Craftsman Premium Rubber Garden Hose Review

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We bought the Craftsman Premium Rubber Garden Hose so our reviewer might put it to the test. Maintain checking out for our full item evaluation.

Fractured, dripping, bendy, heavy pipes are things of garden-tending nightmares. Right here is the remedy: the Craftsman Premium Rubber Garden Hose. Constructed with heavy-duty rubber as well as brass couplers, the extremely ranked garden pipe supposedly maintains its shape without kinking or dripping.

Considering that our old hose, which we inherited from our residence’s previous owner, was well past its prime, we made a decision to see what the Craftsman alternative was all about. We evaluated the product’s efficiency in our Portland, Oregon, garden, score its flexibility, resilience, ease of use, and more. Below’s what we located.

Arrangement Refine: Easy

To utilize this pipe, all we required to do was eliminate the cardboard label and the spin connections holding it in its coiled shape. We merely attached the fitting to our faucet as well as turned on the water. We located that the tube fits quickly onto our outside tap as well as devices, such as spray nozzles as well as sprinklers (the package really did not consist of any accessories). There was no dripping and no muscle required to attach or separate.

Craftsman Premium Rubber Garden Hose

Design: Clever and also efficient

Certain, it’s just a pipe, yet the design is really pretty innovative: Constructed from strengthened radial tire cord, that makes it extra sturdy and adaptable, this model determines 50 feet in length and also 5/8-inch in diameter. In regards to stress, the hose pipe supplies a single stream with 500 pound-force per square inch (psi) burst strength– plenty for our purposes. It’s fitted with crush-proof brass couplers that make attaching to the tap as well as other devices a watertight breeze.

As opposed to the traditional tubular shape, this rubber pipe can be found in a concave hexagonal form, which is the crucial to its dependable kink-resistance and its overall convenience of use. It’s lightweight, lays level, as well as does not turn– dealing with numerous of the concerns we frequently confront with pipes.

The color is fundamental black, which we liked for our purposes, but other firms use pipes in various hues if that is essential to you.

Efficiency: Outstanding

This workhorse of a watering tool surpasses expectations. Unlike our last hose, which without fail ended up carelessly twisted around the faucet every time we used it, the Craftsman design is genuinely kink-resistant. It’s maneuverable, and it actually lays level, implying no more cursing while attempting to manage the water.

We located that it took care of low as well as high water stress like a champ as well as remained flexible no matter the temperature level (it’s stated to hold up against extreme weather condition, from 20-below problems all the way as much as a blazing warm 160 degrees).

But also for us, the pipe’s greatest marketing point is its weight– or do not have thereof. It is available in around 9 pounds, a few less than the average competitor design. We were glad for this mobility when wandering our grass with the hose in tow.

Our older children (ages 14 and also 12) were able to easily sprinkle bushes as well as yard beds, and the more youthful kids (10 and 7) might also drag it under the trampoline to attach a lawn sprinkler. All of them noted it was extremely light to carry.

Rate: Worth every added dime

The 5/8-inch, 50-foot Artisan hose retails for anywhere from $27 to $43. The average 50-foot-long hose pipe on the market costs about $33 to $35, so this choice is somewhat much more pricey on the high-end of that range. Nonetheless, considering what you’re obtaining (true kink-resistance in a lightweight version), we assume the added dollars are well worth the financial investment.

Craftsman Premium Rubber Garden Hose vs. Continental ContiTech Commercial Premium Rubber Tube

The majority of the specifications on both of these models are the same: 50 feet in size, 5/8-inch in diameter, all rubber, as well as weather-proof. We evaluated both, and while the Continental ContiTech tube weighs a whopping 12 pounds, the Artisan is available in at just over 9 extra pounds and also is absolutely twist- and also bend-resistant. You’ll pay for the lighter tube, which runs $43, contrasted to around $30 for its equivalent.

If you’re in need of a much longer length with all the same benefits, the 100-foot variation of the Craftsman Premium Rubber Garden Hose costs about $100 and also is most definitely worth considering.

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