10 Cool and Unique Fidget Spinners for Kids

Fidgets spinners are still children’s most loved inanimate objects and parents should dig into their pockets and get one for their child. With technological advancements, more cool and unique fidget spinners are being manufactured and it is therefore the role of a parent to get the coolest and most unique fidget spinner for their child. If you want your child to be envied by fellow children, then consider buying them a unique and cool fidget spinner. Here are 10 cool and unique fidget spinners that will impress your son or daughter who will then impress their friends.

1. Titanium Alloy Bearing Hand Spinner Fidget

Scione 48 Pack Fidget Spinner ADHD Anxiety Stress Relief Toys Gift for Adults Kids Autism Fidgets Best EDC Hand Spinners Bearing Trispinner Finger Toy Focus Fidgeting Restless Tri-Spinner

The first on our list of unique fidget spinners is this fidget spinners from Komvox. With a compact and simple design, this fidget has become popular among kids. An improvement over the previous fidgets that were manufactured with plastics, wood or fiberglass, this fidget spinner is manufactured using titanium.

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This material makes the spinner durable and solid thus making it difficult for it to be destroyed. Titanium cannot be easily corroded and for this reason, the Titanium Alloy Bearing Hand Spinner Fidget resists corrosion and any toxic substance. This spinner fidget is very efficient and available at a throw away price.

2. Fidget Spinner Captain America

Cubier Fidget Hand Spinner, Anti-Anxiety Stress Relief Toy Fidget Spinner EDC ADD ADHD Focus Toy for Kids and Adults (Captain America)

This fidget spinner is manufactured with the coolest superhero design and it best suits your little child who is into superhero stuff. Captain America Fidget Spinner has been made well molded giving it a smooth feel. Fidget Spinner Captain America is a very convenient fidget as its small size makes it possible for a person to carry it in their pockets as they move around. With the acquisition of this fidget toy all annoying habits such as smoking and nail biting will be completely stopped.

3. 4 Gear Metal Brass Fidget Hand Spinner

Pure Brass Fidget Spinner Gears Linkage Fidget Toy Metal DIY Hand Spinner Spins Long Time EDC Focus Meditation Break Bad Habits ADHD with Multiple Premium Bearings (13 Bearings White)

For kids and adults that are prone to stress the 4 Gear Metal Brass Fidget Hand Spinner is one of the coolest and most unique fidget spinner available. The gear is made using pure copper while the body is manufactured using aluminum. For a longer spinning time, the bearing is made by the use of a stainless steel that is durable.

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This fidget spinner has a weight of about 80 grams and measures 60 by 60 mm with a perfect feel on the hands allowing you more play time. It is certainly one of the most unique fidget spinners for your collection.

4. LED Lighting ABS Tri-Spinner

FIGROL Fidget Spinner, Led Light Fidget Toy Rainbow Finger Toy Hand Fidget Spinner-Kids for ADHD Anxiety Stress Reducer (5 Pack)

With the coolest LED effects, the ABS tri-spinner guarantees and extra buck addition. Used mostly at night, this fidget spinner can perform a number of party tricks and grab all the attention when attending a night party. Manufactured using ABS that is environmentally friendly this fidget spinner is very light and can also be used by kids.  With its small size, the LED Lighting ABS Tri-spinner can be carried in a person’s pocket allowing you the advantage of moving around with it.

5. Kivors Speaker Fidget Spinner

Kivors Fidget Spinner, Clear Crystal Hand Spinner Stress Release Toys for Children Adults

Kivors Speaker Fidget Spinner is just the best fidget spinner that relieves stress, autism, ADHD and helps one stop bad habits such as smoking. A fashionable and cool fidget spinner, the LED lights in this spinner flash when it is spinning. For a convenient use, one does not have to replace the battery as it can be recharged fully by using a USB port. With a small size, this fidget spinner is easily carried around and one may not even realize that it is in your pocket.

6. Crystal Bat Fidget Spinner Toy

Fidget Spinner, Crystal Fidget Toy Led Light Rainbow Finger Toy Hand Fidget Spinner-Kids for ADHD Anxiety Stress Reducer(White)

For any DC fan, this Bat Fidget Spinner cannot go unnoticed as it is available in three colors namely; blue, green and red. This fidget spinner is manufacture using a transparent crystal durable light ABS material that lights up beautifully during the night. A great toy for people suffering from ADHD, ADD and those with fidgety hands, this fidget spinner is worth considering. For people that have used it for long, controlling it can be done using one hand.

7. Maibtkey Fidget Spinner EDC Hand Spinners.

Sale Rainbow Anti-Anxiety Fidget Spinner [Metal Fidget Spinner] Figit Hand Toy for Relieving Boredom ADHD, Anxiety

This fidget spinner has a long spin duration ranging between 6-8 minutes thus effectively boosting your confidence. With a beautiful innovative rainbow design, the Maibtkey can be easily carried around as it has a very light weight. Categorized as one of the most selling fidget spinner, it is useful in passing time, relieving stress, EDC and ADHD. When compared to other fidget spinners with the same price, this fidget spinner is way better considering its durability. Manufactured by Maibtkey, anyone who purchases it is guaranteed a 12-month warranty.

8. Dual bar Fidget Spinner

SCIONE Fidget Spinner Metal 5 Pack Stainless Steel Bearing 3-5 Min High Speed Stress Relief Spinner ADHD Anxiety Toys for Adult Kid Autism Fidget Best Hand Spinners Finger Toy Focus Fidget

With these LED fidget spinners, you get the chance to add light into your spinning experience. The best fidget spinner for people who like doing bar tricks, this fidget spinner can light up in the dark adding a beautiful view when spinning. This fidget spinner is available in a variety of colors namely; black, silver, gold, purple and blue. You have the choice of choosing the color that mostly pleases you.

9. Original Dragon Spinner Trio Bass Fidget Spinner

Cool Dragon Fidget Ball Spinner Toys Metal, Stress Hand Finger Spinner Fidgeting EDC ADHD Anxiety Focus Stainless Steel Figit Toys Fingertip Gyro Stress Relief Xmas Birthday Gifts for Kids Adults

Dragon Spinners have R118 bearings that guarantee you a smooth and long spin time. With an average weight, this fidget spinner is made using stainless metal that is evenly balanced. The dragon spinner is quite helpful to a person who is suffering from stress and anxiety. All one needs to do is spin this fidget spinner and watch as their stress and anxiety is quickly and efficiently dealt with. Purchasing the original dragon spinner is highly recommended as the market is filled with fake spinners that do not offer maximum satisfaction.

10. Pirates Skull Spinner

Sale BIRD BLINDER Premium Repellent PinWheels – Sparkly Holographic Pin Wheel Spinners Scare Off Birds and Pests (Set of 8) - Easy Assembling Bird Repellent Devices Outdoor - Humanely Keep Birds Away

The last of all unique fidget spinners is this pirate skull spinner.This is a top notch fidget spinner that is specially designed to help a person concentrate on the most important things. Pirates Skull Spinner is helpful in relieving stress and can be used at any place even when watching a football match. With a bearing manufactured using stainless steel, this spinner is set to last for a long time. Lahtak, manufacturers of this spinner, guarantee you warranty and the chance of returning this spinner if it fails to meet your expectations.

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