Decipher the attraction of the air fryer with young people

Using very little oil but still creating delicious dishes, similar in taste to traditional methods is the reason why many families prefer oil-free fryers.

Main Point
  • The oil-free fryer helps to reduce the fat of fried foods
  • Suitable for small families who want a healthy diet, less time to cook and clean
  • Not suitable for: Crowded house, already has an oven
  • Should choose from famous brands, consider the appropriate capacity and capacity

What is an oil-free fryer?

Essentially, an air fryer creates super-hot air around the food. Since no oil is required for heat transfer, you can simply brush or spray a thin layer of oil over the surface of the material. As a result, dishes can reduce 70-80% of fat compared to deep-frying, some dishes don’t even need to add oil.

For those who rarely cook, an oil-free fryer helps limit the “struggle” with a pot of hot oil or the risk of fire.

Air fryers can be used to create “low-fat” versions of common dishes like fried chicken, fries, and salmon.

air fryer



While frying potatoes in the traditional method, you need about 750 ml of oil, the fryer only needs about 15 ml.

This helps reduce fat and calories and prevents the formation of acrylamide – a synthetic plastic that has the potential to cause cancer in humans.

Save time in the kitchen

Housewives just need to prepare the marinated ingredients, put them in the frying tray and adjust the temperature and timer without having to watch or turn the food.

Deep frying in oil often makes the kitchen dirty and smelly. The new generation fryer helps to overcome this problem. Some models have built-in air filters to prevent odors. Excess grease and oil are filtered into the reservoir for easy removal. With some dishes, it is recommended to use stencils or foil so that the food does not dry out or burn.

Not just fried food

Many new generation fryer models integrate many functions. You can try roasting meat, fried fish, potatoes, pies, or making dried fruit.

At the level of personal use, the air fryer can replace toasters, ovens, etc., saving space for small apartments.


Can only cook small amounts of food

Popular models of air fryers are only suitable for servings 1-2 people. For large families, air fryers are difficult to replace traditional ovens or frying pans.

The dish may not be familiar

Even though the results are almost the same, fastidious diners will notice a difference in taste or texture. Users will have to consider the trade-off between the traditional fried taste and a kitchen that is less cluttered, greasy as well as “healthy” food.

Which type should I buy?

Air fryers appeared in around 2014 and gradually became widely used. A series of products from new brands such as Lock&Lock, BlueStone, or household giants including Elextrolux, Sharp, Philips are popular. The fryer has a capacity of 1.8-10 liters, the price is diverse.

For a small family, you should look to buy one with a capacity of fewer than 3.5 liters. With heavy use in large homes, models from 5.2 l should be considered, but the larger pot size can be an obstacle for small kitchens.

Some types of oil-free fryers are controlled, timed by a knob system, easier to use than modern electronic touch panels.