? What Skateboard Truck Size Should You Get?

Choosing the best skateboard truck size can make a huge distinction to your skateboard arrangement, yet recognizing the different skateboard truck dimensions and also dimensions can be extremely confusing, especially if you are brand-new to skateboarding. In this guide, we will take you through every little thing you need to know about choosing new skateboard trucks, from comprehending measurements to recognizing how each truck brand varies, so you can make the ideal choice for your following pair of trucks


Illustrated examples of large, slim, as well as right-sized vehicles.

Ensure the vehicles you select are the appropriate size for your deck. The axles should not protrude and your deck should not be broader than your vehicles. Now, it does not actually matter if they do not match your deck completely. Some people in fact like vehicles that don’t match their board dimension.

A number of pros skate narrow vehicles that don’t fit their board because it boosts flip speed. Others like broader vehicles because it supplies a more stable trip. As a whole, just makes sure the axle size matches your deck’s size.

what size trucks for skateboard

Wide vs Narrow Trucks

Wider trucks give more security since you cover a larger surface. They are less responsive than slim trucks leading to a bigger turning span compared to slim vehicles. Narrow trucks weigh much less, are smaller sized, and also have a reduced minute of inertia. Because of this, it makes kickflips a little less complicated. The important thing is if you master turns, you’ll possibly do not have any problems on a bigger board.

Generally, you want vehicles to be symmetrical to your deck’s size. You need to additionally take your wheel size into factor to consider. When you ride a larger board, allow’s say 8.5 and above, you might take into consideration bigger wheels. That additionally suggests you’ll be requiring a greater truck.

What Occurs When Your Trucks Are Too Wide

The fact is that it isn’t a huge problem. Only when you advance to the much more technological tricks they might hinder. Aesthetically it troubles me, it just looks weird however that’s not really a debate. It additionally doesn’t really cause security issues.

So what’s the trouble then? Less comfort when riding and you also may have to press a bit bigger because your feet might touch the wheels. Much more so when you likewise have huge wheels. Your axle and axle nut will wear down quicker since there’s a larger possibility of them striking the ground when you turn your board for instance.

When you go to a level that you can do some sophisticated slide methods on the edge of your wheels, it truly becomes a problem. There’s additionally less clearance, suggesting less range in between your wheels and deck (wheel bite).

Some insurance claim that they grind better with broader trucks and also seem like they guide much better.

What Takes place When Your Trucks Are As Well Slim

When you’re trucks do not match your board and aren’t vast sufficient you’ll get the rug riding result. You will not have the ability to see your wheels, just your deck. Simply a tad too tiny doesn’t really matter but at a certain point, you’ll run into a problem.

If you’re not sure if your vehicles are also little, lay your skateboard on the side and also see if it stands up directly. A few levels to the left or right is great, however, when it’s in a virtually diagonal angle you ought to either get a new deck or buy new trucks.

Hanger Width as well as Axles

What issues most is the overall size of your truck so focus on the axle size. The axle is where you place your wheels as well as bearings. The hanger is like the core of your truck. It has actually the axle affixed to it and also your bushings. It enables steering as it rotates in the pivot mug.


what size trucks for skateboard

There are numerous truck brands on the market and to make complex matters additionally they all like to use their very own system for naming the different sizes! Generally talking, every truck brand name will make trucks that fit the 1/4 inch range, generally starting at 5.0″ and also increasing by 1/4 inch each time (i.e: 5.0″, 5.25″, 5.5″ …).

Independent and also Thunder both make use of the metric system to call truck dimension, for instance, ‘129’ which describes the wall mount width in mm. 129 Independent vehicles are the same dimension as a 5.0″ wall mount truck. However here’s the important things, they won’t determine 129mm exactly and Thunder are a lot more confusing, their 5.0″ truck is called ‘145’ however doesn’t gauge 145mm either!

For a very long time Independent as well as Rumbling really did not make a truck especially for the 8.25″ deck, rather you had to either measure or down which wasn’t perfect. Yet with the continued appeal of the 8.25″ deck dimension, the good news is in 2016, they both launched a new truck to fit the void. Independent currently makes the “144”, as well as Rumbling, make the “148” which both have 8.25″ axles.

Endeavor, Royal, Krux, Poison to name a few use the inch scale, going from 5.0″ to 5.25″, 5.5″ or extra. Yet watch out, Royal makes a truck marked 5.5″ but the real dimension of the truck hanger is better to 5.8″ with an 8.75″ axle. Endeavor doesn’t currently make a 5.5″ truck yet does make a 5.8″ with an 8.75″ axle. We have changed these on the table guide listed below.

When it boils down to it, the size naming system isn’t actually vital as every truck will around adhere to the 1/4″ range, so all you require to know is what deck dimension you have and we will aid you to determine what truck dimensions are an excellent suit utilizing the table below. From there it’s down to you to try the vehicles and also figure out what flights best for you.

To help make it much easier for you when picking the right size trucks we have organized them for ideal deck sizes, simply use the filter “Your Deck Size” on the Truck category.

Difference In Between Low And High Trucks

In general, reduced trucks offer even more stability, while this is heavily debated there are a few scenarios in which they perform better. Take circle rails, for instance. 1 cm can really make a difference. It can increase the angle as well as range when it makes a call to the rail. High trucks often tend to move a lot more sideways of a rail and have much less resistance. This is since the key in between the rail and also your foot is much longer.

Theoretically, this would certainly mean reduced trucks offer more security on circle rails. There’s more resistance in between the rail and also your truck so it’s less most likely your vehicles will slide and also create you to drop. Like constantly it boils down to your skill level, if you’re not prepared to grind a rail you’ll fall just as much with high vehicles.

To take it an action further, it’s not only the height of your trucks that matters. Difficult or soft bushings or just how much pressure you apply, influence stability. So when it comes to rails, you could be better off making use of low trucks. Lastly, low vehicles permit you to put even more pressure without sliding compared to high trucks.

That behaves to know, but it might not even relate to you. So what about high trucks?

High Trucks

High trucks are excellent for sculpting as well as permit you to skate loosened. They enable you to ollie higher because there’s more distance between your tail and the ground. This likewise boiled down to ability so not every person will certainly observe a difference. Because of the height, you’ll have even more space to pivot. High vehicles are excellent for bowls, ramps, transition, and cruising.

Pros of high vehicles:

  • More room to pivot as well as a tighter transforming radius.
  • Much more pop, your angle is bigger. While not everybody agrees on this there’s more distance between your tail and the ground providing even more pop. You can break the tail harder when you wish to ollie from for example a tailslide.
  • Great for shift skateboarding and high people.
  • You can skate looser vehicles because of more clearance.
  • Fewer wheel bites as well as they enable larger wheels.

Disadvantages of high trucks:

  • Much less stability when griding, extra so on circle rails.
  • Heavier, but it doesn’t actually issue.

Medium (Mid) Height Trucks

Medium elevation skateboard vehicles are terrific for well-rounded skateboarding. Suitable for skate street, parks, or bowl/ramps but do not master any type of. You can put averagely sized wheels on them around 53 millimeters and 56 millimeters, some like them smaller sized others larger. Some brand names offer their trucks as mid-sized while they are equally as high as a rival’s high trucks, that kinda draws.

Low Trucks

While I have actually currently clarified the benefits of low trucks there are some other benefits besides security when grinding rails. Let’s look at the pros and cons of low vehicles. This is all just concept, it makes good sense but not everybody will concur. Most of the differences are barely recognizable. Possibly when you go for trucks that evaluate 50 grams less you could feel a distinction. The wheel size must be around 53 mm depending upon the brand name.

Pros of reduced trucks:

Give extra security when grinding rails. You’re a bit closer to the ground but it’s just a couple of millimeters.

Makes your board flip much faster supplied you also have little wheels. A slim board also makes a difference.

Much less weight, but do the number of grams really matter?

Lower center of mass, quicker pop, as well as extra responsive.

Disadvantages of reduced vehicles:

Enhanced chance of wheel bite when you ride larger wheels.

The authority might protrude a little bit of definition you could come in contact with the surface area you grind or slide. Less clearance can be addressed by scuffing a little bit off the bolt.

Much less transforming distance, this is only an issue when you carve a great deal.

So Which Trucks Are the very best?

When you browse the internet you’ll see great deals of conversations raving about which brand has the most effective trucks. People defend their brand name and also case it’s simply the most effective. I constantly questioned why that is.

As I dug a little much deeper than ordinary I think it’s just because of the various measurements brand names utilize as well as what you’re used to. Allow’s say for instance you skated Thunders all your life as well as switched over to Ventures just recently. You purchase several mid trucks just like you’re utilized to however they somehow feel different. This could be because one brand declares their vehicles are lows while contrasted to another brand name the are mediums and even high.

So when you get utilized to a particular truck and button brand names it might feel various. People are just made use of what they skate as well as any type of adjustment can indicate a large difference. Not all individuals though, some don’t also really feel a distinction. I don’t really favor one brand, I like Thunder, Endeavor, and Independent. Here’s what I suggest if you’re trying to find a pair of decent vehicles.

Independent VS Thunder VS Venture

Let’s take a look at one of the most preferred brand names and also exactly how they compare to various others. While a lot of will certainly attest to their favorite brand, I kind of like them all.

Rumbling trucks turn the quickest and also indies turn the slowest. Thunders are great for grinding however tend to wear down faster than indies. This has most likely to do with the truth that they grind so well. Indies last longer and also weigh much more, though the hollows altered this a bit.

Venture vehicles are excellent for security, they aren’t too hefty or light as well as wear down in between Indies as well as Thunders. Independent is the most expensive where Ventures are the cheapest, leaving Rumbling in the middle.

Choose Independent trucks when you skate dish, vert, and ramps as well as like to grind a lot. Go with Rumbling trucks when you skate a great deal of street as well as like to shred harsh sides. Pick endeavors if you’re looking for more security.

Different Brands as well as Inconsistent Dimensions

Some brands will not release details like elevation or weight which makes it tough to find out if you’re acquiring what you want. An additional problem is that some brand names market their trucks as lows but when you hold them alongside another brand name mids there isn’t really a distinction.

Independent as well as Thunder make use of the statistics system to and also call their vehicles appropriately. The Thunder Titanium lights 149 is 144 mm vast. For example, ‘129’ describes the hanger width in mm. Wonderful! To ensure that suggests the Indys 169 Titanium Forged are 169 mm!

Well, not really, they are 166 mm. Sigh. There’s constantly the possibility of some slight inconsistency that occurs during manufacturing in any kind of truck, but the absence of requirements is rather discouraging.

A lot of brands manufacture vehicles that start at 5.0 inches as well as raise them by 1/4 inch range. Just inspect the graph on top of the page to see what I suggest. That’s not the situation with Royal though, their 5.5 inches is actually concerning 5.8 inches and an 8.75-inch axle. To be sincere, the minor deviations don’t truly matter.

The fact is you won’t actually feel a distinction when you’re a brand-new skateboarder, just see to it you pick the right width. When you have actually been skating for some time you might intend to switch and get something that suits your style. I recently changed from Thunders to Independent, however barely really felt any type of distinction. As well as others truly can not get made use of to a brand-new brand.

Do Lighter Trucks Make a Distinction?

The concept is that lighter vehicles will certainly make you stand out higher, however when you’re around it hardly makes any kind of difference. It’s everything about your method as well as not a lot of the weight of your trucks. In most cases, it does not truly make good sense to go for the lightest vehicles.

I’m a was of a much heavier skater myself and also it would be much better to lose a couple of extra pounds rather than saving several grams on a truck.

Individual preference

The truth regarding size is that it boils down to individual preference. But as a beginner just buy something that fits your deck. You obtain used to what you skate, be it high or reduced trucks, broad or narrow, loosened or limited. Bushings matter, not all vehicles feature wonderful bushings, they help you turn your board.

If you’re heavy or high you require tougher bushings. If your bushings are too soft, you’ll have a more difficult time maintaining your skateboard. Most premium vehicles have excellent bushings yet you require to replace them if they are as well hard or soft for your body type.