10 Best Pocket Knife Sharpener Reviews For Every Situation

When you are on field camping, scouting; you always need a sharpen tool to defend yourself. A sharpen knife is a defensive object; this can be used to protect yourself or help in chores. A pocket knife sharpener is a handy device which you can use whenever you have a blunt knife. Knives when used repeatedly and continuously they quickly dull and need to be maintained more often.

The knife sharpener helps to sharpen the blades of your knife or any other tool. Knives are a defensive object; you can’t protect yourself with a blunt object. Pocket knives sharpeners are the instant solution for your blunt knives and blades. A pocket knife sharpener is not a big investment; but it an essential tool for kitchen and camping.

Terms used for knife sharpening: – When sharpening your knife or learning about how to sharpen your knife; you would here few of these words. A glossary of words and terms, they will help you to learn or understand the technical terms used in sharpening knives or tutorial videos.

  1. Bevel: The shape of blade’s edge is termed as bevel. This is also known as the Grind.
  2. Edge: the sharp part “the blade” is known as Edge.
  3. Honing: this term is used when; you sharpen a knife or blade to maintain its sharpness. Honing helps to keep the sharpen knife sharp for further use.
  4. Spine: this term is used for the top part of the blade.
  5. Grindings: this term is used for the fine metallic shavings leftovers from sharpening the blade, knife.

Ten best pocket knife sharpeners

#1 Best Rated

Lansky PS-MED01 BladeMedic

 Lansky PS-MED01 BladeMedic

The ultimate one stop for all ceramic blades. A useful on field sharpener for sharpening serrated blades regular blades, gut hooks. Handy and useful for hunting, fishing and even for house hold use. The Blademedic knife sharpener is termed to be the first responder for field repairs for all type of blades. The Lansky has a diamond tapered rod for fast reconditioning and maintenance.

It has tungsten carbide which renews the blade sharpness in 3-4 strokes. The ceramic sharpeners polish the edge of the blades in minimum strokes. It also has a serrated blade sharpener for the saw like knives. If you are a knife newbie, you should definitely buy this cause this is one stop for all knife problems. The sharpener doesn’t have any warranty but if used properly, it will last longer. Lansky sharpener is best for steel blades because ceramic blade breaks easily when pressurized more.


  • One stop: this is one stop for all your knife related issues. This works well with regular and serrated blades.
  • Outdoor: this sharpener is best for outdoor uses; it is compatible with sharpening blades used in hunting, fishing, and household.
  • Quick: it doesn’t take much time to sharpen the blades; you don’t have to give hours for sharpening your tool. In 3-4 strokes you will find an edged blade with a smooth finish.
  • Handy: this sharpener is handy because of its light weight 4-ounces, it is easy to carry and use.


  • Steel blades: this sharpener has limited use because it only sharpens steel knives.
  • Waterproof: made for outdoors and field work this product is not waterproof it needs to be kept safe after each use. It can be used roughly but still, there is a tension about rust.

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#2 Best Rated

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Smith’s PP1 Pocket Pal Multifunction Sharpener

This is a sleek and slim multifunction sharpener. Smith sharpener has ceramic stones for a smooth and polished edge for sharpening knives. The ceramic stone finishes the edge with a smooth touch and checks if there is no uneven surface. Ceramic stone can be used on serrated as well as regular blades too. These can be replaced or reversed in needed. The carbide blades in the sharpener provide a quick edge on dull and damaged knives.

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The carbide blades set the edge of the knives, these only works on straight edged knives. It can be replaced and reversed if needed. This pocket sharpener has a fold-out tapered round diamond coated rod for sharpening serrated edges and gut hooks. This sharpener gives razor sharp finish to your knife, and it extends the life of your knife. A proper description of how to use the sharpener is also given so that you know how to use it. It is compact light weight durable and comes with a lanyard hole. It is a perfect partner for knives and blade when you are outside camping, fishing or hunting. After use, you should clean it with a damp cloth and dry it with a towel.


  • Durable: The sharpener is durable; it increases the life of knives and makes it long lasting.
  • Pocket Pal: it is very sleek and lightweight with compact three in one sharpener. These features make it a true pocket pal.
  • Informative instructions: an informative way to use this sharpener is given so that a newbie can easily use this sharpener.
  • Handy:  with 3.5”* 1”*0” it is easy to use and handy; it can easily be carried in pockets.


  • Waterproof: this sharpener is not waterproof; it can be cleaned with a damp cloth but not with direct flow of water.

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#3 Best Rated

Diamond Machining Technology (DMT) 8-in. DuoSharp Double-Sided Diamond Whetstone Bench Stone, Fine/Coarse Grit Sharpener (FWFC)

 DMT FWFC Double Sided Diafold Sharpener Fine

A light weight double sided diamond coated coarse for instant sharpening. This is a multi-use sharpener easily sharps all tools used in the home, gardening, outdoor, and wooden works. You can easily cover the sharpener when not in use with the handle which protects it from wear and tear.

This sharpener is used to sharpen both straight and convex blades. It has two different diamond surfaces that give better honing to the blades. You can easily get sharper blades with light strokes, the diamonds work even on the lightest touch. This is a better option for sharpening tools from the conventional methods. Two coarse grits coarser and finer for fine and rough work respectively. You don’t have to use any oil or water to sharpen your tools. The cleaning of DMT sharpeners are easy; simply wipe with a wet cloth and dry. It should be stored in a dry place, moisture can destroy the grits.


  • Multiuse: it can be used to sharpen tools used at home, garden, sports, outdoor and for wooden works.
  • DMT commitment: the company gives you the guarantee of total satisfaction and replacement guarantee if there are any faults or defects.
  • Consistent sharpening: the diamonds on the grit are precise in sizing which gives consistent sharpening and longer life.


  • Waterproof: the sharpener is not waterproof; moisture can shorten its life.
  • Storage: although it can be used outdoors it has to be stored in a dry place.

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#4 Best Rated

Victorinox VN43323 Fixed Blade, Knife,Hunting,Camping,Outdoor, Black

Victorinox Pocket Knife Sharpener

made in Germany this ceramic oval rod for medium sharpening but gives razor sharp finish. A compact and sturdy sharpener for outdoor and indoor tools. You can use water while sharpening blades the drainage hole at the end of the sharpener doesn’t let water store in the body of the sharpener. This product is useful for straight blades.


  • Value for money: sharpener is a great deal in this amount.
  • Easy on pockets: there is no abrasive or hard metal used in this sharpener. It’s 100% enclosed system doesn’t make any hole in your pockets. You can easily carry this in your pockets.
  • Lifetime guarantee: the sharpener has a lifetime guarantee, the company is known for making quality products.
  • Newbie: the pull thru ceramic sharpener is for all those people who don’t know to sharpen blades.
  • Handy: it has a pocket clip in it to allow the user to carry more tools easily.


  • Bad reputation: the pull thru sharpeners doesn’t have a good reputation because they don’t give a great experience on blades.

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#5 Best Rated

AccuSharp Knife & Tool Sharpener - Diamond-Honed Tungsten Carbide Rust-Free Sharpener Quickly Sharpens, Restores, Repairs & Hones Serrated Blades, Cutting Tools, Cleavers, Axes & Machetes

AccuSharp 001 Knife Sharpener

A versatile, user-friendly design with eye appealing exterior features. Sharpen your knives without any oil, a mess free sharpening experience. You don’t have to guess any angles to sharpen your knife. The easy to use design makes it a great helping tool for the professional and personal kitchen.

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This product is widely used by hunters, fishermen, gardeners, and craftsmen. Sharp your knife quickly, easily and accurately; the safety hand prevents cuts. Instantly renew the edges of your knife or blades. It is easy to use you can just draw the sharpener on the tool and get a sharpener tool in instant. The diamond honed tungsten carbide rods more rough use, reliable use for years.


  • Rust free: the sharpener is rust free; you can clean this with soap and water.
  • Replacement: the replacement blades are available for this sharpener.
  • Quick: you can sharpen a knife in 3-4 strokes only.
  • User-friendly: anyone can easily use this sharpener, no worries of hand cuts.
  • Size: the sharpener works with every size of blades.
  • Dependable: this sharpener has one of the hardest known materials which is the hardest known material. The unique design of AccuSharp allows the blade of the sharpener to be reversed; this doubles the life span of the sharpener.


  • Bad reputation: the pull thru sharpeners doesn’t have a good reputation because they don’t give a great experience on blades.

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#6 Best Rated

Gelindo 3 Stage Knife Sharpener - Ceramic, Coarse and Fine - Rubberized Base- for Combat, Carving, Fillet, Pocket Knives & More

 Gelindo 3 Stage Knife Sharpener

The product offers 3 stage sharpening process, you can fully edge your knife 3-4 strokes only. You don’t have to worry about any angle for your blade. It works on both ceramic and steel blades; nearly all sizes can be sharpened by this sharpener.  The handle of the sharpener has rubber base for maximum stability and has a long handle which minimizes the chance of getting cuts. The quality of the sharpener is reliable and long lasting the high-grade diamond, tungsten, carbide and ceramic rods are durable. The sharpener has a lifetime warranty, the full money refund policy if not satisfied by the product.


  • Safety: The product is safe for use as there are zero chances of cuts.
  • Quick: You can easily get a perfectly edged knife in 3-4 strokes.


  • Waterproof: The sharpener is not waterproof; it can catch rust if used with water.

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#7 Best Rated

Dianova FNDC4 Combination Whetstone Knife Sharpeners, One Size

Fallkniven Knives DC4 Diamond/Ceramic Whetstone

A fine grit whetstone for sharpening your knives, no oil or water needed to sharpen. This is used to sharpen straight blades, a long lasting product with a ceramic stone.


  • Dry use: The sharpener can be used without water and oil.


  • Hard to handle: The sharpener stone is hard to handle because it doesn’t have a grip to hold it.
  • Warranty: The product doesn’t carry any warranty.

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#8 Best Rated

Gerber Bear Grylls Field Sharpener [31-001270]

Gerber Bear Grylls Field Sharpener

An easy to carry sharpener the total length of it is 4.5 inches. It has a two rod shaped diamonds rod that easily works with serrated knives and straight edged knives. This product is very useful for outdoors if you are in a camp; it is a product to rely on. The hard plastic gives grip to the sharpener and you can easily use this in cold or rainy weather without any discomfort.

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The coarse carbide insert makes it easy to sharpen the blade in few strokes. The carbide blades make the knife sharp and ceramic blades give the finishing touch. You don’t have to give much pressure on the sharpening your knife, it easily gets edged in 3-4 strokes.


  • All weather: You can easily use this in extreme weather conditions. The hard plastic controls it from any damages from weather conditions.
  • Handy: It can be carried easily and doesn’t take much space.
  • Grip: The rubber gives a good grip to the sharpener.


  • Warranty: The sharpener doesn’t have any warranty or replacement guarantee.
  • Instructions: The product doesn’t have user instruction which makes it a little tough for a newbie to use it.
  • Angle: It is necessary to maintain an angle with each stroke.

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#9 Best Rated

Wusthof 2-Stage Pocket Knife Sharpener

Wüsthof Keychain Picnic Sharpener

A pocket sized sharpener with two well-labeled slots for a fine experience. The coarse carbide rod for the dull knife, it will set the edge on the knives blade. The ceramic rod is for smooth finishing of the blades. The sharpener has no slip rubber grip that gives stability to hold it.

It has a keychain to make it easy to handle or carry on your backpack or bags. As the name says the product is suitable for outdoor and indoor use. The ceramic honing rods of this sharpener give razor sharp blades. It is a great companion while you are camping, hunting, fishing, or hiking.


  • Handy: The small pocket size of this sharpener and the key chain attachment makes it handy and easy to carry.
  • Grip: The plastic gives good support to the sharpener.


  • Warranty:  This sharpener doesn’t have any warranty.

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#10 Best Rated

Buck Knives 97076 EdgeTek® Dual Grit Pocket Stone Diamond Knife Sharpener

10. Buck Knives 97076 EdgeTek Dual Grit Pocket Stone Diamond Knife Sharpener

This sharpener has two grits medium and coarse, with 100% diamond coated sharpening surface.  It is slim and light so it automatically becomes handy and easy to carry. It is suitable for outdoor, the hunting blades can be easily sharpened with these stones.

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These sharpeners come with a protective sheath which gives grip and saves it from any damages. This product has lifetime manufacturer warranty, customers can ask for replacement too.


  • Dual use: The stone has a dual use; you can easily sharpen a blunt knife and give a smooth finishing too.
  • Dry/ wet: You can use the stone without water to sharpen your knife.
  • Warranty: With life time warranty the sharpener makes it more reliable.


  • Warranty:  This sharpener doesn’t have any warranty.

Best Pocket Knife Sharpener Buying Guide

There are tools that allow you to sharpen blades of your knives. These can be electric sharpeners, handheld sharpener, sharpening stones and steels. Electric sharpener, hand held sharpener, and sharpening stones are used to sharpen the edge of your knife. The sharpening steels are used for honing blades sharpness. This guide will help you make the right decision and will help you to choose the correct sharpener.

Choosing the correct type of sharpener

There are many types of sharpener you can use they all have different uses. Choosing the correct type of sharpener makes your work easy; you don’t have to agonize over it. Electric sharpeners provide you two or three sharpening levels you can do honing or sharpen a blunt edge. These come with a guide so working on these is easy. Handheld sharpeners these have few slots to sharpen your knife. These work manually which makes them a great companion for travels and camping.

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The sharpening stones made of Novaculite are known as Arkansas. The ones made of Aluminum Oxide are called India and the ones made of silicon carbide are known as Crystolon.  India stones are made for fine sharpening, crystolon are made for initial edge sharpening. Sharpening stones are handy; they don’t need any maintenance, so they are the most used sharpening tool. Sharpening steel these are mainly used for kitchen knives to keep them sharp for regular use.

Manual or electrical

The pocket knife sharpeners are available in two categories electrical and manual. In manual sharpeners you need to focus on the intensity and the angle of the blades. You sharp with one hand while the other hand is used to hold the knife at the correct angle.

According to bevel type

You should choose a sharpener according to the bevel of your knife. The knives with different bevel shapes are Convex, chisel, double bevel, flat, hollow, sabre. When you choose the sharpener according to bevel shape, you will get a razor-sharp knife without any extra effort.

According to the blade angle

Choose a sharpener according to the angle of your blade. The common blade angles are 30-35, 25-30, 18-25, and 12-18. These different angle blades have different uses like; chopping, hunting, and for outdoor utility.

According to blade design

Choose your sharpener according to the blade design, if your knife has multiple cuts on the blade you need to a different sharpener with hooks. A plain smooth blade can be sharpened by sharpening stones or electric sharpeners.

Tips to sharpen your knife

Knife sharpening is not a hard task, but it still needs few techniques to sharpen a knife. If your knife is not sharp on the correct angles, it is useless. You can follow the guide given below to know how to sharpen your knife.

Heavy sharpening – if your knife is blunt or inconsistent on the edges it needs sharpening. You should use a coarse grit sharpener for even out the inconsistency. While sharpening you should know the correct angle in which you need to sharpen your knife (some sharpeners work good if sharpened on correct angle).

Maintain contact with the blade – While sharpening your knife, you should keep even contact of blade and sharpener throughout the sharpening process.

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Alternate side – You should keep even strokes on each side of the blade. It is recommended that you should do 5 strokes on each side and then repeat the process. This makes it possible to maintain the correct angle and find out any inconsistency.

Evenness – Try to keep an even edge of your knife; it increases the life of your knife. You can maintain evenness of your knife with stone or diamond sharpeners.

Honing – Keep your knife sharpened by regular sharpening. This keeps your knife ready to use and don’t have to give time on sharpening before using it again.

How does a knife sharpener work?

Knife sharpener comes in different style; each style has a different use. A knife sharpener not only sharpens your knife; it also makes it smooth and even on each side of the blade.

Long lasting and durable – A knife sharpener is long lasting and durable; a sharpener can last for 5-years or more. If a sharpener is kept and maintained properly it will be last for more years, only thing which effects the durability of a sharpener is regular use and weather.

Fine sharpening – Maintaining sharpness on your knife’s blade is very important. Regular honing of blades keeps knife sharp; the sharpeners adjust according to your blade. Sharpening removes the unevenness from the blade.

Polishing – Few sharpeners polish knives by creating the extremely smooth blade. A knife sharpener doesn’t remove any metal from the blades they make them smooth and sharp.


Even though you’re a bit more seasoned on the kinds of sharpeners offered and which one can function the most effective for your demands, you may still have some questions. Below is a listing of one of the most frequently asked questions concerning knife sharpeners, exactly how they work, as well as what they do. If you still have questions, make sure to connect to your sharpener’s maker as well as talk with a customer support rep.

Q. How long does it require to hone a pocket knife?

It largely depends on exactly how plain the blade is. You can place a quick side on a blade that’s currently in respectable shape in 30 secs. Various other blades could need even more work, but hardly ever will it take greater than 10 to 15 minutes when you establish your tools up.

Q. Can you wreck a knife by honing it?

Definitely. You can remove the excess product and also completely improve the blade to the point that it does not work too. When developing vintage or timeless blades, this is particularly essential to see for.

Q. Should I develop a brand-new knife?

Many new blades are sharp, yet not as sharp as they could be. They typically appear on the plan with a bent wire side on the grind. A sharpening rod could assist create a sharper edge without actually grinding any type of material away.

Q. How typically should you hone a penknife?

When the blade stops cutting well, you should hone it. It depends on just how frequently you utilize your knife, the blade’s product, as well as the angle of the grind. A boring knife can be extremely dangerous to use, as it can become difficult to manage while still being sharp adequate to cut your skin, so make certain to keep your knife nicely sharpened.

Q. What angle do you make use of to develop a knife?

The best do-all angle for a pocketknife has to do with 17 degrees. This angle produces a long-lasting as well as a moderately sharp side.


For a day trip into the woods, most of the pocket knife sharpeners listed will work just fine — if they’re needed at all. When the trek into the wilderness gets deeper, though, you need a portable, lightweight knife sharpener that can restore a damaged edge. For its ability to quickly remove metal on one side, and hone an edge on the other, the DMT Diafold earns its spot in our pack. The folding handles are a welcome addition for keeping the surface clean, and the diamond surface will last for years. If we could only pick one sharpener it would be the Diafold. Unless, we could upgrade to a belt knife sharpener…

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