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Rightline Gear 110750 Full-Size Short Truck Bed Tent 5.5'

The Best Truck Tents Reviews in 2021

Truck tents were invented in 1990 by Roman Napieraj, the owner of Napier Enterprises. They are designed to let people delight in camping outdoors without having to sleep on the unpleasant ground vulnerable. Truck tents permit individuals to transform their pickup’s bed into a secured and also comfortable resting area. Their use has been increasing in popularity in the recent years, especially with families. Allowing you experience all the fun that includes resting outdoors, these protective coverings does not require people to push the insect infester, hard ground. They additionally do a fantastic job of maintaining you cozy as well as dry when it’s drizzling outside. They are additionally extremely easy to set up– enabling you to invest more of your time exploring your surroundings.

You additionally won’t need to stray around to look for a large camping area as it sits in the back of your vehicle. A lot of them are developed to conveniently fit a couple of people, yet their size hinges on the version and make from your truck. They are created to be quickly connected to the bed of one’s vehicle, and also certain versions are made specifically for various types of automobiles. That you can affix truck tents which include lift or decrease entrances, your vehicle needs to have a couple of functions. They can also be utilized with lengthy or brief bed vehicles, as well as other vehicles that are developed to hold a camper top.

Best Truck Tents

Once you obtain familiarized with the configuration procedure (hooking or strapping the ten to several points of the vehicle, setting it up will normally just take a couple of mins. There are some bed mattress particularly made for oversleeping vehicle beds for added comfort for numerous campers. A couple of outdoors tents also come with a zippered window which is made to offer you practical access to your vehicle’s rear home window. Tents that are particularly made for camping in the beds of trucks are reasonably brand-new– indicating that there are rather a minimal number of vehicle camping tent manufacturers to pick from, but this likewise indicates that you’ll have a simpler time locating the most effective truck tent.

Listed below are Best Truck Tents which satisfy both affordability and quality:

Top number Best Rated Truck Tent Reviews

#1 Best Rated

Rightline Gear 110750 Full-Size Short Truck Bed Tent 5.5'

Overview Equipment Complete Dimension Truck Outdoor Tents

This is a lengthy bed vehicle outdoor tents with timeless styling and water resistant polyester material that’s our Editors Selection for best truck tent.

It prepares to get out there and also handle whatever nature chooses to toss at you while making the most of functional space in your big truck.

This vehicle bed outdoor tents made the top of our checklist not always because it’s one of the most elite camping tent we’ve seen, but since it’s a wonderful worth for the price.

Weighing in at under $100 on the budget range isn’t easy to do yet here you have it!

Completely deployed you obtain 63″ x 79″ of flooring area with the vehicle tailgate down. That floor room is secured by a dual wall tent with a rainfly that covers rather low on the sides to avoid intrusion of rain.

Since there’s no gasket to cover from the outdoor tents to the taxicab you’ll simply wish to see to it you attract the front of the camping tent down as safely as possible to make certain rain sheds in between the truck bed and also the back window.

Overview Equipment Complete Size Truck Outdoor Tents at a Glance:

  • Sleeps two
  • 1500mm hydrostatic head
  • Long bed vehicle dimension
  • 5.25 feet facility elevation

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#2 Best Rated

Sportz Truck Tent Blue/Grey (Full Size Short 6.5-Feet Box)

Sportz Truck Tent Blue/Grey

I directly love the complete bathtub design floor on this tent as well as the adequate insurance coverage on all sides. While it’s a little bit a lot more costly than the Guide Gear outdoor tents I believe it still should have an appearance.

One factor you’ll pay a little bit much more for this pickup tent is the kindly sized awning which secures to the tailgate. This awning provides several feet of shelter before the tailgate so you don’t get soaked when you’re getting in or out of the camping tent.

Other upgraded attributes are the color coded pole and sleeve system and the inner ceiling net. If you like belonging to save a LED lantern or your pocketbook while you sleep the ceiling internet is a wonderful add.

I would certainly say this camping tent deserves the enhanced rate if you’re interested in having the awning to shield you as you get in as well as out.

Nevertheless the price difference is hard to warrant when you might construct your very own awning out of a 10′ x10′ turn up cover for the same cost or less.

Thanks to the bath tub flooring you will not need to stress over a little rainfall getting in the bed of the truck.

Sportz Truck Outdoor Tents Blue-Grey at a Look:

  • Sleeps 2
  • 5.6 feet center elevation
  • Built in awning
  • Large tub floor
  • Color coded pole setup system

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#3 Best Rated

Rightline Gear-110907 SUV Tent, Sleeps Up to 6, Universal Fit, Orange.

Rightline Equipment Full-Size Requirement Truck Bed

For lengthy bed truck proprietors remember you’ll need a larger overall outdoor tents. Tiny camping tents won’t fit and you’ll be SOL so this camping tent may be simply the ticket for you.

Undoubtedly the most significant improvement of this tent over a lot of the others on our list is the water resistant gaskets around the sides.

On the sides of the truck bed waterproof flaps from the camping tent overhang as well as curtain to ensure 100% of the rain is shed off the vehicle as well as not running into the truck bed where you’re resting.

I will claim that I’m not the hugest follower of the layout where all-time low of the tent door attaches to the tailgate. This area seems a little flat as well as vulnerable to water buildup but it’s tough to say from my research study.

In any case, I do like that they at least allow us know they’re making use of 2,000 mm hydrostatic head water resistant fabric. While it’s not cyclone evidence it ought to be simply fine for a lot of camping.

Best For: Campers that want added defense keeping water out of the pick-up camping tent with fantastic overhanging water resistant flaps.

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#4 Best Rated

Napier Backroadz Truck Tent , Grey/Green, Full Size Regular Bed (6.4'-6.7')

NAPIER Backroadz Truck Outdoor Tents

So… this one might be a little bit deceptive. Sorry, individuals yet it’s actually an “every little thing” tent. Great for trucks, SUVs or hatchbacks like Subarus.

Envision a normal tent where one side has been changed with a massive water resistant sock that discusses the backside of your truck or SUV.

The tent itself is a lovely typical camping tent however the elastic sock does the work of linking it to your car or vehicle like a hamster toy.

I personally assume this is the very best SUV tent and car camping outdoor tents choice available to those who don’t wish to actually sleep in the bed of the vehicle.

Do not be fooled however, there are lots of variations of this outdoor tents design readily available from different makers so shop around if this isn’t quite the design you desire.

There’s one huge door and one accessibility panel for the automobile. I recognize a number of individuals who use this style camping tent as well as sleep in the back of the automobile while setting up their “living” area in the camping tent itself for even more elbow room.

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#5 Best Rated

ARB 813208A Awning Room (Deluxe w / Floor 2000mm x 2500mm Heavy Duty) for ARB Awning 814201 or ARB4402A

Dac Inc.-Vehicle Tents DAC Mid

If you’re still stumped for remedies to finding the best camping tent for your automobile this might cover the last of the alternatives. Fitment includes mid dimension lorries or SUVs with tailgates.

Honestly I assume individuals that will be happiest with this sort of truck bed tent camper are those that already have a vehicle topper and also like camping from the back of the truck.

What you actually leave this is a little bit more functional room as well as outdoors.

With the glass up as well as the tailgate down you obtain an extra couple of feet well worth of area to relocate and sleep. When it’s not drizzling you can let some light and also air in without the insects by making use of the netting on the zippered home window.

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BUYING GUIDES: Choose best Truck Tent

When we are talking about truck bed tents we’re speaking about a water resistant, light-weight, as well as economical pop up tent for the bed of your truck, not those full dimension vehicle bed campers.

Truck tents are excellent if you already have a truck however don’t want to trouble with the expense and headache of hauling a trailer or a full dimension camper.

Top quality Waterproofing

The greatest problems of camping always come from those surprisingly solid rainfall storms that appear to obtain every little thing you have wet. Certainly, every outdoor tents ultimately outlasts its life-span as well as sheds waterproofness but a new camping tent should stand up to also the most awful tornados for numerous periods of use.

Exactly how can we make certain we’re getting a genuinely waterproof vehicle bed camping tent?

Look for seam sealing on all sewed joints. Joint sealing from the factory normally is available in the form of seam tape. Find a seam on your tent and also search for a thin, clear line of tape leaving the joint. This tape maintains water from dripping with the holes triggered by sewing devices.

Repair old joints with clear silicone caulk thinned down in mineral spirits. When seam tape starts removing you’ll need to tear it off as well as fix the seam with silicone. Make use of a small disposable foam brush to use the silicone.

To ensure the camping tent material itself is water resistant, look for silnylon or silpoly textile. These fabrics are manufacturing facility fertilized with a slim layer of water-proof silicone that maintains rainfall out for a very long time.

Some outdoor tents manufacturers will certainly define the hydrostatic head of the outdoor tents textile. This is a number stood for in millimeters. The higher the number, the much better the waterproofing. Do not anticipate to see this number from all makers, nonetheless. Many fall short to offer this requirements.

Kind Of Vehicle Tents

Truck tents can also be SUV camping tents and also truck mattress topper tents and also well … almost anything. Let’s look at several of the variations of truck tents as well as what they’re good for. Even among devoted truck tents there are variants for practically any type of vehicle configuration.

Short Bed Truck Tents

These camping tents are particularly sized to fit a short bed truck. A lot of you are using short bed trucks with crew taxis to suit the household as well as your truck be might not be complete dimension. Not to stress!

Long Bed Truck Tents

Are made for the bigger truck beds on many complete size vehicles. Frequently you can make use of a short bed vehicle tent on a lengthy bed vehicle but not the other way around. Long bed truck tents are too big to fit smaller trucks.

Vehicle Topper Tents

Some tents are made to slip over or piggyback on an associate a mattress topper. A number of you utilizing vehicle bed mattress toppers are possibly just oversleeping the truck bed with the mattress topper closed, yet if you wish to be able to maintain the door open as well as have an excellent bugproof cover these might be a terrific choice.

Tailgate Tents

As I call them are ground based outdoors tents with a large victory side. This hole has a sleeve which slides over an SUV or hatchback tailgate so you can relocate between the automobile and also the tent without ever before leaving the enclosed room.

By far the largest concern with vehicle topper outdoor tents as well as tailgate style tents is waterproofness. Many choose to raise the steadiness of the vehicle or tailgate design outdoors tents with an extra tarp and also a few straps simply to be safe. Might not hurt.

Producing an Excellent Seal

Where pickup truck tents usually battle remains in making a good favorable seal around the taxi top as well as the sides of the bed. When rains come in you can be assured that water will certainly make its way down any type of fractures or spaces around the tent. To see to it you don’t wake up damp we need to check these seams.

Truck tents secure over the sides of the truck bed normally with overhangs or wings. These ought to be long enough to completely cover to the side of the vehicle sides as well as normally should be held down with straps.

If these “wings” are too short water might run back under and also swimming pool in the truck bed.

On the top of the tent where the vehicle cab meets the side of the camping tent you might have to get imaginative. Lots of truck tents do not have a sealing gasket here. Rather the tent should secure over the lip of the bed just behind the back home window to drop rain outside of the vehicle bed.

If your tent does not have a good gasket here you’ll need to get a little bit imaginative.

One choice is to use an additional tarpaulin as well as a couple of straps or ropes.

An additional choice is to just allow the water run down around the camping tent. To avoid having issues with this your vehicle tent need to have a water-proof floor. In addition you’ll intend to make sure you park the vehicle on a slight slope with the tailgate downhill so water lacks the bed as well as does not pool up under the tarp.

If you do park on an angle, see to it to keep in mind that your head should be uphill and also your feet near the tailgate when sleeping. This avoids having the blood rush to your head while resting which will offer you a horrible headache (I have actually tried it before).

Vehicle Outdoor Tents Straps & Protecting Your Paint Job

Every pickup tent I’ve ever before seen uses some type of strapping system that typically decreases over the sides of the truck bed. These bands will usually wind up wiggling, scrambling, as well as shaking in high winds or tornados.

To shield your truck’s paint job you’ll wish to pad these bands a bit. After you drive down the dirty crushed rock campground roads your truck obtains covered in a great layer of grit and also dirt.

This dirt when scrubed about by the bands of your tent can ultimately abrade the clear coat on your paint and also leave a horrible mark. Unfortunate!

Some good ways to safeguard the paint are as complies with:

  • Try to find band hooks covered in soft rubber
  • Only hook bands to bare steel under the structure as well as out the paint
  • Try to find outdoor tents straps with integrated in soft guards
  • Use items of pipeline insulation (affordable at the equipment store) to pad the bands

Outdoor tents Accessories

There are a few “additionals” you may want to think about for your vehicle camping tent. A mesh display to keep frustrating insects out would be at the top of our listing. Absolutely nothing will destroy an evenings sleep than insects buzzing about.

A rainfly to aid keep the camping tent completely dry when the unpreventable rainstorm hits. Storage space pockets as well as a lantern holder are additionally some added features you might want in your tent.

Last but not least an opening at the rear of the outdoor tents can be found in handy if you require to access the bed of the truck.


Q: Just how can I stay completely dry in my vehicle camping tent?

A: Truthfully I believe the best method to make use of a vehicle bed tent camper is to treat it as if it might leak anytime. Most of them are hard or difficult to setup totally water resistant and in nasty tornados you’re all but ensured a little dripping.

This is normally simply a little water as well as it can run openly down and also out of the vehicle bed many thanks to the plastic grooves. The best way to manage this is to use resting cots which keep your sleeping get ready off the flooring just in case. They’re extra comfy anyways.

If you’re good at setting up your outdoor tents and have an eye for detail you can make them entirely leak-proof. Bring an added tarpaulin with a couple of straps to include a little water defense if you locate it hard to get a good seal.

Q: Should I utilize a camping tent or a truck mattress topper?

A: Vehicle mattress toppers, appropriately mounted, are a fantastic alternate to truck tents. Not everyone desires a mattress topper installed at all times though and also they’re a discomfort to eliminate.

Vehicle mattress toppers are good if you assume you’ll utilize them for everyday job or around your house. Or else stick to a vehicle camping tent due to the fact that they’re way cheaper and also less complicated to exchange in and out after your journey.

Q: Are truck bed tents tough to configuration?

A: While every one of the tents on our listing are not particulary challenging to setup, it is still a factor to consider. The majority of do not need tools but it can still assist having a set of pliers as well as some other fundamental devices in case you encounter any type of difficulties or need to make a fast fixing.

Q: Just how can I add an awning to my vehicle outdoor tents?

A: Truck tents are excellent for piggybacking with an economical 10′ x10′ appear. These can be located very cost-effective online or at WalMart.

As soon as you have your outdoor tents configuration, placed the popup straight behind it so it’s overhanging the outdoor tents. You may intend to utilize an additional tarpaulin to cover the void between both, nonetheless, as hefty rainfalls might run down and also fall directly on your tent door!


Truck tents can be a terrific lightweight, affordable, as well as easy choice to various other styles of camping. Often it simply really feels much safer, cleaner, and also a lot more safe bein inside your vehicle as opposed to on the ground. Thankfully there are as numerous design of truck tent as there are types of vehicles so you can constantly locate something to fit your demands.

Whenever I head out camping it seems that something always gets left behind, forgotten, or broken. That’s why I constantly go prepared with a couple of extra of one of the most vital items like bands, tarps, and also sleeping gear. You never ever know when you’ll need to improvisate so practice establishing your truck camping tent in your home and bring a few points to adapt if the worst should occur.

Bear in mind that each of the outdoors tents on our checklist is suitable for a little various types of vehicles as well as different people. Once you locate the best one for you, don’t be afraid to purchase top quality over inexpensive gear.

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