10 Cool and Creative Wedding Gifts for Bride

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Wedding gifts are a tricky thing to choose especially if you want to gift something to the bride. This is a special day in any bride’s life and she wants to not only look the best but at the same time wants everything in the best mood around her. If you are her best friend or somebody close, then you might always be confused about what you should gift her that will bring a smile on her face. There is a variety of gift options available when it comes to gifting them to the bride but these gifts are very common n nature.

If you want to gift something to the bride so that she will remember you then here are some creative wedding gifts for bride that you can choose from.

1. Emergency Bridal survival kit for wedding day

Bridal emergencies are a nightmare for any bride as anything can go wrong when it comes to the D-day, from a chipped nail to a zit and even worse a stain in your gorgeous dress. This particular kit usually has various things in it starting from dental floss, pain reliever, bobby pins, breath mints, antacids, tissues, nail filer, compact, band-aid, stain remover and various other things that are specifically made for a bride’s emergency need. This kit is like a helping hand for the bride to survive her wedding apocalypse.

2. Rhinestone studded bridal robe

It is essential to make the bride feel special because it’s her day and she is the center of attraction. The best way to start making her feel special on her D-day is by gifting her something which is unusual that gives her the feeling of being a bride. This particular gift is not only unique but is creative too. The silk or polyester robe is studded with rhinestones in the back with the word bride engraved in white.  These robes are available in a variety of colors and that gives you an option of choosing her favorite color.

3. Bath bomb gift set

A good bath before and after the wedding is the best way to relax from the nerves especially for the bride. The bath bombs make up for the creative gift option because the bath bombs come in various colors and have scents that are soothing and relaxing. There are bath bombs that are all natural, non-irritating and perfect for moisturizing the skin. Gifting this to the bride you know will make her remember you for the relaxation that you will be providing her with.

4. Reflexology and wooden massage kit

One of the most important things that are needed for a beautiful and pretty bride is a relaxed body and mind. The reflexology and wooden massage kits come in various mixes such as cucumber, melon, lavender, and many more. The kit contains reflexology wooden comb, bubble bath, loofah, shower gel, scented candles, and assortments. This reflexology kit will spell wonder for the bride in calming and relaxing her body and mind.

5. Home Accents

Although, home accents are a common thing when it comes to a wedding gift but some out-of-the-box home accents can be beneficial for the new bride. Wedding means she has to start designing her abode with her own ideas and emotions after she goes to her new home. Make sure you try to get hold of home accents that are not very common like mason jar lights, silky faux sheepskin carpet, vintage wooden candle holder, personalized stone coasters and many more such creative options.

6. A pretty mirror

This might not be your idea about creative gift ideas when it comes to gifting to the bride but it is an essentiality that is worth gifting. A bride would like to have a mirror that she can every time see and feel amazed at her dreamy look. There is a variety of mirrors available in the market but choosing the right one is essential. A vintage or a wooden mirror will be an art of work and she will keep hold of it for the rest of her life.

7. Accessory box for her jewelries

Jewelry or accessories are one thing that will be there with the bride during the whole time before and after the wedding and that can be a worrying thing for her. The best way to get away with her worry is by gifting the bride an accessory box. There is a variety of such boxes hugely available in the market but it’s important to choose a spacious box that holds her jewelries, and watches so that she can carry them wherever she goes.

8. Organizational canisters

New home means making space and de-cluttering things; from pulses, spices, and cereals to bathroom accessories such as ear-buds, floss and many more. If you don’t want the bride to get stressed after her marriage with a messy home then the best way to bring down her stress is by gifting her canisters. You can choose from variety of such canisters, mix and match them and make it creative for her.

9. Coffee brewer

This gift definitely makes its cut to the list of survival kit that will be helpful even after the bride is done with her wedding. Coffee is so essential and can make everything seem easier. Be it her wedding or the day after she is done with the big event or for her life with the man of her dreams. Her caffeine intact will keep her in place. Coffee brewers are widely available both in online and retail for anybody to choose from.

10. Champagne flutes

Personalized champagne flutes are the best way to enhance her experience of being a bride. These are impressive and creative gift options that are made of mesh, satin, and lace to give a wedding dress look to the champagne glass. You can also get one for the groom to give her the romantic feel when she picks up the glass to toast to her life now and after. You can either choose from the ones that are already available or custom-make something.

Brides can be a nervous bunch on their D-day and it is essential to soothe them and bring calmness to their nerves, these creative gift options can be useful and perfect for such a need. These gifts show the effort that one puts in choosing the gift for the person they adore. So, if you are awaiting a wedding then these gift options for the bride can come to a great help.

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