Best Pull up Bar Reviews and Buying Guide

Pull up bars reviews are few of the most amazing piece of equipment for upper body workout. They are fairly inexpensive and easy to use. One can perform different types of exercises on pull up bars. Choosing a pull up bar for your workout can be difficult task. Therefore we have made a list of 10 best pull up bars after intense research and personally using most of them. So, you only got to use your energy on working with them and not finding them. Hope you like the list.

1. Xtreme Monkey Wall Mounted Chin Up Bar

Xtreme Monkey Medicine Ball Rack 5

This product from Xtreme Monkey is rated as the best pull up bar. This pull bar is made for some serious training. It is made of solid steel and bolts flush to its support brackets. It is said to handle up to 800 pounds of weight when mounted correctly, which is simply incredible. Even if you are a sumo wrestler, this pull up bar can still hold you without breaking a sweat.

This product is powder coated for providing strong grip. Every bit of hardware and instruction that you need for installation is included with your pull up bar purchase. It has wall clearance of 33 inch thus giving you a lot of room for cross movement. It has extra wide bar measuring 44 inches. Its complete dimension is 43 x 25 x 7 inches and weighs 40 pounds. Lastly for installation you would need 2 people because of its size.

2. Ultimate Body Press Wall Mount Pull Up Bar

Ultimate Body Press Outdoor Pull Up Bar, Short

This pull up bar is suitable for every lifestyle. It is quotes as a gym quality bar and it high quality steel and grey coated finish does make it a great pull up bar. There are so many great things about this product.

First of all, Ultimate Body Press is a very reliable brand, it has many products in market and all them has received positive remarks from the users. Another great thing is it is very easy to install this pull up bar, all you got to do is install few screws.

There are multiple padded grips for different types of muscle workout and it can handle weight up to 300 pounds. Length of this bar is 38 inch.

3. Joist Mount Pull Up Bar by Ultimate Body Press

I-beam Pull Up Bar Black w/ Long Bent Bar 5-grip by PRO Mountings

This is another great pull up bar from Ultimate Body Press. Durability is just not a question here as it also made of steel and can hold up to 350 lbs of weight. The highlight of this pull up bar is that you don’t need to worry about clearance because of its design.

There are multiple grip positions to perform different types of upper body workouts. Grips are highly comfortable because of padding.  To make it more reliable it has coating which helps in prevent rusting and extend its overall life. Like other Ultimate Body Press pull up bars this comes with all the hardware required for installation and installation is easy and quick.

4. Stud Bar ceiling or wall mountable pull up bar

Ulalov Resistance Band Bar, Portable Home Gym Workout Equipment Exercise Bar Set, 5 Levels Resistance Bands Strength Training Bars with 35inch Long Bar Gym Handles Door Anchor

This is another very popular pull up bar in our list. Many have ranked it as the best pull up bar. This is also amongst the sturdiest pull up bar.  It is made with 14 inch gauge steel with triangular gussets for added strength. It has an astonishing capacity of 600 lbs.

This pull up bar comes in 3 sizes – small (8 foot ceiling), standard (9 foot ceiling) and large (10 foot ceiling). Required hardware for installation is included with the purchase. It has an overwhelming response from the users across the globe.

5. CFF Wall/Ceiling Mounted Pull Up Bar

CFF Olympic Gymnastic Rings Gym/Cross Training/Muscle Ups - 18 ft Extra Wide Measured & Numbered Straps

This pull up bar is simple in term of design. It is a 46 inch wide bar that sits 30 inch from the wall, the gap is enough to do variety of upper body workouts like pull up, Kip, ring dips, etc. it can support up to 300 pounds of user weight.

Installation isn’t tricky, required accessories are included with the purchase.  Though the brand hasn’t mentioned any coating but many users have quoted it as a rust proof bar. It also has the commercial class stud/joist mounted system. Overall, it is strong and sturdy bar great for cross fit and other pull up exercises.

6. Shamrock Triple Pullup, Dip and Suspension Door Gym

Iron Age Pull Up Bar Doorway US Invention Patent with Smart Hook Technology

This is not just a pull up bar but a three piece workout system. You just don’t need to install this system. It is designed to be hang on the door/wall. As claimed by the brand, you can do up to 35 different exercises with the help of this product.

It is made from heavy duty steel and can handle up to 350 lbs of weight. It also includes a complete bodyweight suspension trainer. The flexibility and versatility of this product is amazing.  It is absolutely loved by most of customers, it has a rating of 4.3/5 stars by more than 100 customers.

7. PRO Mountings 5-grip I-beam

I-beam Pull up Bar / Chin up Bar (Yellow Long Bar with Bent Ends) PRO Mountings

This is one of the most expensive product in our list of best pull up bar. It is made completely of steel, different part are made with different steel sizes, it has a very durable construction and it is constructed entirely in USA.

PRO Mountings 5-grip I-beam has a very unique and different design compare to traditional pull up bars. It can be installed on any I-beam. That saves a lot of extra space when not in use.  It supports up to 500 pounds of weight. A key feature is 5 grip positions from close and wide to neutral on other side. Installation is not an issue here as it is easy and required hardware are already included in the pack.

8. Ceiling Mount Pull Up Bar for 8′ Ceilings

Promountings I-Beam Pull Up Bar / Chin Up Bar, Long Bar with Bent Ends, Black

As the name suggests, it is designed especially for 8’ ceilings. This is often regarded as a sturdy and durable bar. It has excellent reviews from its user, with more than 80% of them giving it full 5 out of 5 stars on

It has capacity of holding 450 pounds of weight. Like every other bar in our list, it is also made from steel. It can be installed on normal 16” or 24” joists, this pull up bar itself is a 48” bar. This can be a perfect fit for your home gym.

9. Ultimate Body Press Wall Mount XL Pull Up Bar

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Ultimate body press make ultimate pull up bar, don’t they? Because there are 4 of them in our best pull up bar list. This is also a typical ultimate body press bar with excellent construction quality. It is made to support 350 lbs of weight.

The installation is easy but it would require more than one person. Its specification is very similar to above Ultimate Body Press bar. It has 30 inch of wall clearance, the space is enough for full range of motions and working out with other fitness accessories.

10. Iron Core Athletics Joist Mount Pull Up Bar

Iron Age Pull Up Bar Doorway US Invention Patent with Smart Hook Technology

The last product in the list of best pull up bar is Iron Core Athletics Joist Mount Pull Up Bar. It is also amongst the most affordable pull up bar in the list. It has a simple and a traditional design.

Don’t mistake it as below average bar because of its price. It is made with heavy duty material and built for some serious training. There is three pair of padded grips for wide, medium and narrow grip. It also comes with 1 year of repair/replace warranty for any manufacturer defect.

How to choose best pull up bar


Frame is the most important factor while buying a pull up bar. Durability of frame is the most important for workout. There are various materials to choose from. Most good pull up bars are made from steel. Steel have certain advantages over any other material. Durability provided by steel is unparallel to any other material. Most of the best pull up bar in this made from steel. We definitely recommend you to but pull up bar made of steel with durable frame.


Multiple grips comes very handy while doing workout.  Every pull up bar have different number of grip. Various people do different kind of exercises. Extra grips are always good even if you don’t need them. Apart from multiple grips, padded grips are also important. they help you accomplish more pull ups.Padded grips are easy and comfortable to hold. Therefore we recommend to look for multiple and padded grips.

Weight capacity

Different bar have different holding capacity. It’s up to you how much capacity do you need for your workout.  Just don’t underestimate your weight and weight you’re going to put on pull up bar. In fact we did recommend you to buy a pull up bar at least 50 pounds more than your estimation.

Height and width

Where are you going to install your pull up bar? Every pull up bar have different height and width. What kinds of work out you are planning to do with the bar, does it have enough clearance for that? There are few question that one must answer before buying a pull up bar.


As stated earlier, there are variety of pull up bar to choose from. Every type has different purpose. From place of installation to kind of workout to choose to do everything is related to type of pull up bar you prefer. Therefore, choose wisely the kind of pull up bar you want.


Last thing to consider is installation. Does it come with all the required hardware? How difficult is to install, and how many person is needed for installation? These are few question that’s better be answered before buying a pull up bar. Most of the pull up bar in this list comes with necessary hardware and extremely simple to install.

Listed below are Best pull up bar which satisfy both affordability and quality:

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