10 Useful and Creative Gifts for Kayakers

Gifts for Kayakers: Kayaking has become a favorite sport over the past years. People travel to places where there are significant water bodies to propel kayas. Kayaking lets, you play in waterfalls, lakes, river rapids, and seas. However, you need to be a professional to engage in this activity. It is an adventurous way to explore and appreciate nature during your free time. Unlike canoes, kayaks have two blades on each end, and the paddles are longer than those for canoes. It is neither difficult nor easy to buy a gift for your favorite, but knowing what they need is a guide to help you choose the best gifts for kayakers.

Listed below are bestselling Gifts for Kayakers which satisfy both affordability and quality.

1. Explortek Nite-Blazer LED HeadLamp with Case

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A small and compact headlamp is one of the perfect gifts of kayakers. This headlamp is suitable for late night kayakers, as it will help them see their way. It provides a bright beam of light that can light up a whole football field.

You can quickly adjust the headband to your preferred comfort and change the light either to dim or bright with a click of a button. The headlamp also comes with a safe storage case, carabiner clip, and 3-AAA batteries.

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It is waterproof and durable designed with the kayakers in mind.  Buy this present to the kayaker enthusiasts around you and keep them safe while they enjoy kayaking.

2. Dry Bag

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Kayakers usually carry various items while kayaking on the waterfalls or lakes. To keep these items safe from water, they need a bag that will serve them well. This bag is convenient as it has enough room to carry a variety of what they need while at the same time keeping them dry.

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The bag is strong enough to hold electronics, clothing, and snack as well. It is also comfortable as one can put it on the back since it has straps or you can remove the strap and carry by the handle. It is one of those useful gifts for kayakers.

3. Scotty 311 Drink Holder

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Some kayakers wake up early in the morning or late at night to fish and explore. It does not matter the time, what would make them stay refreshed is something to drink. With this beautiful drink holder, they can enjoy coffee, tea, or soda as they leisurely propel their Kayaks. This mug is safe from spilling the drink as one can mount to the kayak.

4. Waterproof First Aid Kit

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A waterproof first aid kit is an essential thing always to have while kayaking. Buying this as a gift shows that you care about their safety. It is portable and lightweight and is designed with high-quality vinyl fabric.

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The waterproof first aid kit is packed with 175 hospital medical supplies and enough space to put extra things that they may require. It is compact to fit inside another dry bag or into a storage compartment on the kayak. It is again one of those useful gifts for kayakers.

5. Kasting Coso Sport Sunglasses

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Talk of an incredible yet useful gift to give to kayakers. These sports sunglasses have interchangeable colors that a young kayaker would love. When there is rain on the water, they are the best companion as they are waterproof. While during the sunny season they protect the eyes excessive light and enables one to enjoy the day.

The Kasting Coso Sports Sunglasses are shatter proof and come with four various polycarbonated lenses the same as those for racers.

6. Onyx Move Vent Dynamic Paddle Sports Life Vest

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Having a life vest especially while on water is very important. Ensure that your loved one has the jacket on every time they embark on kayaking. Besides, it is comfortable as it does add extra weight to the Kayaker. This life vest comes in different sizes, and you do not have a reason not to get one for either your husband or son. Also, it has a safety whistle that is attached to a cord.  Buy this gift to any kayaker enthusiasts in your life.

7. Water Resistant Super Loud Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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It is one of the excellent gifts for kayakers who love listening to music while relaxing on the water. It is a portable and compact as well with a Bluetooth long-range connection. Do not worry about the size of this device, it is deafening and has a loud bass sound.

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The batteries can to last up to eight hours for you to enjoy your music. It is compatible with your phone or any other devices that you may have. Since kayakers spend their time on the water, the speaker is also build to prevent it from being damaged by water.

8. Pelican 1050 Micro Dry Case

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While on water kayakers carry their phones, wallets, or keys, and so to keep them safe from falling inside the water, they must have somewhere to put them. This dry case can to keep all the valuables as it offers extra protection from dust and water with durable see-through box and tight seal. It is necessary equipment to have for every kayaker!

9. Zcare LVP Marine Boat Cleaner

Sale 303 30340CSR Marine UV Protectant Spray for Vinyl, Plastic, Rubber, Fiberglass, Leather & More – Dust and Dirt Repellant-Non-Toxic, Matte Finish, 16 Fl. oz

For a kayaker who is well organized and loves his kayak clean, getting him or her this gift will be the best decision. It is environmental friendly that works well on gel coats and fiberglass surfaces. It contains a UV shield that protects the kayak. All that nasty, black streaks, dirt, oil grease, can be removed by this cleaner. Include this fantastic gift on your list!

10. Complete Folding Anchor System

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The last product on our list of useful and creative gifts for kayakers is complete folding anchor system. It is one of the most essential tools to have while on water. You may come across fish and wish to have one. The incredible thing about it is that it is convenient as one can fold and store in the compartment on the kayak. It can hold the kayak on various surfaces like mud, sand, gravel, and rock for it to land safely.

Any kayaker will greatly appreciate this kind of gift!

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