The Best Pillows for Side Sleepers To Buy February 2023

Are you a side sleeper? If so, then it’s important to have the right pillow. There are many pillows for side sleepers on the market, but not all of them are good quality and will provide the support needed when sleeping on your side. The best pillow for side sleepers is a memory foam pillow that contours to your head and neck curves while still supporting your spine. This type of pillow is perfect for those who struggle with neck or back pain during their night’s rest because it provides excellent support without putting pressure on any one area of your body.

Pillows for Side Sleepers

Memory foam pillows also come in various thicknesses which can help with comfort as well as height adjustments if need be.

The Best Pillows for Side Sleepers Reviews in 2023

Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Cloud Breeze Dual Cooling Pillow

Sale Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Cloud Breeze Dual Cooling Pillow, Queen , White

Tempur-Pedic’s TEMPUR-Cloud Breeze Dual Cooling Pillow is the perfect match for combination sleepers of all kinds. The gel layer on each side keeps you cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s chilly, and the medium feel is perfect for back, side, or stomach sleepers alike. Tempur–Pedic’s innovative TEMPUR material never hardens your head so that you can wake up refreshed and ready to go in the morning no matter how long you slept!

With a quilted cover that’s easy to wash time and time again, this pillow will have your best night’s sleep yet with its versatile qualities that will work for any sleeper type.


– You’ll sleep better than ever before.
– Your neck and back will thank you in the morning.
– Wake up feeling refreshed every day.
– Stay on top of your game at work without a sore neck or aching back

Elviros Cervical Memory Foam Pillow

Elviros Cervical Memory Foam Pillow, Contour Pillows for Neck and Shoulder Pain, Ergonomic Orthopedic Sleeping Neck Contoured Support Pillow for Side Sleepers, Back and Stomach Sleepers (White)

The Elviros Cervical Neck Pillow is made to give you the best sleep and health. Synthetic materials are chemical-free, allowing air to circulate for a cool surface. It has CertuPUR-US certification which guarantees quality in safety and performance. The pillow core is durable memory foam that supports your neck while giving stress relief with 3~5 second slow rebound memory softness behind it’s design. Durability means no tearing or coming apart from this double sewn cover by SBS zippers being easy to remove when machine washable up to 37 degrees Celsius degree without removing the inner pillows. This cervical neck pillow will care for your neck and spine as you lay down for comfortable sleeping tonight!


– Provides a better night’s sleep.
– Helps reduce neck and back pain.
– Sleep soundly knowing you’re doing your body good.
– Wake up feeling refreshed with fewer aches and pains in the morning

ZAMAT Contour Memory Foam Pillow for Neck Pain Relief

ZAMAT Contour Memory Foam Pillow for Neck Pain Relief, Adjustable Ergonomic Cervical Pillow for Sleeping, Orthopedic Neck Pillow with Washable Cover, Bed Pillows for Side, Back, Stomach Sleepers

The ZAMAT Contour Memory Foam Pillow is great for those with neck and head pain and provides a customizable sleep experience. This product features multiple inserts that are removable, which makes it easy to switch between an orthopedic pillow and one you would ordinarily use. The contours of this neck pillow make it compact but still comfortable such as the high quality cotton exterior that ensures air circulation to maintain proper temperature throughout the night. The specially designed design guarantees flexibility depending on your sleeping habits or preferences: whether you prefer a hard surface, more give in your case, or something right in-between. This ergonomic support will help keep troubling pain from worsening while giving you a better nighttime’s rest squarely aligned with what your body needs most.


– Provides a customized sleep experience.
– Easy to switch between orthopedic and ordinary pillows.
– Get a good night’s sleep for better daytime activities.
– Relieve neck pain with ZAMATs’ cervical pillow

Beckham Hotel Collection Bed Pillows for Sleeping

Beckham Hotel Collection Bed Pillows for Sleeping - King Size, Set of 2 - Soft, Cooling, Luxury Gel Pillow for Back, Stomach or Side Sleepers

If you’re not getting the comfortable sleep at night that you need, it could be time to think about investing in a quality bed pillow. With outstanding support and superior comfort for all sleeping styles, our Beckham Hotel Collection Bed Pillows are an excellent choice. You’ll never again have to toss and turn across your whole mattress just to find relief from pressure points or keep cool in summer months with these breathable pillows made safer by OEKO-TEX Standards. And everyone deserves some peace of mind knowing their investment is safe – backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee! Buy one today and enjoy the benefits of fresh, restful sleep.


– You’ll have the best sleep of your life.
– Your neck and back will thank you for it.
– Wake up refreshed every morning.
– Sleep better than ever before

Contour Legacy Leg & Knee Foam Support Pillow

Sale Contour Legacy Leg & Knee Foam Support Pillow - Soothing Pain Relief for Sciatica, Back, Hips, Knees, Joints - As Seen on TV

The Contour Legacy Leg & Knee Foam Support Pillow is designed to contour your body and provide the right amount of support on its memory foam design as you sleep. It will help lift up your head, taking pressure off many nerve endings in your neck. Ideally suited for side sleeping, it bends with the curves of your spine while eliminating unnecessary stress on hip joints or giving relief around the outer leg and thigh area from sciatica pain. Softer than a regular pillow, it offers a personalized cuddle effect with ventilation throughout its smooth polyurethane cover that allow better airflow across joint spaces—keeping you cool all night long even when used together as total leg support.


– Relieve back pain
– Reduce stress on your hips or hip replacement recovery
– Knee support to eliminate bone on bone discomfort
– Get the sleep you deserve.
– Support a healthy pregnancy.

Casper Sleep Pillow for Sleeping, Standard

Casper Sleep Original Pillow for Sleeping, Standard, White

Composed of 1,000 pristine cotton threads sewn into a percale weave that promotes airflow and lends an instant crisp feel, our Casper Sleep Pillow is the sleep extension you can’t do without. Your head never sinks too deep into the plush fill because we pack it in from all directions to keep your neck aligned-naturally. All while providing support for even the most restless sleeper. Paired with its machine washable cover and removable insert, it’s easy to clean when those accidental drools settle on surface ills or when you just need a new bonus pillow from time-to-time. No matter what use, it’s simply incomparable.”


– Great for people with allergies or asthma.
– The perfect pillow for side sleepers.
– No more back pain in the morning!
– Get a better night’s sleep and feel your best every day!

LUCID Premium Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

Sale LUCID Premium Shredded Memory Foam Pillow-Hypoallergenic-Moldable Loft-2 Pack, King

Let the hours of sleep come peacefully. Our Premium Shredded Memory Foam Pillow is perfect for a good, full night’s rest. Relax in the plush shredded memory foam fill encased in a soft and breathable rayon from bamboo cover — designed to maximize comfort, cooling and cleanliness. Shop Standard size pillows or go all in with Queen or King sized two-packs for that perfect snuggle fit on your bed or guest room mattress!

With 2 Standard size pillows each measuring 16 x 35 inches (or 5-year warranty), our luxury pillows are available individually or as part of a set for those looking to get outfitted head to toe with care for their best nightly investment: themselves.


– Provides the perfect amount of support for your head and neck.
– Helps you sleep better with a cooler, more comfortable pillow.
– Rest easy knowing that you’re providing yourself with quality sleep.
– Wake up feeling refreshed and energized every day.

EPABO Contour Memory Foam Pillow Orthopedic Sleeping Pillows

EPABO Contour Memory Foam Pillow Orthopedic Sleeping Pillows, Ergonomic Cervical Pillow for Neck Pain - for Side Sleepers, Back and Stomach Sleepers, Free Pillowcase Included ( Firm & Queen )

The EPABO Memory Foam Pillows will help those who experience neck and shoulder pain with their sleep. These pillows have a proven build, where the contour aligns your head and spine for maximum comfort when you’re sleeping. For those that can’t get comfortable during the night or want to stay cool this pillow provides alternative in terms of firmness and best materials for breathability. The pillows are stuffed with 20% more memory foam than others so you wake up feeling hydrated and relaxed throughout the day. This offer is perfect for all these people considering they offer a moneyback guarantee if you don’t like it (within 60 days).


– Keeps your head and neck in the correct position for better sleep.
– 20% more memory foam than other pillows of similar size, so you will be more comfortable.
– Sleep better and wake up feeling revitalized.
– Fall asleep faster with less tossing and turning.

Mediflow Fiber: The First & Original Water Pillow, clinically Proven to Reduce Neck Pain & Improve Sleep

Mediflow Fiber: The First & Original Water Pillow, clinically Proven to Reduce Neck Pain & Improve Sleep. Therapeutic, Ideal for People Looking for Proper Neck Support

The Mediflow water pillow conforms to the shape of your head and neck, for personal comfort. This eliminates the need to turn and adjust during sleep. Add increased sleeping benefits by switching up positions with our top-quality best seller pillow. Rest easy knowing you’re receiving a premium product when you choose Mediflow fiber water fillers!


– You’ll sleep better and wake up refreshed.
– Your neck will be more comfortable than ever before.
– The perfect pillow for anyone who wants to get a good night’s rest.

BioPEDIC Antimicrobial Bed Pillow

Sale BioPEDIC - 38680 4-Pack Bed Pillows with Built-In Ultra-Fresh Anti-Odor Technology, Standard Size, White

Promote your BioPEDIC pillow for head-cradling, back-supporting plushness.
The pillow features an ultra-fresh treatment to give guests a fresher sleep environment by making the pillows antimicrobial and antibacterial. Promoting its polyester fiber as hypoallergenic, these new pillows are crafted with a natural cotton cover that’s high in thread count–so it mixes comfort with elegance. The wide variety of sizes ensures every guest will find their perfect fit without sacrificing form or function. As these anti bacterial BIO PEDIC bed pillows keep odors at bay, they help you promote both personal hygiene and wellness during overnight stays.


– Keep your mattress & pillows fresh.
– Sleep soundly without worrying about odor or stains.
– Get a good night’s sleep with this pillow.
– Wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go!

BUYING GUIDES: Choose Pillows for Side Sleepers

This is a guide on how to choose the right pillow for side sleepers. In this guide we will be looking mostly at memory foam pillows and latex pillows because these are the top choice when it comes to choosing an optimal pillow for someone who sleeps on their side.

This article assumes that you already know what type of pillow is best suited for your sleeping style (foam, down, feather etc.) and have chosen one that’s suitable based on your needs. For example if you need a soft pillow then you should look towards getting a down or feather pillow where as if you prefer firm then I recommend checking out our memory foam guide instead.

best pillow for side sleepers

What are the benefits of a side sleeper pillow?

Side sleeping pillows offer a lot of benefits over traditional conceptions. By allowing your neck to rest sideways while having enough support for the nape, it will prevent any suffocation or snoring that may happen if you were to use one of the other types like a down pillow.

What are the different types of side sleepers pillows?

There are two major types of side sleeper pillows which are memory foam and latex. Memory foam is made from polyurethane and is a very popular choice due to its ability to conform to your head providing good support for your neck. Latex has similar properties,  however is usually more expensive than memory foam as it can be difficult to produce and is known for being naturally hypoallergenic .

How to choose the right pillow for side sleepers

Now that you know what are the benefits of side sleeper pillows and the different types available, here’s some final tips to choosing your perfect pillow.

Tip #1: Side sleeper pillows come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The most common shaped for a side sleeper is rectangular with contours on one end to cradle your neck and an flat edge which rests along your shoulders.

Tip #2: Depending on how firm you like your pillow there are plenty of options out there for you to choose from. Like I mentioned before, memory foam is very popular because it can conform to almost any head shape providing good support while still being soft enough to be comfortable. On the other hand if you prefer something firmer then I recommend checking out our memory foam guide for pillows.

Tip #3: Like I mentioned earlier, latex is more expensive than memory foam so if you need something cheaper then there’s plenty of options out there that are just as effective.

The best pillows for side sleepers

After doing all the research into finding the best pillows for side sleepers, I’ve come up with a short list of choices that you might be interested in.

Memory foam:

– A luxury pillow by Nectar  which is made from shredded memory foam and can provide relief for pain on your shoulders and neck. It’s excellent support and softness make it perfect if you find other pillows too firm or hard. I also recommend checking out their line of mattress to complement these pillows.


– The latex pillow by Sleep Master  is another great option for those looking for a premium pillow at an affordable price. These pillows are filled with cotton fiber to keep them cool throughout the night. Another great thing about latex pillows is that they don’t go flat, meaning you won’t have to constantly fluff them up like the memory foam one.


– Down pillows are very popular because not only do they provide a lot of support but also keep your neck cool throughout the night. Unfortunately there’s no company on this list making down pillows so instead I recommend checking out our guide for finding the best down pillow which has plenty of options and reviews.

Tips on how to get better night’s sleep

– Having a good pillow is an excellent way to improve your quality of sleep. If you want even more advice then I recommend checking out our article on top simple tips to help you sleep better which will provide a lot of great advice for overcoming some common sleeping problems.

– Another excellent tip that will help with getting a good nights sleep is making sure that your mattress and pillows are properly cleaned regularly as they can accumulate dust mites if left uncleaned for too long. This can lead to a number of medical issues such as asthma so always make sure that you take care and maintain them every now and again.

– Finally, try not to get too stressed or anxious about falling asleep before going to bed because it can actually worsen the problem. Take my advice, try one of these pillows out and you’ll be sleeping like a baby in no time.

Choosing the right mattress and bedding set for you

Sleeping on a comfortable mattress and pillow will provide you with the best possible night’s sleep. If you’re looking to replace your old mattress then check out our article on how to buy  a new one which has plenty of helpful tips and advice for choosing the right type for you and what budget to keep in mind. And if it turns out that it might be time for a new bedding set as well, make sure to take some measurements before heading off to the store because there’s nothing worse than buying something that doesn’t fit in your bedroom.

Other tips on sleeping well at night

– If you’re feeling stressed or anxious then make sure to check out our article on how to beat stress and sleep better as it’ll provide some excellent advice for dealing with your anxiety.

– Always try your best to stick to a regular sleeping schedule in order to improve the quality of your sleep. Try going to bed at around the same time and waking up at around the same time every day, this will help get your body into an easier routine making it easier for you to fall asleep once you go into bed.

– Social media is terrible for distracting people before they go to sleep so turn off all of those notifications before hitting the hay because that’s one less thing keeping you awake when you should be sleeping. But if social media isn’t a problem then check out the article ’10 Tips To Make Social Media Work For You’ which will provide some excellent advice for using it more productively.

– Finally, if you do find yourself having trouble sleeping at night then make sure to take a look at our article on how to get better sleep  which has plenty of tips and advice on how to improve the quality of your sleep and overcome some common sleeping problems.


Q: What are side sleeper pillows?

A: Side sleeper pillows are specially designed support your neck when sleeping on your side. They are usually either filled with memory foam or down to provide high levels of comfort and support while remaining soft enough not to cause pain or discomfort.

Q: What is a side sleeper pillow?

A: A side sleeper pillow is a type of contour pillow which provides support and comfort for your neck when sleeping on your side. It’s purpose is to stop you from waking up in the middle of the night because your neck just can’t handle it anymore!

Q: Which size should I get?

A: Size doesn’t really matter that much, if you’re buying online then simply go for the size that matches your bed size since you won’t be able to try them out beforehand anyway. If you buy one in store though make sure that you try it out first because all brands and styles are different and might feel weird when sleeping with them.

Q: How do I clean my pillow?

A: For cleaning purposes, make sure to carefully remove the exterior cover from your pillow so that you can toss it in the washing machine. Afterwards just put on a new one and you’re good to go. Or if you have a down pillow then check out our article on how to wash a down pillow which has even more detailed instructions.


Side sleepers typically need a firm, high-density pillow to keep their head and neck aligned in one line. If you’ve been struggling with pain or discomfort sleeping on your side, then this article is for you! We will look at the best pillows for side sleepers as well as provide some helpful tips on how to choose the right one. You don’t have to live with chronic pain anymore – find out what’s available today!

Listed below are Best pillows for side sleepers which satisfy both affordability and quality:

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