove with 40-Pound Hopper will revolutionize the way you heat up your home. With some pretty amazing features, it is the best heating option for relatively smaller homes and will exhibit durability, quality and good performance.

5. US Stove 4840 Wall Mount direct Vent Pellet Heater

The US Stove Company has come up with a direct Vent Pellet Heater which has automatic ignition and 5 heat settings. It also has diagnostic controls and moreover it is very easy to access and the maintenance is very easy. The product is available at Amazon.com at a price of $1764 with free shipping.

Sale US Stove 80472A Distribution Blower for Pellet Stoves


Easy Cleaning and Maintenance – It is very easy to clean the device and the maintenance is also not a problem. The product requires very low and easy maintenance which is a big plus for the customers.

3-year & 4-year product warranty – The customers can avail a 3 year warranty on the product by paying an additional cost of $151. The customers can also avail 4-year warranty at a cost of $118. These features really attract the customers as the customers always seek product warranty when they invest a lot on a product.


  • The product comes up with a vent kit.
  • The product has a 28 pound hopper capacity and the pellet heater can heat up to 24 hours when working in low and up to 6 hours when working in high.
  • It produces 24000 BTU and heats up to 1000 square feet.


  • The high price of the product along with few extra bucks for warranty options can really work against the product.

Our Verdict

The product is really efficient so spending a few extra bucks can really be no problem for the customers. One cannot just sideline the features of this product and the product is definitely worth giving a shot.

6. Comfortbilt Pellet Stove HP50

Comfortbilt have a come up with a Pellet Stove which has a unique and attractive European design. It is EPA certified high efficiency pellet stove with a burn efficiency of 86%. It consists of a powerful blower with a programmable thermostat and an auto ignites option. The pellet stove is available in Amazon.com at a price of $1400 and additional shipping charges.

No products found.


Design And Performance – Comfortbilt Pellet Stove provides European design and produces about 42000 British Thermal Unit (BTU) and heats up to 2200 square feet.

Weight – It also consists of 47 lbs hopper capacity ash pan and its most important features are auto ignites option and powerful blower.

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Efficient – With an efficiency of 86% this device is an efficient stove with European design and technology.


  • The product comes with one year warranty and the company provides technical assistance 24*7.
  • With new technology the customers definitely face problem so with technical assistance the customers will be eager to invest on the product.
  • The spare parts of the product are readily available which an added benefit is for the customers.
  • This is a factor which the customers fear a lot but the company provides spare parts at ease.


  • With this high cost it would have been better if the warranty would have been more as the customers generally prefer a warranty of at least 3 years.
  • The product assurance definitely would attract a lot of customers.

Our Verdict

With European design and technology and an efficiency of 86% the product is definitely worth trying. Moreover Comfortbilt is ready to provide all time assistance and readily available spare parts. So the product definitely deserves a go in the market.

7. US Stove GW1949 Wise-Way Non-Electric Pellet Stove

The US Stove Company has come up with a brilliant concept of Non-Electric Pellet Stove. The stove is EPA certified and most importantly uses a Natural Gravity feed system which ensures that the maintenance cost is very low. The venting used in this device is a standard 3 inch pellet venting and the device is very silent and smooth in operation.

No products found.


Long Lasting – It consists of a 60 pound hopper which lasts up to about 36 hours. It produces about 4000 BTU of heat (British thermal unit) up to 2000 square feet.

Cheap Price – This amazing non electric stove is available in online merchants like Amazon at a price of $2014. Moreover, there is an exciting feature for the customers.

Protection – The customers can pay an additional $138 for 4-year protection while for 3-year protection the price is around $108. The unique and modern design of the stove pellet makes it even more desirable.

Best Source Of Renewable Energy – With the advent of technology and introduction of non pollution devices it is essential to use this energy efficient device which is the best source of renewable energy.


  • The device is energy efficient as it is completely non electric and doesn’t contribute to energy loss or atmospheric pollution.
  • Maintenance cost is very low.
  • 4-year and 3-year protection with minimal additional cost.


  • The technology is completely new because of which the cost is more.
  • The concept of stove pellets is very much new and the concept is not a tried and tested one.

Our Verdict

Even though there must be cost issues but the technology is something worth noticeable. Pellet Stoves use pellets made of wood and organic matter. So they don’t contribute to the pollution factor. The reviews have come up really good and the device is worth trying.

8. Pelpro Pellet Stove – 35,000 BTU

This stove is a pellet stove which means that it is a device that uses an efficient way to burn wood or biomass pellets to create a heat source. Priced at $999.99, it offers comfort and convenience with its extremely reliable technology and high-efficiency heating.

pelpro Pellet Stove, 2,500 Sq Ft, PP130-B


Simple Dial Control – It offers a simple dial control with which you can easily adjust the heat. Also, it includes a built-In thermostat to keep the temperature as desired.

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Good heating Capacity – It can heat up areas of up to 1500sq.ft

Auto Ignition – It has a 300W auto ignitor.


  • Includes a high efficiency heat exchanger
  • 89.5 % efficient as certified by EPA
  • Variable speed blower
  • Single dial control to easily adjust the heat
  • High efficiency and dependability.
  • Auto ignition to turn on whenever required


  • Fresh air intake must be installed to outside only.
  • It does not come with all the piping that is required for installation.
  • Cleaning may be a problem depending on the type of fuel used.
  • Smell of smoke and soot reside have been reported by some users.

Our Verdict

This stove is price-efficient and works well with proper fuel. Soot residue varies based on the fuel or pellets used. Usage of high quality pellets is recommended for this stove.

9. Ashley Indoor Pellet Stove With Pellet Vent Kit

Ashley Indoor Pellet Stove with Pellet Vent Kit can be described best as a very small sized pellet stove with a full-size burn engine. Priced at $1837.64, it has the capacity to heat your entire home and keep you warm.

No products found.


Lightweight and Long-lasting – The hopper weighs only about 25lbs and gives you a gap of 24hours between pellet fillings. So, if it is loaded once, you can run it continuously for a day without it running out.

Low Maintenance Costs – Does not cost must to maintain or to keep it running. Use of high quality pellets is recommended for prevention of damage to the product. Service costs and maintenance costs are very low.

Easy to Control – It comes with top mounted and easy to use controls and effortless control.


  • Ease of control
  • Low or no maintenance costs
  • Conformable to use and cost efficient
  • Low fillings are required even for high usage of the product
  • Built in thermostat regulates temperature and keeps it as desired.


  • Should be checked monthly for burning or other problems
  • Approved for premium hardwood pellet only
  • Will not operate during power outage and has no backup power
  • If free airflow from the outdoor unit is blocked, the unit might burn up.

Our Verdict

Very compact and space efficient, so if you have very less room, but want high heating power, then this one is a good buy.

10. Vogelzang VG5790 Hopper Pellet Stove

Priced at $1,498.39, this pellet stove is very affordable and offers the best features. It can heat up to 2,800sq.ft. it has a big 120lb pellet capacity and includes a thermostat to keep the temperature where you want it to be with no effort. However, it must be noted that this is a freestanding heater and not a furnace.

No products found.


Heating – At the lowest setting, it offers a very low fuel burning rate of 1.5lbs per hour and burns for 80 hours approximately on.

Large hopper Capacity – Vogelzang VG5790 Hopper Pellet Stove offers a very high hopper capacity of 120lbs, so it can go for hours without having to refill or restart.

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Adjustable air intake – The air intake is adjustable, so you can change the air intake depending on your requirements and usage.

Built in thermostat – The built in thermostat helps you easily keep the heat in and the cold out. It regulates the temperature and keeps it at a desired place.


  • Takes up less space
  • Heats up a large area
  • Includes a thermostat and temperature regulator.


  • Approved for premium hardwood pellet only
  • Cleaning might need to be done frequently for high usage
  • Requires maintenance

Our Verdict

If you have less room and want a pellet stove that can heat up your whole house, this is the best buy.

How does a Pellet Stove work?

  1. The initial step of this mechanism is called the Auger which involves the pellets being taken from the hopper to the burn top. The mechanism which is powered by an electric motor involves a large rotating corkscrew drawing the pellets around and a tube in which the screw rotates.
  2. Pellet stoves use a small burn pot made of stainless steel to execute 98% of the efficient combustion process. At the center part of the burn pot, there will be a space that allows access to hot air from the igniter.
  3. Some of the early models of the pellet stoves don’t consist of an electronic igniter which prevents the cycle from going on and off automatically. In models which include an electronic igniter, the thermostat will automatically shut down the cycle when no heat is required and re-ignite the stove whenever heat is required.
  4. The combustion air is passed around in the heat exchanger (tubular or corrugated) and post filtration, which involves the removal of maximum heat, clean air is released into the home through the convection fan.
  5. Most of the recent pellet stove models include a manual temperature regulator or they can also be connected to a wall thermostat to acquire a more precise control on the temperature of the room.

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Pellet Stoves vs. Wood Stoves

Even though the pellet stove was introduced as an efficient and eco-friendly replacement for the conventional wood stoves, both of these commodities continue to prevail in the market today. Therefore, it is important to draw out a comparison between the two based on several quintessential aspects.


The conventional wood stoves cost the customer a total amount of $3,000-5,000 including installation charges. Whereas, pellet stoves prices including installation charges range from $3,000 to $4,000 making them a cheaper purchasing option as compared to the wood stoves.


The wood stoves simply require raw wood and a pack of matches to generate heat whereas, on the other hand, pellet stoves require 120 Kilowatt-hours per month (costing $10 a month) to operate. Therefore, a wood stove demands minimal requirements for powering.

Environment Friendly

The pollution control in the pellet stoves leads to limited smoke production (less than one gram per hour) as compared to the wooden stoves (2-7.5 grams per hour). According to the Biomass Energy Centre in the UK, pellet stoves release 0.035 pounds per kilowatt-hour whereas wood stoves release 0.0612 pounds per kilowatt-hour when burned.


Every cord of a wood stove utilizes approximately 15.3 million BTUs and out of that total, 10.7 million BTUs are available in heating homes, computing an efficiency level of 70%. On the other hand, pellet stoves generate an output of 13.6 million per ton of pellets out of which 11.6 million is available for use in residential areas, calculating a far better efficiency level of 83%.


Pellet stoves are easier to maintain than wood stoves because they involve simple instructions for checking the functioning of motors and fans and cleaning the debris whereas, wood stoves require an annual inspection by a certified chimney sweep.

Therefore, from the aforementioned points, it is clear that the new pellet stoves are better than the conventional wood stoves on several accounts.


Pellet stoves are similar to wood stove, but much more efficient. They produce much more heat so you need to check the efficiency of the product before buying it as the key factor. Pellet stoves with an efficiency of 80-90 and low fuel usage should be the right one to buy.

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