10 Cool and Funny Farewell Gift Ideas

Funny Farewell Gift Ideas : Farewells can be an emotional time for both the person leaving and the person bidding them well. Among sadness and farewell speeches the best way to cheer everybody up is by gifting the leaving person something funny as well as cool. Gifting something as a going away gift largely depends on the kind of person they are. But getting hold of farewell gifts that come under this genre is a tough task at hand and needs research. So, we bring some gift options for bidding a great farewell with these quirky farewell gifts that is unique in every way.

1. Mug for retired principal

Funny Mug - Yet, despite the look on my face, you're still talking - 11 OZ Coffee Mugs - Inspirational gifts and sarcasm

Retirements can be tough for anybody. After serving in a place and doing the same work for endless days and one fine day one has to just leave everything. But it’s tougher for the school principals as they get to see generations after generations come and leave. So, the best way to bid farewell to a retiring principal is by presenting him or her with a mug that has funny messages for a fruitful and eventful retired life ahead.

2. Music novelty skinny neckties by Match Much

Ties for men skinny neckties cosplay tie for birthday party music necktie

If you know somebody anywhere who is totally in love with music and is leaving a place for good than nothing can be better than this piece of art. For example, a co-worker who loves music will remember this gift for the rest of their life. The necktie has music accessories such as guitars, notes, piano keys and staffs all printed on this tie. They may not be wearing it devotionally but are goanna love this gift eternally.

3. Funny warm winter beanie

Creative Original Barbarian Knit Beard Hat Wig Beanie Hat Funny Knit Hat Beard Facemask (Dark Grey)

No goodbye gift can be better than a winter accessory as it lets the person know that you care about them. These particular beanies by Lserver are not only comfortable but come in two different varieties such as octopus and bear style. Moreover, these beanies are unisex and can be very useful during the winters. Every winter when they will open this beanie to warm themselves you will be the first one in their mind thanks to this funny farewell gift.

4. Record earrings- A touch of 50’s

15 Pairs Petal Leather Earrings Antique Looking Faux Leather Teardrop Long Dangle Earrings Lightweight Leaf Red Yellow Handmade Floral Rainbow Print Drop Earrings Gift For Teens Girls Women (3#)

Women love accessories and especially the ones which are totally different. If you are scratching your head off to get a cool farewell gift for a female friend or colleague, then these record style earrings with a touch of 50’s by hey VIV can be a perfect one. These earrings are lightweight and come with a good made-up. It will look millions on them every time they will adore these and you are sure to be remembered.

5. Poo emoji plush pillow

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How would you liked to be remembered by a friend who has left for a different place? Well, we have something for you. Consider gifting them this poo emoji plush pillow and see the different expressions that decorate their face. Your closest of friends might not be with you to enjoy all the stupid experiences that you might be having after they leave but thanks to this funny goodbye gift you will be leaving a permanent smile on their face forever.

6. Apron that reads- Retired under new management

Attitude Aprons Fully Adjustable "Retired Under New Mangement, See Spouse" Apron-Black

Retirement means embracing a different lifestyle and a schedule where one tend to give 100% to their home and people who might have missed out on special moments thanks to their work. If somebody is retiring from work, then think about gifting this apron as a farewell gift by attitude apron that reads-retired under new management-see spouse for details. No other gift can be so apt to describe the awesome life that one will have at the end of one innings and the start of another.

7. Funny retro fridge magnet for a retiring nurse

Set of 4 - NURSE / NURSING - Funny Comedy MAGNETS

One of the best people that humanity has to offer is nurses and thanking them for the work they do is a must. If you are searching for a gift option for a retiring nurse then this funny retro fridge magnet that reads-would you like to talk to the doctor in-charge or the nurse who really knows what’s going on? Isn’t it the apt way to let them know we care about them and are aware of their works? What else can be a best farewell gift for them if not this?

8. A vinyl record wall clock of F.R.I.E.N.D.S

VANGOLD Large 3D DIY Wall Clock Roman Numerals Clock Frameless Mirror Surface Wall Sticker Home Decor for Living Room Bedroom

Nothing can be better than bidding a friend farewell with the infamous F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Let them remember you with all the laughter and the time spent together whenever they glance the time in the clock. The clock comes in a vinyl style record that gives a perfect touch to your world of nostalgia and makes up for the best ever farewell gift. These clocks are easy to mount up and can be a piece of art once mounted.

9. Novelty beer pint glass

Funny Retirement Gift - I Worked My Whole Life For This Beer Now I'm Retired - Novelty Beer Pint Glass

Beer is the best way to enjoy life both before and after the retirement. Gifting somebody who is retiring this beer pint glass that has different quotes written on them can be a best way to bid them farewell. The funny quotes that define their life even after accepting a different life and schedule will not only give a charm but will make them remember you for the rest of their life.

10. Executive knight pen holder

ThinkGeek Executive Knight Pen Holder - Fancy Black-Inked Pen with Refillable Ink Included - A ThinkGeek Creation and Exclusive, Silver/Grey, One Size (71543)

Working in an office means one is always in touch with pen and papers and thus gifting office supplies to a going away boss or colleague is the best of the lot. This particular gift makes up for the final gift option in the list. It might not be funny but is definitely cool. The gift is a kneeling knight that bows down with a mightier pen in place of a sword. This holder is capable of holding just any modern quill of your boss or colleague. This gift speaks so much more than just a material expression.

Goodbyes are the toughest thing. The thought that you won’t be seeing the favorite person on an everyday basis gives a sense of sorrow that is hard to surpass. But the only way you can forget this grief is by giving them the best farewell gift which will be etched in their mind forever.

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